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The Emergence of transport that can move through the snow faster than any other, invented earlier, was predetermined developing the technical capabilities of mankind. In 1954 the company was founded Polaris. The snowmobile, invented and assembled by brothers Hitonami, was the prelude of a large number of special equipment.

Northern star

So in English the name sounds, the company of brothers Alan and Edgar, who lived in the Northern United States in Minnesota. The location was the idea for the name of a new specialized company - Polaris. Snowmobile, sold for good money to the owner of the neighboring farm, received a simple name Polaris No. 1.

The Buyer was delighted with the ability of the machine to move quickly on a snowy plain. Neighbors accompanied the lucky envious glances. In those years on the snowy road could only move the sled, which was driven by horses. The fame of the invention of the brothers quickly spread through farms in the state. Other neighbors also wanted to have in its vehicle fleet snowmobile.polaris snowmobile

Polaris has started to build further models. Alan and Edgar, encouraged by the orders that come in from all around for several years collecting apparatus artisanal in his garage. Accumulated a sufficient amount of money needed for expanding production, in 1960, the brothers have launched serial production models.

On top

Kittony invested in the business all my life, not only earned money but also his soul. Love doing business, they have achieved what among the best producers of special equipment in the United States was firm and Polaris. The snowmobile is quickly turned into a very sought-after commodity, especially for residents of Northern and mountainous regions of the country. The company produced products, competing with the world's renowned manufacturers. This allowed us to reach the international level. Models are constantly improved, which is not supported by a weakening demand for goods firms. For more than fifty years history of the company were issued a variety of vehicles. In addition to rich model line of snowmobiles, the famous manufacturer produces motorcycles, ATVs, accessories and equipment.


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snowmobile polaris widetrak lx

Strengths Polaris

Bold technical solutions and use of latest innovative developments made the firm a leader in the industry. Today the model range of the company meets the highest requirements:

  • Easy adjustment of suspension stiffness under the weight of the pilot. Allows to adjust the driving characteristics of the apparatus under the physical characteristics of each user.
  • The Body is made of high strength composite materials, which increases the reliability of the device.
  • Big power and unique control provided the modern design of the rear suspension technology Pro-ride, available to the consumer in the model number Rush.
  • Unpretentious and reliable operation, which is achieved through the use of advanced designs and modern materials in the manufacture of components and assemblies.
  • Safety pilot attention. The possibility of injury while riding is virtually absent, if the driver does not commit gross errors in the management of transport.

Conqueror of the snowy off-road

Polaris Snowmobile Widetrak LX has features that allow it to compete with all-wheel drive SUVs. The model has areas with deep snow cover. Wide skis Gripper and hydraulic braking system offer opportunities for confident operation of snowmobile transport in the most difficult terrain areas. On the surface of frozen lakes in the snowy woods or on the bare snowy plain, sitting behind the wheel of such apparatus, you can count on confident overcoming all obstacles.

snowmobile polaris widetrak

A Utilitarian model series became very popular in Russia. Professional hunters and fishermen, the owners of farms, active extreme relaxation prefer this model.

Despite the low speed performance, lack of agility, the Polaris Widetrak snowmobile is able to pull a sledge with a load up to 400 kg. the Car caught in the snow captivity on the side of the road can be saved with the help of this device.

Model luxury

Snowmobile Polaris LX different from their counterparts improved appearance, a more expensive finish. Leather seats, arms control, heated, integrated navigation system. All of these additions make the operation comfortable and enjoyable. One of the most popular and in demand on the world market is snowmobile Polaris Widetrak LX. Equipped with a powerful and reliable engine, it is able to overcome 40 thousand kilometers without overhaul. Each of the two working cylinders provided with a separate carburetor, which resulted in a softness in the work unit. Three radiators, cooling systems deprive the engine overheating. Two radiators are arranged so that they can use in cooling the ice or snow surface on which the snowmobile racing machine.Automatic transmission and the availability of low transmission open strong traction characteristics of the model. High windshield, adjustable backrest for the passenger, a simple design model, great handling characteristics look more appealing to users than the competitors.

Snowmobile Polaris 600 Rush PRO-R

Model his appearance made a very strong impression on lovers fast and dangerous driving. A sports car is the opposite of a classical lineup. Snowmobile machine class Performance gives fans of extreme driving tangible advantage over rivals.

snowmobile polaris 600

Lightweight ergonomic body, adjustable front suspension, a powerful engine allows you to achieve on the track speed results. Jumper machine allows its rider to not pay attention to the irregularities of snow and the speed is limited by the fear of the pilot. Such features have transformed the model into one of the most popular in its class.

Speed car

A Novelty last year was the Polaris snowmobile 800 Dragon SP. The model has even more power than the previous series. Improved hull design allowed the apparatus to perform more aggressive maneuvers. Lightweight seat, wind protection and handles the heat control allows you to feel comfortable at speeds close to 200 km/h.

snowmobile polaris 800

No electric start, tow bar and rear compartment in the base suggests that the developers have created the conqueror speeds on snowy roads. Intelligent front and rear suspension, new caterpillar RipSaw lugs with a length of about 32 mm — all of the innovation enable high-speed to achieve stunning results.

snowmobile polaris lx

Water-cooled Motor and two cylinders volume in 795 cubic centimeters is able to develop power of 154 HP high-Speed snow machine devoid of terrain. The shortened length of the track gives it a distinct advantage in sports races on smooth Packed snow or on frozen water surfaces.

Travel snowmobile machine

People who like to travel on snow-covered expanses choose comfortable snowmobile Polaris Touring machine this series is designed for dlitelnye transitions. Soft comfortable seat, the glove box is a heated, powerful engine, large fuel capacity, modern pendant IQ, wide skis - all aimed at achieving comfortable use by the pilot and the passenger.

snowmobile polaris touring

Constant integration in their models of more advanced new technologies allows the group to take a leading position in the market. A large staff of engineers every day working on the latest developments, providing leadership for Polaris. Snowmobile from this manufacturer will be for many years to delight owners with its performance and simplicity of operation.

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