MAZ-5549: characteristics and features


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Car MAZ-5549 designed for transportation of various bulk and construction cargoes. Is breaking metal platform with rear Board. Can safely be used for working with excavators to move soil. Production of the MAZ-5549 began in 1977 and lasted for 5 years. It was produced on the basis of the previous model - MAZ-5335 - Minsk automobile plant. This car was not the most decent truck, but in spite of this, to find such a model can be currently. And many drivers are ready to move mountains in this truck with all its shortcomings and inconveniences. To replace him in 1985 came a new truck MAZ-5551.

Today, buy MAZ-5549 is possible at a small price. Especially such a vehicle convenient for farmers who do not wish to be dependent on hired transport. And the driver, of course, should be awarded a sleight of hand, that is the time to provide repairs. Car breaks down often, but still, the years take their toll.

MAZ-5549: features mass and dimensions

MAZ 5549The Length of the Minsk truck - 7250 mm, width is 2500 mm and a height of 2720 mm. Weight of this truck 14950 kg. load Capacity - 8000 kg Track front speed is equal to 1970 mm rear - 1865 mm Wheelbase 3950 mm ground Clearance - 270 mm Cab truck MAZ-5549 metal, double and pushed forward. It has a rounded shape, is the main feature of the truck. Panoramic glass from older models is missing, there is only the windshield. It can also be considered a "feature" of the Belarusian truck. The body lift MAZ works with automatic drive. The volume of the metal platform takes 5.7 cubic meters. The wheel of the truck is almost upright and has a thin rim, but it is equipped with a Gora.


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Dynamic variables

MAZ 5549 characteristicsThe Maximum speed to which the MAZ-5549 (dump truck) can accelerate equal to 85 km/h. For such models is quite high.


MAZ-5549 dump truckAccording to passport this truck in the combined cycle consumes 22 litres of fuel per 100 km, not equipped with a turbocharger. Tank volume is 200 liters of diesel. Dressed MAZ-5549 winter oil industrial 12 summer 20. As the engine is the YAMZ-236. This truck is equipped five-speed gearbox and main pair with a ratio of 7.24. It has rear-wheel suspension system. Switches use a floor lever. Develops a maximum power of 180 HP at 2100 rpm. Maximum torque of 667 Nm at 1500 Rev/min compression ratio is 16.5. The braking system features front and rear drum mechanisms, and pneumatic actuator. The truck managed to score their performance. Of course, this truck of the last century and with many shortcomings, but it is too early to send to the dump, as the driver it is still useful.

As for the following models - MAZ-5551, it is produced to this day. For this development available in several chassis variants: for a variety of specialized equipment and dump trucks. The cab of the tractor from its predecessors is radically different. Changed the grille and the headlights form. The windscreen was panoramic, not forked. New spoiler appeared on the roof. In the car installed new levers and handlebars.

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