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Back In 1974 started production of cars ‘Volvo 240”. These models are positioned as a practical, safe and spacious car. In those days these cars were popular, so the novelty of the Swedish company quickly found their purchasers.

In Brief about the model

The First “Volvo 240” is a strong safety cage that the developers decided to integrate straight into the body. It was intended to ensure the strength and durability of the overall design of the car.

Volvo 240

The Second special feature of the 70s was the increased capacity, which has aroused the envy of even the owners of compact MPV. Trunk volume of the sedan, for example, equal to 615 litres. The wagons, of course, he was more and reached a 1200 HP But you could put the seats, which increased the already huge cargo Bay to 2150 L. It capacity and safety approved “Volvo 240” as one of the most popular family cars in the 70-80-ies.

Diesel Estate

Was the name of one of the most popular modifications to the “Volvo 240”. Under the hood of these models were established 2.4-litre diesel engine with indirect fuel injection, producing 82 HP It functioned under the control of 5-speed “mechanics”. Front mounted independent suspension "MacPherson", and behind was the spring design. Systems ABS, EBD and assistants there was no braking, but the brakes installed disc and ventilated.


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Volvo 240 specifications

The Speed limit of this car is limited to 155 km/h, and it was a good figure in those days. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes approximately 17.5 seconds, and the flow rate was about 7.9 litres of diesel fuel in the combined cycle. By the way, the price of this car reached up to 22 800. E. It was a large sum, but for these characteristics and other advantages, which have already been mentioned above, people were willing to pay.

The Most powerful version

The “Volvo 240" specifications was good, especially the later versions. The most powerful version was the model with a 2.1-liter 155-strong unit, equipped with a turbocharger and multipoint injection. Ruled this engine 4-speed “mechanics”. Version with this engine under the hood could accelerate to maximum 180 km/h and acceleration to “hundreds” took only 11 seconds. Consumed the engine, by the way, about 10 liters in the combined cycle. It's interesting that the most powerful models were equipped with power steering.

Volvo FL 240

Slightly weaker was the version with a 2.3-liter 140-horsepower engine offered with 3-speed “machine”. There were other units. In addition to the three above, had 10 engines with different volumes and capacity. Their developers have added a lineup in the course of the development of production.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is Interesting that in our time people who drive the Volvo 240. And a few owners share their opinion about this model. This car, despite its old-fashioned, very comfortable and comfortable interior. Also a mark with excellent visibility from the driver's seat. The machine is a quality heater, thanks to which even on the coldest of winter inside, not just warm, but hot.

Passive safety of this car even by modern standards not bad. Maintainability is high, so that the car can be maintained in good condition without any problems. And the model has a small turning radius, despite its nearly 5 metres in length. And finally, the Volvo 240 is absolutely no interest to car thieves. But this nuance is also usually attributed to the advantages.

 engine Volvo 240

As for the cons, the negative moment can be considered as excessive fuel consumption. But that is not surprising – affected by the age of the engine. Even when driving at speeds greater than 120 km/h conspicuous longitudinal swinging, and during cornering is observed valkosti. But overall this is a good, solid car with quality build.


This topic I would like to pay a little more attention. People who own a Volvo 240, I assure you that this car with timely and proper service will never let you down. Handling is at a decent level. Despite the fact that the car has solid size, inherent flexibility, which helps in city traffic and when Parking. Equally important in this respect is the engine. “Volvo 240” good with any unit under the bonnet, as they are all very torquey, reliable and durable. With proper care, they are nursed up to a million kilometers.

But, of course, have to face some difficulties in the process of operation. Since the machine age, when you start engines in the cold below -10°C problems arise. Have to wait until the engine warms up and heats up. If the previous owner neglected to maintain the car, the unit will work smoothly. In the case of this car completely avoid repair work will not succeed. Old machines are prone to corrosion, and the engine requires attention. But the models "Volvo" unkillableelectrical equipment and wiring. And their longevity once again confirms the decent build quality.


It is Worth noting that under the name Volvo 240 is known not only for “adult” passenger car, but a modern 12-ton truck with a payload 6 t However, the difference in the name is, and it is in the console. Trucks known as “Volvo FL-240”.

Volvo 240 specifications

Aggregated this car a 240-strong 7.1-liter engine. The truck ‘Volvo 240” features are impressive. It is equipped with air suspension, disc brakes with ESP, ASR and ABS, fog lamps. Inside there tachograph, sunroof, CD-radio, cruise control, full power accessories, a great pneumocyte for the driver, heated, heater, Board computer, air conditioning and, of course, the cabin is equipped with a comfortable bed.

Despite the identical names, the two cars differ dramatically. But one thing in common they have. Feature uniting them is undoubted quality. However, all Volvos have this feature. It is thanks to her machine Swedish group is so popular.

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