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In 2008, the domestic market started the sale of the car «Peugeot 4007”. The experts testified that the developers managed to implement in this model, the latest developments and technologies. This made her one of the most comfortable, easy and safe cars, which were sold in our country at that time. Four years later, the debut of the second generation. The French engineers stayed true to the traditions and provided him a number of progressive innovations. As for the cost “Peugeot 4007" the price of the car in the basic specification in our country starts from the mark in 929 thousand rubles.Peugeot 4007


The Model is built on the same platform as the Mitsubishi Outlander XL. In this regard, it is not surprising that these two machines are very similar in appearance. The only exception can be called unless the front end is that developers performed in the signature style for himself, which has for nearly a hundred years: vertical chrome strips, “smiley” grille, large headlights in the form of drops and a big company logo on the hood. Slightly different from the Japanese counterpart and rear lights. Throughout the rest of the car is typical SUV.Peugeot 4007 reviews


The Car is available in five-seater and seven-seater version. The salon is one of the main advantages of «Peugeot 4007”. Reviews of car owners describe him as very convenient and suggests that in the decoration used only high quality materials. Location dashboard provides a quick and easy driver access to it. In the Central part is a liquid crystal display, which displays information navigation and sound system. Not to mention the fact that the machine is equipped with dual-zone climate control, which is not characteristic of its main German competitors. Music playback is due to the acoustic system which includes a subwoofer and eight speakers. Three adults very comfortably and can accommodate even the third row of seats.


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Luggage compartment

Another serious “plus” “Peugeot 4007" is considered to be spacious trunk for your Luggage. Its volume is 185 litres (for seven-seat modifications). In that case, if you add up all the passenger seat, this figure rises to the level of 1686 liters. It should be noted that the access to the Luggage compartment is possible not only outside but inside the cabin.Peugeot 4007 price

Key features

Speaking about the main characteristics of the power plant, provided for “Peugeot 4007" of the need to focus on the fact that they were developed on the principles of economy. Along with this, their power is quite acceptable for an SUV. The choice of the buyer offers three choices of power plants. Two petrol engine volume capacity of 2.0 and 2.4 litres were borrowed from the Mitsubishi Outlander XL. Their maximum power are respectively equal to 147 and 170 horsepower. Both are paired with five-speed manual transmission (on request, extra fee is possible to install a variator). The third version of the motor for “Peugeot 4007” – diesel volume of 2.2 liters. It was designed by French engineers and is equipped with a turbocharger system. The unit is able to develop 156 "horses". Cars with this engine are equipped with automatic transmission 6-speed. In either case, the acceleration from standstill to reach 100 km/h the car takes just under 10 seconds time. With regard to the maximum speed of the model, it is 200 km/h the fuel consumption respectively in the city and on the highway is 9.5 and 5.9 liters.Peugeot 4007 features


Separate words deserve the «Peugeot 4007" safety features. As in his other car, the French developers have paid special attention to it. Active safety is ensured mainly due to the optimized suspension and electronically controlled ABS. Not to mention an increased intensity of the brake system, the main purpose of which is to avoid wheel spin when driving on road surfaces with insufficient adhesion of wheels with him. As for passive safety, it is provided by nine airbags (in the maximum configuration of the car) and seat belts provided for each person in the cabin man. In addition, «Peugeot 4007" provides high tensile strength fasteners for child seats. The SUV also boasts of a number of additional functions and settings related to security. In this case we are talking about the possibility of blocking the engine, open the hood from the cabin, swivelling xenon lights and other equipment.Peugeot 4007 diesel

General remarks owners

Whatever it was, nothing in the ideal world does not exist, so though small, but still flaws you can find in any car. Was no exception and “Peugeot 4007”. Characteristics of the rear suspension, according to owner reviewsthe machine enables it to drive about 130 thousand kilometers. Then start to cause problems with springs and wheel bearings. In fairness it should be noted that this happens only with cars that are operated with a full load. Can not boast of long service life and shock absorbers the front suspension. Though the body of the car and not much susceptible to corrosion, its paintwork is pretty weak. Very often crack and windshields “Peugeot 4007”. The price of their replacement starts with a mark of 8,5 thousand rubles.

All engines models can be called reliable. The most susceptible to damage, as practice shows, are the oxygen sensors, idling, MAF and radiator. Manual transmissions are durable. Along with this, in early copies of the machine from time to time had problems with the CVT. It is not typical for vehicles produced after 2010, in which the problem has been rectified.


In General, this model “Peugeot 4007" are pretty reliable and practical SUV that provides high level of comfort and safety to its driver and passengers. Like any other car it has its flaws, but to call them essential would be wrong.

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