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The Car “Citroen DS-4”, a photo of which is located below, in fact, is a premium version of the model "-4”. The prototype of the novelties debuted in 2010 in the framework of the international exhibition in Geneva, under the name High Rider. The serial version of the car, though not so exotic, but still boasts a strong personality.Citroen DS 4

Brief history

Few people know that the marking of “DS” for a car of this line was first used in 1955 during the motor show in Paris. It comes from the French word Deesse, which translated into Russian language means “goddess”. Then the whole automotive world was shocked by the modern appearance and characteristics of the model. It is not surprising that already in the first day of the exhibition, the French team received about 12 thousand orders for the car. Throughout the week, their number has increased to 80 thousand.

After in 1962, this car carrying President Charles de Gaulle, managed to stand under fire and escape from attempts on his life persons began the second round of its popularity. Manufacturers joined in the line all their advanced technology, among which the excellent aerodynamics, the full hydropneumatic suspension and front wheel drive. Moreover, when building was used exclusively exclusive materials. Up to this time all the progressive development of the French company are applied first in the line of DS, and only after that – are installed on other models. Was no exception and “Citroen DS-4”. Expert reviews indicate that the latest version of a car far ahead of its time. More about him will be discussed next.


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General description

Initially, the novelty was to be built in the form of a classical coupe. However, after some marketing research, the developers decided to install two more doors. Clearance is 170 mm, which creates the impression that “Citroen DS-4” – this is a real crossover with high traffic. Dynamic window line goes here beyond the opening of the fifth door. Not to mention the fact that the developers have equipped the car with original alloy wheels of 18 inches. They have not forgotten about the spoiler, giving the new sportiness.Citroen DS 4 reviews


A True masterpiece of design you can call the salon ‘Citroen DS-4”. Owner reviews of the car indicate that the first ingress of the impression that you are something more than just the car. And it is true that each element, line and detail of the interior is well thought out. Unlike many other manufacturers, the French designers did not go the way of unification of internal parts and use them on all their models. It is impossible not to note the caveat that there are some drawbacks. For example, this applies to non-opening rear Windows and rear door openings which can easily enter, except that child. And on the couch not so much. Whatever it was, we should not forget that “Citroen DS-4” was originally planned as a sports coupe.

Panoramic glass Windshield deserves some positive exclamations. It is installed with a slight overlap at the ceiling, in this connection, passengers may seem that they are traveling on the bow of the ship. In addition, it has excellent visibility.Citroen DS 4 photo

The Trunk

The Luggage compartment is 370 liters. This is slightly less compared to the sibling in the car – model "C4". Along with this, when the need arises, the rear seat can be folded, whereby the useful space increases to 1021 liters. This figure can not be called impressive. However, as practice shows, it is enough for most situations.

Key features

As the base powerplant in the model “Citroen DS-4" of used two-liter diesel engine capable of developing power of 163 horsepower. The size of his fuel consumption on the highway, in the city and on the combined cycle respectively is 4.7, 7.4 and 5.7 liters. As for the transmission, the motor operates in a complex sequential adaptive “automatic” on the six steps. The choice of buyer is also available in three variants petrol powerplants, as well as five - and six-speed manual transmission. All engines are line consist of four inline cylinders is located.Citroen DS 4 price


To summarize, not to mention the cost of model “Citroen DS-4”. The price of the car in the salons of Russian dealers is about 32 thousand us dollars. Discarding all prejudice and evaluate the result of the work of French developers, it is possible to name quite adequate. Already in the base car there is no need to order any additional options. The main advantages of the auto – it is a spirited and reliable engine, exterior and interior. Moreover, the feeling of control “Citroen DS-4”, as evidenced by reviews of his ownersand experts, no worse than when you drive more expensive cars.

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