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Another store of automotive products, the next purchase cans of oil and the thought of what would so please the car, so the engine was nice, and the car owner. A familiar situation? Manufacturers of engine oils are sure that most modern car owners are focused on advertising or on the attractive characteristics of the autos on the label of the cans. Often, the description says that this is not engine oil, and caviar. “exceptional quality, unique formula, perfect composition" - why not just write marketers, if only to buy their goods. Let's look at the major players in the market and characteristics of their products.

How marketers motorists sell oil?

Experts from marketing know very well what it wants to read on the packaging of the oil ordinary motorist. And that is what there is written. Sales professionals in most cases do not indicate there is a lot of important information on the product. In most cases on the canister says after the man is oil buy.features of autos

Characteristics of the equipment they specify, however, not visible and very small, barely noticeable font. This is due to the fact that most people do not attempt to understand or learn technical details and information. Many simply hear or read the ads or follow the advice that they give sellers. The latter, in turn, have little interest in whether the product for a specific vehicle. The main thing - to sell more expensive.

Manufacturers of automotive lubricating fluids

Today there are many manufacturers that offer motorists a particular lubricant. Among them are well-known foreign producers and the domestic. And if the characteristics of the autos “shell”, many people know something about Russian producers, few people know. Let's try to meet some manufacturers and their products. We view parameters of lubricating fluids and reviews.


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This manufacturer of lubricating fluids known to all. The products of this company is very popular among car owners worldwide. Lubricants, which are offered under this brand are manufactured in Germany at plants. The range of liquids can easily pick up the lubricant for passenger cars or for trucks.characteristics of the equipment shell

For those motorists who drive in new modern cars with modern engines fitted with exhaust treatment systems, suitable model Helix Ultra 0W-40. Features: motor shell fully comply with the recommendations of the engine manufacturers and the specifications of SAE. They are able to maintain their properties at temperatures down to -40 degrees. Due to this lubricating fluid allows for easy cranking of the engine when starting the motor. Also, due to its high viscosity, this oil is pumped to all nodes where necessary lubrication and effective protection of parts or assemblies. The liquid has a very high quality, so the internal surface of the aggregates do not accumulate sediments, which have cheaper analogues.

For more simple engines you can use Helix 15W-10. Comparative characteristics of oils show that this lubricant fluid works fine in inverter motors, which are equipped with catalyst, the turbine, the exhaust recirculator. The oil is made in various specifications, which fully correspond to that recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.comparative characteristics of motor oils

Also, this brand produces lubricating fluid for diesel engines. It can without any limitation be applied together with modern diesel engines. Due to the fact that it's synthetic motor oils, the characteristics of the Shell allow it to have the highest tolerances from automotive manufacturers. These synthetic oil significantly increase service life of power units even if you have to work in the toughest conditions.

Lubricant Helix HX7 oriented manufacturer for a wide range of cars that travel the roads of our country. This liquid is a semi-synthetic greases and is perfect for all engines on both petrol and diesel engines. Due to its composition, it works more stable than other lubricants. In addition, it has a very low consumption.

This manufacturer offers oil for trucks and special equipment. Reviews about products specialists testify to the high quality of these goods. Many motorists also speak positively about these liquids. But still need to choose carefully because there is a risk of running into a fake, which is now at the markets. Characteristics of equipment-the fakes is much worse.


It is not less well-known manufacturer of motor oils and lubricating fluids. The range traditionally includes a fluid for passenger cars and for trucks.

For passenger road transport offers several varieties of products. Eachthe motorist to choose a lubricant for machines. One of the most popular lubricants in the product range of this manufacturer is Mobil New Life 0W-40 and Mobil Peak Life 5W-40. If the first lubricating mixture is used for new cars, the second is great for most old cars. These are very good tires. Features (“Mobil new life" especially) are some of the best.avtomasla features mobile

If the task is good properties, stable performance and good cleaning of the innards of a power plant, you can buy doors (the characteristics 5w30 is the recommended viscosity) ESP Formula 5W-30 or Arctic 0W-40.

Stand products with a low ash content. This synthetic lubricating fluid is specially designed to work with diesel engines. This Syst S Special V 5W-30. For those who like to save and have a few cars on diesel and gasoline, “mobile” recommends to pay attention to universal avtomasla. Features “mobile” is quite high, as well as stability. This SHC Formula LB 0W-30.

In addition, do not forget that there are mineral products designed for use all year round. This Super 1000 X1 10W-40 or 15W-40. These formulations are developed and can be used with most machines.

Also, the manufacturer produces a variety of lubricants for special equipment, construction machinery, agricultural and other equipment.

On the whole product line has a good performance autos are compatible with many powertrains. Lubricants are environmentally friendly.


The company offers technologically advanced lubricant. Among the range there are both synthetic and semi-synthetic products. Among the most popular are the oil Visco.

Synthetic lubricant Visco 5000 has excellent performance parameters. It can be used with petrol and diesel engine. The composition of the oil allows the motor to provide a high level of protection. Grease is an all-season. Oils of this series are perfectly clean engine and reduce exhaust emissions.

The Oil "visco 3000" - reviews (polysynthetic), features

Visco 3000 is a semi-synthetic composition. Is also used for gasoline and for diesel. This liquid works well under a variety of operating conditions and reduces wear of the motor. The drivers show mixed results. People write that first fluid works well and then increase consumption. But most likely, it is connected with presence in this market are many fakes. Those who use real butter, satisfied use.


What are avtomasla Luxe features, reviews and viscosity? All this talk about below.

Under this trademark are produced with a wide range of different synthetic, polysynthetic and mineral lubricants. This is partly a Russian company. AvtoVAZ gave its admission to the lubricating fluid of this manufacturer.

The range of “Delphine of Idustries”, whose products are produced on the territory of the former military factory, motorists will be able to detect a large number of different lubricant products for many consumers.

For cars of foreign production with the latest models of engines the company is ready to offer synthetic lubricating fluid from the "Luxury Extra" with a viscosity of 5W-40 SM/CF. For cars with older engines offered polysynthetic Hit with a viscosity of 10W-40 and Lux 10W-40.avtomasla luxe features reviews

As for energy savings, the perfect Lux 5W-30. This oil has lower viscosity level upon reaching the operating temperature. Or you can buy Molybden 10W-40. By the way, this liquid contains a package of additives, which contain practically insoluble molybdenum compounds. It is designed to reduce friction and temperature, to minimize the possibility of wear and scratches on working surfaces. This oil makes it easier to start the engine and allows to reduce by 2% the fuel consumption.

Avtomasla Luxe, comparative features, reviews allow to find out that many lubricating products on offer are ideal for used cars. There is a separate product line Gold. Here as the working substance contains a special reagent with selective recovery action. This oil can be used with both petrol and diesel engine, equipped with boost and without boost.

For those who are closer to the sporty way of driving, the company offers a series of Polus. This series is characterized by high level of viscosity at high temperatures. These lubricants reduce the formation on the pistons, rings, and can also prevent the deposits on the bearings. Also they can greatly increase the power of the motor.

So we found out what automobiles have the Luxe features. Reviews motorists make it clear that not in vain AVTOVAZ gave approval to this manufacturer. Words actual users testify to the high quality and reasonable price of these products.


This manufacturer is also quite well-known among motorists. All products have official tolerances among leading automotive manufacturers. This is not just a lubricating fluid, whichmeet some requirement – these lubricants, which managed to prove in practice their characteristics of autos, and the result greatly exceeded expectations.

In our market only the company offers lubricants maximum synthetic origin. Such fluids are made on the basis of esters. Lubricants based on esters have very high performance.

The Company offers retail real lubricants for the sport. This series of products are 300V. The difference of the series is that all products are equally suitable for use on every day and for sporting events. These oils not only work well for cuticles, but also protect and clean the engine.

Only this company produced synthetic lubricant grades 0W-20, 10W-40, 20W-50. “Motyul” is one of the oldest manufacturers of similar products.the oil visco 3000 reviews polysynthetic characteristics

Motorists really respect these motor oils “Motyul”. Characteristics they are several times superior to those of lubricating systems from other manufacturers. The quality of the company's products, such as synthetic oil that meets synthetic products from other manufacturers.

All products are manufactured and bottled only in France. This is done in order to maximally guarantee the highest quality control. Line of oils is very wide, the range is literally amazing.

Much of what is represented in the sale, before it was tested in the most brutal competitions on the slopes. So you can not worry about the quality of the products. There's no one better. Even if this will require a comparison of oils on performance, products “Motyul” will be on top.

News Russian lubricants market

The company «Gazprom Neft” presented at the automobile market of new lubricants under the brand. The range consists of about 70 different products. In addition to motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines also provides a large selection for gas engines, and for push-pull units.

The New products are meant to protect the power units of domestic and imported vehicles. The composition of the companies "Gazpromneft", the characteristics of which are significantly improved, allow motorists to use these lubricants for new and used cars. The product line consists of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils. The whole range is divided into three series: Premium, standard and Super.

Although these lubricants are manufactured recently, many appreciated these greases are appreciated. Among motorists especially popular are Premium 5W-40 and Super 10W-40. These fluids are designed for use throughout the year. The universal oil is ideal for the climatic conditions.

“Gazprom Neft” in Europe

Throughout 5 years, the company has an active investment campaign for the development of production and for the development of all modern technology. The company bought a factory in Italy and began to create a lubricating fluid for European motorists. Then modern production technology of oils and came to Russia. Therefore the technical and operational characteristics of products is at European level.

comparative characteristics of equipment of the Russian manufacturers


Next, consider the comparative characteristics of the Russian equipment manufacturers.

For comparison of characteristics of motor oils was held by the experts from the Institute of consumer expertise. The experts took for the analysis of famous foreign brands, and of course, the lubricants are the Russian manufacturers. It was the product of “LUKOIL”, “Suite”, “TNK» and «Gazprom Neft”.

All the products that you want to test, came without names, in identical containers, numbered. The experts conducted the necessary basic analyses of physical and chemical characteristics, and also took the tests on the kinematic viscosity. In the tests carried out the examination on viscosity index, acid and base number, flash point, evaporation, and many other parameters. None of the presented experiments the samples were in substandard condition. Experts are unable to identify any violations.

To check how these oils work in real motor, the lubricants are tested thermostability. Also was a test for tribologically characteristics. This indicator allows us to determine the properties of wear protection of one or another lubricating product.

The result of the research, experts found out that Russian oil on any characteristics are not inferior to its European competitor. Sometimes even it was possible to observe the superiority.the luxe motor oil comparison reviews

Speaking in other words, the Russian oil can be used on foreign cars. The stereotype that the Russian lubricants only for domestic cars – nonsense. This is confirmed by the figures and laboratory tests. In addition, the domestic oil have good reviews and tolerances manufacturerscars. Therefore it is not necessary to sharply criticize the products of domestic manufacturers.

So, we found the comparative characteristics of autos, considered a few manufacturers and see how they are positioning the car owners for reviews.

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