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The Canadian company BRP has raised the technical level of the snowmobile to impressive heights. Even avid adventurers, hikers and hunters who have to deal with peaks and rugged snowy plains, never cease to be amazed once design solutions from North American engineers. Upgrading the side panels, regular improvement of the framework and updating powertrains, coupled with stylistic diversity of the range make snowmobiles BRP competitive for many years. In order not to miscalculate with a choice of a particular instance, consider the possibilities of the technical base, functionality and other parameters of the units.


repair snowmobile

The Variety of models does not allow to stop on a precise description of the parameters with common values for all members of the line. However, all characteristics of the snowmobile can be divided into four parts and summarized as follows:

  • Overall performance. the Average length, width and height – 3200х1100х1150 cm, weight – 220-300 kg, the track of the skis in standard – 975 cm
  • Suspension. Design of aluminum alloy, spatial, or slizova telescopic suspension (front and rear respectively).
  • Brake system. Presented disc mechanism on the transmission with a Park mode and a hydraulic drive;
  • Transmission – a variator provided with braking capability powerplant and supplemented with electronic reverse.

It Is necessary to consider separately the characteristics of the power plant as one of the most important components of these devices.

Gamma Motor

The Range of engines is formed by several units that are used in different lines. As far as the power plant differ among themselves, can be judged by the technical specifications of the three options: 550F, 600ACE and the 600E-Tec. By the way, the price pretty much varies depending on how the engine is equipped with products from BRP. Snowmobiles prices may have up to 1-2 million rubles. Average price is 700-800 thousand the stronger the engine, the higher the cost.

brp snowmobiles prices

Now power. Most available units line show performance in the 55-60 HP – that is, by the way, the level of 550F. Snowmobiles, motor is equipped with a 600E-Tec, for the 115 HP If you are interested in the displacement, we can just refer to the first digit markings – in this case, 550 and 600 l high-Speed data is quite good for the snowmobile equipment – the most powerful model capable of developing up to 160 km/h.

One of the latest innovations of the brand is snowmobile BRP 1200, which is equipped with engine Rotax 4-TEC 1.2 L. In terms of power this unit is capable of producing up to 130 HP Respectively, this model can be positioned as utilitarian and designed for harsh conditions.

The lineup

A Feature of the BRP is the clear separation of snowmobiles on certain categories. So, there are several platforms that have individual qualities. It is primarily the family of Lynx, Skandic and Ski-Doo. Of them can be identified and specific models such as the Yeti, Commander and Adventure. This is the machine-oriented utilitarian ride through the snow – combine their versatility and practicality.

brp snowmobile

No less remarkable is another product of BRP – snowmobile of the line FreeRide. This machine will become an assistant in overcoming mountain climbs. To the full snow bezdorozhyu this model include the high power and structural base, sharpened on the harsh conditions of the drive.

Performance and application

Based on the diversity of families BRP, it can be concluded that snowmobiles brand is able to cover the full range of tasks associated with the use of vehicles in conditions of snow elements. First, there is tegometall and permeability models that are looking to assist stranded technique. Second, the dynamics and ergonomic control panel makes developed by BRP snowmobile easy to use for tourist purposes. It is noteworthy that the names of the models speak for themselves – “Tundra”, “expedition”, “adventure” etc. the Technical quality fully adapted to a specific purpose, it is enough to define them.

Features and Benefits

snowmobile brp 1200

The design of the ski platform experts BRP regularly make a special aerodynamic features to effectively overcome nayatani covers. Along with thiswork on suspension. For example, traction “mountain” series have a more rigid, but at the same time maneuverable base. As a result, the company BRP snowmobile endowed with seemingly contradictory characteristics. The solidity and permeability of the note and users working with the snowmobile as a vehicle, and fans of extreme speeds.

Maintenance and repair

The Appliances from the manufacturer BRP is famous for reliability, but nonetheless, a 100-percent guarantee against the occurrence of malfunction can not be. As a rule, breakdowns of the snowmobiles were caused by improper operation, but it is possible and trivial to develop resources. The first group of problems may include disturbances in the transmission, a disorder of the synchronization of the carburetor, the wear of the belt in the variator.

Problems in mechanics are rare, and damage in structural parts much less. The fact that the frame, frames, panels and other elements of the bodywork are specially oriented for high loads, which reduces the risk of such deformations. In extreme cases an update is required rods or pendants. To do this, the engineers provide special kits, the use of which facilitates the repair of snowmobiles BRP and increases their service life.

Maintenance and prevention

repair snowmobile brp

Along with high maintainability, it is important to note the advantage of canadian snowmobile in the sense of maintaining their functionality and performance. Extensive track basis, the availability of the injection system for cleaning, the possibility of tuning the variator – all of this not just affects the usability of devices, but often eliminates the need to refer to specialists. Novice users require the use of a suitable oil, which will prolong the life of components and assemblies of the snowmobile. By the way, if planned major repair on your snowmobile, it is necessary to foresee the possibility of retraining – thanks to its versatility, the model can be converted into specialized vehicles for tourism, hunting or performing utilitarian tasks.

Ratings and Reviews

characteristics of a snowmobile

Unlike traditional automotive vehicles, target audience snowmobile is not easy to cheat. As a rule, people, especially a keen sense of all the weaknesses of the unit. The severity of the operating conditions leaves no chance for compromise – snowmobile should be comfortable, reliable and practical. Perfect product does not happen, but to get closer to him are the engineers of BRP. The snowmobile has good steering (the presence of a thick down jacket becomes a nuisance), provides Parking wherever possible (arms, seat, etc.) and is flexible in terms of modifications.

Of Course, against the background of competitors that also do not stand still, you can find disadvantages. In the case of BRP claims can be attributed to the instrument panel and electronics in General. The presentation of indicators about the system is a mixed judgment. However, it is a matter of taste and principle does not matter – after all, it is more important to overcome the mountain snow peak, and with this canadian snowmobiles successfully cope.

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