Protection of the body of the car from chips and scratches: vinyl or polyurethane


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An increasingly popular car wrapping special tape. It's a good protection to the paintwork. Of course, this film has its advantages and disadvantages. Besides, there are several varieties of such material. What you need to know about a protective film?protect car body from dents and scratches

Types of films

So what protection of the car body from dents and scratches better? All film can be divided only into two types: polyurethane and vinyl. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. First appeared on the market that is vinyl film. Such protection of the car body from dents and scratches its structure is more close to plastic. To change the size of the film only when it is heated. After cooling, the material becomes more rigid.

Stone chip protector for bodywork has a few other properties. This material is made from polyurethane. Composition and characteristics of such film is more close to the rubber. The material is able to stretch even without heating, but as a result of weakening it still will take its original size. This stone guard body covers become more popular than vinyl.gravel protection of the body

What is the difference

Initially, the vinyl film is designed only to produce advertising posters, and signs. This material virtually does not wear. As for the polyurethane film, it has developed for the army. It was used for taping the blades of helicopters.

The Main difference is that the vinyl film can protect the paint coating due to its thickness, and polyurethane – due to their properties. The latter is gradually becoming more popular. Moreover, in the period of winter frosts polyurethane stone chip protection body does not lose its properties and characteristics. As for vinyl, when cold it starts “harden”. As a result, you can easily damage the body

Properties vinyl

Protection of the body of the car from chips and scratches – this is a problem that is troubling many motorists. Which is better: vinyl or polyurethane? In the first case the material is a transparent film, whose thickness is 0.1 mm. mostly it is used for papering the body. Vinyl film protects the paint from impact, sand, moisture, minor scratches, and damage arising from careless drive or sink.

The Main drawback of this material lies in its fading. While the film may turn yellow not only from sunlight, but also due to the reagents. It is worth noting that vinyl for cars is transparent and matte. The latter type of material is used mainly for design of individual elements. Experts do not recommend to glue the entire body brushed vinyl film, since her damage will have to re-glue everything.

Properties of the polyurethane film

Protection of the body of the car from chips and scratches – the main task of the polyurethane film. Often it is also called urethane. This material is sturdy enough. Its thickness can range 150-300 microns. Polyurethane film is able to withstand deep scratches and large chips. In this respect, it is better suited vinyl to protect paintwork. The material is able to withstand a heavy blow, even a supermarket cart or a car door, parked too close.

It is Worth noting that polyurethane transmits the sun's rays. Because of this the paint fade evenly. If necessary, the film can be paste only certain parts of the vehicle. By the tone of parts of it to vary will not.

The Main drawback of the material is its cost. It should be noted that a polyurethane film is much more expensive than vinyl. If you don't consider the price for pasting, the price for the material is almost 5 times higher. For example, 1 meter film of vinyl can cost about 750 rubles, and 1 meter of polyurethane – approximately 3500 rubles.paint sealant

Is it Possible to glue yourself

Theoretically, to paste over the body of a car can home. The main thing that the room did not have drafts, sand and dust. The air temperature should be from 20 to 23°C. In the process of gluing film is removed from the substrate, the main function of which is to protect the adhesive layer.

Before starting, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the vehicle. It mustthoroughly wash and dry. Thus it is necessary to examine the body for the presence of chips and scratches. They should be removed. Otherwise, under the film, they will become more visible.

If you are using a vinyl film material before applying heat and align with the help of special tools. Otherwise, under a protective layer may be formed air bubbles. It is in these places the film breaks up faster.

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