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Where to purchase a quality vehicle with a warranty? This ability may provide only proven dealership. One of those is “Central”. This company has quickly gained popularity among car owners. A wide range of services and good-natured staff did their job.

What the company offers?

Ready to offer a wide range of services the dealership “Central” (Moscow). Reviews show that the company can meet the needs of even the most demanding customer. The organization works with many vehicle manufacturers directly. Due to this clients have the opportunity to purchase cars at an attractive price. You can buy as a new vehicle and used car. In any case it will be the machine with excellent technical characteristics. Cars with mileage before you go on sale, pass through the full diagnostics by qualified specialists.

auto show Central reviewOffers several options of payment for the purchase of the dealership “Central”. Employee reviews show that customers prefer to pay for the car in the national currency. It is possible to make a certain amount in cash or to pay using your Bank account. In addition, customers can pay in dollars and euros.

Offers a wide range of related auto show “Central” (Dmitrovskoe shosse). Customer feedback shows that it is possible at an attractive cost to issue a policy of voluntary insurance of insurance or compulsory insurance CASCO. By agreement with the client may be registering the vehicle in the traffic police. For a surcharge, the delivery of the vehicle to the destination. But before entering into the transaction, each client has the opportunity to test drive.


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Where is the dealership?

Salon “Central” is located in a place with convenient facilities. Address: Dmitrovskoe shosse, 157. By public transport you can easily come to the dealership “Central”. Customer reviews show that is most convenient to get here from the metro station «Altufevo”. It is desirable to sit in the first car of the train, so as to leave have left. From the underground run taxi №№ 294, 571, 79, 152. You can sit down at any of them. Will have to go six stops. Map with the exact location of the cabin you can see in the photo below.

auto show Central Dmitrovskoe shosse reviews

All information can be pre-known by means of virtual communication with employees. Takes care of every customer showroom “Central”. Opinion the customer can leave negative. So that this does not happen, managers quickly answer questions that come via a special form on the website.

Customers who are far from information technology, all necessary information can be recognized by multichannel phone: +7 (495) 937 5773. Works well as a hot line: 8 800 10 00 157 (calls within Russia are absolutely free).

Auto Loan on favourable terms

It Often happens that money is enough for a certain model of vehicle, and the driver wants a completely different machine, which is much more expensive. This problem is easily solved with the help of the credit agreement. Favourable conditions are offered by the dealership “Central” (Dmitrovskoe shosse). The reviews about this place say that purchasing the most expensive vehicles today everyone can afford. The company collaborates with leading financial institutions. If the customer has a good credit history, chances of getting a positive response from the Bank increased several times.

 auto show Central Moscow reviews The loan Application can be submitted directly on the website of the dealership. Here you need to specify the brand of the vehicle model, equipment and also personal data. All applications are processed in automatic mode. Already during the day, the client may receive a response from the Bank. If all conditions are satisfied, you can go to the dealership for the conclusion of a formal agreement.

The best terms on the loan offers the dealership “Central”. Customer reviews indicate that with the provision of income, the contract may be signed with no down payment. The maximum loan term is 7 years and the interest rate to 4.5%. The rate of interest charged on the balance owed. That is, the more paid on the contract, the less the overpayment.

Happy gifts “Central” (the auto dmitrijevka). Reviews show that customers who have a loan agreement, receive a coupon for free set of winter tires.

Installments for the selected means of transport

Those who do not want to overpay and does not have the required amount, saloon “Central” offers to arrange installments. Such a contract has a large number of benefits. The interest rate is absent. The agreement on the installment plan may be issued only for one year. Unfortunately, there are limits on the amount. Installments can be issued only for 1 200 000 rubles. If the transportmeans is more expensive, the difference must be paid before signing the contract. In the future, if a customer wants to change the vehicle, he will be able to rent it for the Trade-in and receive a discount on the purchase of a new car.

For the installments will need documents such as passport, driver's license, and a copy of the work book. The contract may be concluded only with those drivers who are officially employed or are entrepreneurs. Providing income significantly increases the chances of getting a positive response from financial institutions.Dmitrovskoe shosse 157 auto show Central reviews

The Application for execution of the installment can also be put on the website. As in the case of a loan, the client must specify the personal data and information about the car that the buyer wants to take. All applications are processed in automatic mode. During the working day, the client Manager calls back and clarifies all the necessary information. If you believe the reviews, to get an answer on their application many people manage within an hour.

The Exchange of old vehicle for a new

The Trade-in works today in many car dealerships. Due to this mechanism, it is possible to obtain new vehicle with a minimum surcharge. More favorable conditions are offered by the dealership “Central” (Moscow). Reviews show that the machines are in good condition are valued employees of the company even more expensive than the market. This gives the opportunity to buy a new vehicle with advanced technical features.

The Trade-in Program provides used vehicles of all makes. It's like the domestic vehicles, and foreign. The amount of compensation will depend on the overall condition of the car and its age. Offers excellent conditions for drivers of ATS “Central”. Dealership customer reviews gets mostly positive. After all, if the old vehicle in good condition, it is possible to change it for an expensive car with good performance characteristics. Offers Trade-in customers who want to issue credit or a car loan. In this case, the compensation for the old machine will serve as a down payment. According to customer reviews, it is sometimes possible to save up to 50 show Central customer reviews

Before heading to the salon, you can do a virtual assessment of the vehicle. You have to fill in a special form. Here you specify the make and model of the car, its mileage, year, and desired cost. The client must also specify contact information. The Manager calls back during the day and clarifies the information you need. Customers of the dealership claim that a quality vehicle you can take on the Trade-in program on favorable terms.

The Value of the car with mileage in the showroom can be even higher than the market. The final price can only be known after the evaluation specialists at the address: Dmitrovskoe shosse, 157. Auto show “Central” feedback in this regard has varied. The fact that the assessment of the car carried out after full diagnostics. Therefore, to hide any problems and the fact that the car had been in an accident, will not succeed.

Buying used car

To Buy a new car with good performance, not every driver can afford. Much cheaper to buy a car with mileage. A purchase in the market. For an inexperienced driver it's not the best option. There is a possibility of purchase “disguised" of the vehicle. Under the car is in perfect condition, many unscrupulous sellers offer cars that require major repairs. Problems will arise for those who asked the dealership “Central” (Moscow). Customer reviews show that put up for sale models that have undergone a complete diagnosis.

 auto show Central staff Customers are offered cars which came for the Trade-in program. Most often it is cars, whose age does not exceed three years. Quality car with good performance characteristics are virtually indistinguishable from new. The most important difference is price. For example, Dewoo Nexia 2011 release can be purchased for 220 000 rubles.

Offers full legal security of the showroom “Central” in Dmitrovka. Reviews 2014 contain information about the documents for used vehicles shall be in accordance with all state requirements. The procedure itself takes less than an hour, I assure you customers.

People who buy a car with mileage, have the opportunity to use additional services. This design of insurance contracts programme CASCO and CTP, full car diagnostics before buying, extra equipment, etc.

Finding a new car

A wide range of new vehicles of different brands showroom “Central”. Customer reviews allow us to conclude that to choose the car of your dreams will not be difficult. The cost of many models at significantly below market. It's connected with thethe company collaborates with manufacturers directly. To pay for the services of intermediaries is not necessary.

To View all our cars at the dealership. Here are all the specifications of each model, as well as its cost. Every potential buyer has the opportunity to book any vehicle. For this it is necessary to provide passport details and contact phone number. The representative of the dealership contacts the customer within one day to clarify the details of purchase.

How you can pay for the purchase?

Offers several options for calculating the showroom “Central” (Moscow). Customer reviews show that the most popular is to pay by the Bank transfer. This is easily explained. After all, few people would agree to carry a considerable amount of funds. We accept credit cards of any Bank. In addition, the required amount can be debited from the customer's account at a financial institution. You can pay in national currency and in U.S. dollars.

What they say about clients?

You Can read a lot of good things about the dealership “Central”: a review everyone can write on the website of the company. Most of the customers describes the benefit cooperation with the dealership. After all, you can save up to 50 000 rubles for the purchase of the vehicle. Buyers pleased with the lack of intermediation between the car manufacturers and the company.Central showroom on Dmitrovka reviews

Apparently, cares about its reputation, the showroom “Central”. Opinion of every client is important. Therefore, the management always monitors the operation of the company. If any of your staff receive a complaint, immediately raises the question of his dismissal. Clients receive quality service not only at the time of purchase of the vehicle, but in the future. Here each may with an impressive discount to install additional equipment (alarms, Halogens, anti-theft system, etc.). The employee always advise what mechanism to give preference in a particular case.

Criticism has value

After watching reviews about the organization, we can conclude that buyers return again and again to the dealership “Central”. Feedback left by a disgruntled customer, does not reduce the popularity of the company. Because of positive remarks about her work much more. We must not forget that criticism is also of great importance. The company management pays attention to the slightest defects and tries to remove them for a short period of time.

Great feedback to hear from those customers who decided to purchase a vehicle with mileage. People assure that all documents are processed in a short period of time. Pleased with the possibility of obtaining a car with good performance at a minimal cost. And if you do not have enough money even for a car with mileage, you can always receive a loan or credit on favorable terms. All detailed information on this service can be found on the company website or by phone of hot line: 8 800 10 00 157 (free within the country).

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