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Irbis TTR 250R is a motorcycle designed for motocross off-road Enduro class. This model has a great move on the road and on rough terrain. Her horse is fording, rivers, execution jumps in the air and stunts. Irbis is not a racing bike, so the engine in the 250 CC four-stroke mode it accelerates only up to 120 km per hour. However, the bike behaves well on rough terrain in the management plan. On average, not in the emergency mode of the drive, Irbis TTR 250R consumes 3 liters of fuel per 100 km.

Riding in the city and on rough terrain

irbis ttr 250rMotorcycle Wheels have spokes and dressed in indelible rubber tires, designed for riding off-road. Although you can ride them on a paved road, but high speed will not reach. Driving performance improves front suspension inverted telescopic fork. Irbis TTR 250R rear monoshock supports. In order for this vehicle you can drive on urban roads, you need to have a driving licence in class A. For a ride in the village Irbis has a dashboard, rearview mirror, turn signals, and lights. The motorcycle is equipped with disc brakes, which this model has been improved, allowing him to brake effectively. Irbis TTR 250R is more suitable for novice motorcyclists. However, it can go and professionals.

First model

irbis ttr 250r reviewsBike Irbis TTR 250R has a later model "is 250". It is also the motorcycle, designed for off-road driving, which is also called supermoto. As the first representative of his class, TTR 250 came in 2012. Both bikes kind of seem the same but they have differences, known only to professionals. Irbis TTR 250 can only ride on roads, on urban roads it is not ride able. While purchasing the vehicle, the seller gives you a contract that you made the purchase and an exemption letter stating that the bike is inventory sports. Starting to ride it, the first thing that pleased - it's light weight. Also, the model highlighted strong traction power and short wheelbase. The wheel, suspension hard, short intervals in transmission, the direct-flow muffler, backstory in order that the cameras were not broken nipples. The installed electric start with kick starter, a side leg. The rear shock absorber parts repairable, the bike can jump on trampolines.

Weaknesses TTR 250

irbis ttr 250r priceIn addition to the positive properties, Irbis has its drawbacks. For example, the model TTR 250 weak plastic coating, there is no speedometer, the headlights Shine without focusing, the wheels are susceptible to eight. More on this model not installed signal and reversing light. The motorcycle shall be tonirovania. For racing and high-class athletes it is not perfect, but it is used for learning to drive in vehicles of this class.

Option R

TTR 250R suitable for driving on city roads, and it has for this set, such as headlights, brake lights, turn signals. To model use in the city, it must be put on record, after which you will be allowed to get the numbers. Also required the presence of a driver's license. As for the opinion of Irbis TTR 250R, the owner reviews are as follows: tourist motocross, good at bypass tubes, and a good idea to ride it on rough terrain. The motorcycle can overcome any ditches, hillocks and so on. Looks TTR250R modern and nice. While it contains details such as the tachometer, speedometer, indicators included transfer. For the passenger, our hero is endowed with a double seat (large enough) with handles. Steering handle is secured, the motorcycle has rubberized turn signals on diodes. Plastic kit became stronger, the room has a frame, tank has become more capacious, and the engine was the balance shaft. As the first model, this development has its drawbacks. These include the chain of rubber, the back star is weak and the coating is not suitable for asphalt. The height of the motorcycle is designed for a person taller than 175 cm

Indicators in TTR 250R

bike irbis ttr 250rFeatures Irbis match the achievements of Japanese models. But another important factor to assess Irbis TTR 250R - price. It is higher than some of Kokorinov and is 78 000 rubles (with helmet included). Also look at the opinions of motorcyclists who have experienced Irbis TTR 250R, reviews bikers have to say about our character as a motorcycle in China, which could become a full-fledged sportsa Crosser. He has a decent technical characteristics:

- dimensions: length - 208 cm, width 82 cm, height - 118 cm, with saddle - 93 cm;
- candles - D8RTC;
- chain - 428-I with 132 units;
- star the front has 17 teeth, rear - 50;
- tank capacity - 12 liters;
- battery 12 V;
- weight 132 kg.

The Russian Irbis - the best selling sports Crosser because of the simplicity of design and ease of operation. It is possible for a few months to learn all the basics of riding. By purchasing such a vehicle, you become part of the motor-community. Thus, it is possible to start a new life, bright and interesting, full of new impressions, speed and sense of freedom over circumstances and time.

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