KrAZ-257: characteristics and features


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The Kremenchug car factory (Ukraine) was founded in 1945 and has become not only one of the leaders in the heavy automotive industry, but also as a powerful lever for the revival of the economy after the great Patriotic war.

Legendary representative

KrAZ 257One of the most successful models is the truck KrAZ-257. It was produced from 1965 through 1977 (modification 257Б1 – to 1995), and is still being used. Such popularity has provided him not only improved compared to the previous version, characteristics, and unique combination of reliability, maneuverability, carrying capacity. It is on this model referred to as legendary. KrAZ-257 and its modifications are widely used in army, in civil circulation, and in both urban and rural settings.

Vehicle KrAZ-257

technical characteristics of KrAZ 257The Technical characteristics made this model legendary, they largely define the modern image of heavy truck

1. Engine. The truck was a forward V-type, four-stroke, overhead valve diesel YAMZ 238 M2. He was distinguished by capacity, fuel efficiency, reliability: 240 HP at the rate of 36 litres per 100 km, the truck's Engine was equipped with dust extraction, a new silencer model and engine brake. All this made it more reliable, allowed to extend the service life.

2. Transmission, clutch, steering. Truck mounted manual five-speed, manual, 5 speed was increasing. The clutch disc was dry and the steering mechanism – 2-step, augmented power. These characteristics ensure not only good speed and throughput, but also high controllability in comparison with their predecessors.


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3. Equipment. KrAZ-257 was equipped with advanced for that time, electronics: single-wire system (24), two batteries, smaller size and weight than previous models.

Detailed technical characteristics of KrAZ-257

1. Payload, and maneuverability. Due to the special engine, the KrAZ-257 was a real Titan among his contemporaries: his capacity was 12 tons (increase – 10 %). Moreover, the new truck was able to transport trailers with a total maximum mass of 16.5 tons Engine provided the 257-th model unprecedented throughput, up to 18 %. This feature is not available and a number of modern heavy trucks. In addition, wide-tire with a centralized regulation of air pressure and improved rear suspension turned the truck is actually in the vehicle. He easily worked on dirt roads and had reduced sensitivity to roughness.

2. Speed. In addition to power, KrAZ-257 is different from the relatively high speed of up to 62 km/h in the main modifications and up to 76 - in the case of the crane. These figures were provided as a powerful engine and an increased number of crankshaft revolutions.

3. Reliability. Constructive innovation that is applied in KrAZ-257, was designed to provide maximum productivity, reliability and longevity when operating in different conditions: in town and in the village, in the subtropics and in the far North. The designers, the truck didn't need the garage Parking lot.


crane KrAZ 257Based On the model and its modifications were produced cranes, which are also still work and are used successfully in various industries. On the chassis of the 257-th model was mounted crane KS-4561А. This modification was successfully used in the construction, agriculture, and also in the army, primarily in the missile forces (lifting live ammunition). Most of the technical specifications of the crane were the same as in the basic version (of the truck). The main difference was the speed – up to 76 km/h to 62 km/h on the truck. Crane KrAZ-257 was fitted with a boom length of 10 m From modifications to length was 14, 18 or 22 meters. Jib length – 5 m. the maximum weight of a lifted load could reach up to 16 tons Also on tap was installed the electric motor and generator ЕСС5-82-4У2.

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