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Hummer is a military vehicle of wide application, developed by AM General (American motors General) in 1981, by order of the Defence Department of the USA.

military Humvee

Project to create an army all-terrain vehicle

In the seventies of the last century, the leadership of us military agencies came to the conclusion that the cargo vehicles, civil supply manufacturers, do not meet army requirements. The necessity in a special multi-purpose transport for regular units of the U.S. army. In 1979 work began on an ambitious project to create the wheel supervezdehodov, which received the designation HMMWV. The car had to carry a rapid-fire weaponry, and have armored protection. In the summer of that year, the company "AM General" has started implementation of the project and less than a year later the first prototype under the index М998 has already been tested in the field and was adopted by the military Commission. Once finalized, the vehicle is recommended for serial production.

On the basis of the approved М998 created two models of the SUV: М1025 and М1026. In 1980 the factories "AM General" was released 500 "hammer", and the plan for the period 1981 through 1985, it produced 55 000 vehicles.

In 1989, Hummer military, the car super-class participated in operation Just Cause during the invasion of the U.S. army in Panama. After a "baptism of fire" Rover became the main vehicle in the us military.

Hummer military specifications

Military use

The Original Hummer, the military freighter, was only used to transport Marines and was not considered as a fighting machine. The car had solid protection and was vulnerable to all kinds of weapons, including for single shots, not to mention gunfire. However, the all-terrain vehicle in most cases managed to get out intact from the collision with the enemy, rescued the tenacious chassis, wheel swap and a powerful engine.


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However, it soon became clear that Hummer, military truck without weapons, needs more protection. And then the company "AM General" model has been developed М1114 with armoured body. Serial production was not machine made single-piece and small series. However, after a few "Hummers" were killed in Iraq from direct partisan attack with use of grenade launchers, the release of ATV was transferred to the armored version Up-Armor. At the same time reinforced suspension and installed new, more powerful diesel engine with a turbocharger. All glass in the Windows replaced with bulletproof.

military Humvee specifications

The Inability to combat conditions

The Process of turning the Hummer into a fighting machine continued, and it soon became clear that the car looses its handling characteristics because of the substantial weight of the body. Powerful plates of armor protecting the cockpit and the passenger compartment, significantly increased the vehicle's center of gravity, which adversely affected his handling. In addition, combat use of all-terrain vehicle in full was impossible, by reason of its vulnerability to landmines, which are easily destroyed slim the bottom of the car.


Military "hammer", features Which did not meet the requirements of military standards, was in need of radical revision. The car, equipped with small arms on the roof, had no devices to protect the machine gunner. Of course, if the car was created as a means of warfare, the protection of personnel would be much higher. And now I had to go to Refine the design to improve the combat capability of the Rover.

us military Hummer

Hummer military: specifications

In 1995 it was launched serial production of the model М1114 the upgraded chassis ECV. This is a military Hummer jeep with an extended track and maximized dimensions, which are not always allowed to dismount the car, because the vehicle is not placed in each aircraft.

The Payload of the vehicle is 2 tons. The maximum speed of cars with "Chevrolet" - 88 km/h. The speed of the vehicle with a diesel turbocharged engine of brand "Detroit Diesel V8" reaches 135 km/h. Fuel consumption in the range 23 liters per 100 kilometers. Wheel formula cars, 4 x 4.

Power plant

The American military "hammer" is fitted with engines of several types. Petrol engines used a Chevrolet V8, displacement 5373 cubic sm, capacity of 135 HP, which is enough thrust to move the vehicle in the field with a full load, but not enough for high-speed driving on the highway, as used in the transmission low gear ratio.

Engine brand "Detroit Diesel V8", turbocharged diesel engine, developing the power of 195 HP, with the volume of cylinders 6 450 CC.

Both engines are equipped with hydromechanical 4-speed automatic transmission brand GM 4L80-E, manufactured by "General motors".

military jeep Hummer

Dimensions and weight

The Hummer (USA, military) has the following dimensions:

  • Body length - 4600 mm;
  • Height - 1800 mm;
  • Width - 2100mm;
  • Wheelbase 3300 mm;
  • Track width - 1829 mm;
  • Full weight is - 4672 kg;
  • Own weight - 2676 kg.

"hammer" today

Currently, the U.S. experts develop the original form-based protection systems, BAE Systems applied to operational army units. Seat arrow is protected by 50 mm steel plates. HMMWV equipped with the latest release of the gun multiple launch rocket systems small calibre with a remote control. Thus, shooting can be made without leaving the cab. On the single version of "hammer" the system "boomerang", which prevents sniper attacks. The options embedded in the device that allow you to instantly locate the sniper and kill him with return fire.

Some countries in Europe and North Africa. buy a Hummer for internal use, namely for the suppression of intense conflict, arise spontaneously on their territory. Easily maneuverable all-terrain vehicle is equipped with a water-jet guns, stationary missile launchers and bombers to be shot or projected checkers with slezotechenii gas. American military "hammer", the price of which does not bother the government of countries with turbulent political situation, perfect for these purposes.

hammer of the U.S. military

The Armored "hammer" has produced more and more cars buy the third countries for their law enforcement, military police patrols and patrol. In 2007, the management of the marine corps, the U.S. petitioned the intention to replace pegasusmaiden MRAP armored vehicles for the Hummer, due to frequent rollover of a high-propelled guns MRAP and the lack of their cross.


For 35 years, the production of "hammer" was created more than thirty different modifications of the vehicle. In the list of the main options that are available commercially and are active in armed forces for its intended purpose:

  • IMETS is a mobile meteorological service;
  • Ground Mobility Vehicle - mobile communication vehicle;
  • Lazer System - artillery laser system of neutralization of the enemy;
  • M1109 - a model of high security with light weapons;
  • М1097 - heavy HMMWV "Avenger";
  • М1069 tractor light artillery, for the guns with a caliber of 100 mm;
  • М1046 machine increased security with a set of TOW anti-tank action;
  • М1045 - Transporter increased security, with the complex TOW and winch;
  • М1044 machine, equipped with weapons and windlass;
  • М1042 - conveyor for the transport of equipment S250, with winch;
  • М1038 - truck option with winch;
  • М1036 - armored vehicle with a winch and TOW;
  • М1035 ambulance, with soft awning and a cab;
  • М997 - sanitary conveyor with 4-seat cabin, armored;
  • М996 ambulance, double cab, armored;
  • М966 - HMMWV, armored, with TOW anti-tank complex;
  • M56 - car smoke "Coyote".

military Humvee price

Intelligence and machine clearance

On the chassis М1114 was created a modification of "hammer" for Autonomous two-week traffic, with a crew of four people and a high level of ballistic protection. Armored body reflected the attack 7-millimeter bullets from automatic weapons, missiles, air blasting and explosives anti-tank mines. the Car is painted in sand camouflage for camouflage and allows to conduct intelligence surveillance of objects at a distance of 800 meters.

Modification М1115 is suitable for demining of the territories, buildings, hangars, warehouses and underground structures. In the car are concentrated all the necessary equipment to search for mines and explosive projectiles, as well as a set of devices, providing the undermining and disposal of the munitions. The equipment consists of special clothing for deminers engaged in subversive operations.

"hammer М1116" - armored troops intended for the landing of transport aircraft by parachute along with a crew of four people.


A military Vehicle classification "hammer" is not often seen in car dealerships on the territory of Russia, few cars offered for sale are quite expensive. The price range varies from 730 to 000 old requiring repair Rover, up to 6 million 650 thousand for the car in good condition, recent model year.

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