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The Purchase of a personal vehicle - serious occupation, which requires not only sufficient cash but also a considerable amount of time, which you will have to spend the choice of a suitable machine model, as well as the selection of a trading platform, which will act as the seller. It is vital that the dealership worked honestly and didn't cheat and never cheated their customers. It is very frustrating to lose money or to buy a car of low quality. Every buyer deserves a decent attitude. That is why choosing a dealership should be given due attention. In the process it is important to examine what kind of reputation have earned this establishment in its niche of the market, which uses methods of doing business, because if it is cheating on your partners, what will stop him from methodically deceive their clients? In addition, you must examine the reviews from real customers of the dealership who can tell you about the real attitude of the company to the buyers about the mechanism of the transactions, on how the exchange of car, loan. The ability to analyze the feedback from other people will save you from many problems and help to choose the right dealership. This article is intended to simplify this process. It will detail the motor show "Formula X", features of its functioning and feedback of his clients.

motor show formula x 27 km MKAD reviews


What is a trading platform motor show "Formula X" (27 km from MKAD)? Reviews talk about it as a company that is focused, largely, on the sale of passenger cars (both used vehicles and new). Many claim to get professional help.

The Company "Formula X" offers a wide choice of cars and related services. Firm is among the largest representatives of this niche market in the capital.

Earned the trust of automotive group of the Formula X the trust of its customers? How speak about her employees? What to expect from this collaboration?


Provided services

The Showroom, "Formula X" (27 km from MKAD) reviews gets pretty controversial. However, they unanimously declare the variety of services provided by the store. So, the main direction of activity - sale of new and used vehicles. However, this is not the only specialty of the showroom. In addition, the Formula X (company) shall register the purchased vehicles in the traffic police, business competent specialists in the purchase and subsequent after-sales service of cars, repair of vehicles, will issue loans for the purchase of any car, provides the opportunity to test-drive, makes out the insurance on a new car, installs the necessary equipment. However, all this is typical of most such companies. That is why some believe that Formula X (motor show) - honest seller. Whether so it actually? After all, the client is often of key importance is the quality of the services provided, the manner of handling customers, honesty when you make a transaction. How these details are implemented before the company will consider further.


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discount cars

Select cars

The Assortment, which offers a showroom, "Formula X" (27 km from MKAD), reviews call wide enough. Machine here you can buy a variety. Offers both domestic and foreign car models. According to the feedback Network, it is always possible to customize the machine to your taste and budget. Including a report that in this school they had the qualified help in selection of the desired car. It's not always the motorist who wants to upgrade their vehicle, can make informed choices. Employees of the subject company will be able to competently advise those potential clients considering all their needs, requirements, wishes, as well as the constraints of the planned budget. This makes the services of the store even more attractive.


A crucial aspect of the description of the showroom is the cost of the proposed products. It is crucial when choosing a car for the vast majority of buyers. And it is natural to pay no one wants, especially when funds are hard to get.

As for the dealership, he offers a full range of cars at very affordable prices. Each positive response is noted this aspect. A used car and a new one can be bought very cheaply in comparison with similar offers from other stores. In addition, there are always discounts on the cars, as well as on certain services. Of course, such features cannot go unnoticed by potential buyers.

Rarely, but it happens to come across complaints about inflated prices for services of a particular profile, as well as on a separate vehicle. What are these statements? They cannot be called unfounded. However, it is important to take into account the simple determining factor is the high cost of certain models. In such circumstances, whatever the pricing policy nor led companyshe is not able to sell the car even cheaper. So, naturally, some cars will have a cost higher than anyone would like. However, most buyers said that the prices in the showroom are much lower these in similar specialized institutions.

an employee of the dealership

Additional services

A Significant amount of negative feedback the company receives for the reason that many of its employees actively impose (or too strongly suggest) in addition to purchase any optional services. For example, immediately after buying the car managers actively recommend using them to put a new car on accounting in traffic police or to issue him insurance. Such services, of course, will require the visitor additional, and often considerable, cost. In such matters the obsession staff unpleasant and invariably repels customers. However, this behaviour of the managers of the dealerships is nothing new. It is unlikely you will be able to find a similar facility where you can avoid it. To not feel the embarrassment and irritation, you should just be ready for such questions and remember that once you clearly refuse, store employees will cease to insist on the purchase of such services.

the salon

About the work with clients

But the center of customer service has earned the customer's praise of the show. Regardless of what kind of question you get asked (by purchase, exchange cars), the staff will give you a qualified answer and clarify all the obscure points. It makes a good impression on customers.

In addition, it should be noted, as in the company care about the comfort of potential buyers. To assess the range of cars and chat with the managers you will be able to spacious, bright, modern and comfortable. This allows clients to feel free and nice. Such conditions are incredibly inviting to conclusion of the transaction. In General, the "Formula X" is a large and modern center. It does not leave unpleasant memories, nice to come back again and again. It invariably attracts in the auto show new visitors. After all, for most of us, a beautiful office is one of the main guarantees of integrity and quality. Was that true in this case?

As the reviews online, the vast majority of customers satisfied with how they communicate with employees when visiting the dealership. Nevertheless, there are differences in opinion. On the one hand, clients tell me about the friendliness, attention and sincerity on the part of the employees of the dealership. That kind of attitude could not have potential buyers. Every employee is willing to devote time to the client and provide him with the necessary help, listening to his wishes and to recommend the option that best fit in the circumstances. These buyers did not notice any hypocrisy or attempts to deceive them.

On the other hand, some reviews report the unpleasant aspects of communication with employees. They say that workers literally impose those models of cars that are much more expensive than what was originally expected by the buyer, with the purpose to get more money from the client. Of course, the psychological pressure is not the best option business, but fraud is not one of them. Some of the customers recalls a similar treatment with the most bitter feelings and did not want to have common Affairs to the dealership. It is unpleasant, but it is important to remember that often the goal to sell the most expensive products in front of the staff puts the bosses. It is not their personal initiative. Yes, and its benefits are rarely recedes into the background. It is worth considering the human factor and not to confuse it with a fraud.

In Spite of that, the company has a high rating among similar companies in the capital. This is due to the really affordable prices on cars and a certain popularity of the salon among motorists. And positive feedback on the work of the company significantly more than the negative. Experts always take into account this fact. So if you want to cooperate in the purchase of a car with a large, well known company it would be sensible to turn your attention for this firm including.

the company formula x

Cooperation Opportunities

And is this company a responsible employer? The staff is also divided into two camps: positive and extremely negative. Employees appreciate the company for certain guarantees that it provides. They include: a pleasant atmosphere in the team, quite a high salary, official employment, the necessary social guarantees, flexible work hours, career growth in the future. That they stand out in their positive feedback from many employees. If all the above conditions correspond to the reality and implemented in practice?

The Company is actually officially employs all of its employees, according to the rules set in this regard, the legislation of the Russian Federation. This kind of cooperation is always issued as long-term. However, there are some pitfalls.For example, the entire period of training a new employee be forced to work without employment contract. However, it is quite common. At this stage the new employee should carefully consider their future roles. At the same time, the chief needs to understand how the applicant meets the company requirements. When the internship ends, each of the workers are officially issued.

As for wages, in this issue of the promise with the reality don't match. Employees complain of low salaries and the lack of periodic bonuses. At the same time, a good percentage can be obtained directly from personal sales of vehicles. That is why many of them resort to various tricks and ploys to sell bigger and more expensive. It's just their method of earning. Can you blame these employees? You decide for yourself.

The staff of the dealership are really friendly. As reported by reviews, the atmosphere is pleasant, comfortable. Every employee is willing to provide his colleagues, including beginners, need help and support. That is why there are no problems in communication during the period of adaptation in a new workplace. The ideal open and sociable people.

To Build a career in the company in question are unlikely to succeed. Notice how the reviews here have nowhere to grow. So if you are not satisfied with the prospect of constantly work in the same office, you probably better not try to get a job at the auto show.

The company does not deserve the love of subordinates. He is accused of excessive strictness, perfectionism, dishonesty towards employees, improper application of penalties, and disregard for the needs of workers. It's frustrating. However, such complaints from time to time sound absolutely in all companies. To take note of them or not - you decide.

Formula X - a Scam?

The Feedback the company receives diametrically different. Despite the fact that the company exists legally, and its description and the location did not suggest fraud, clients of the dealership at times complain of unfair activity of the store. They claim that they were deceived in the process of purchasing a car. What in practice manifests this kind of fraud?

Some buyers declare that the not obsessive trying to sell the most expensive model. It's certainly not nice, but still is not fraud. Others say that you are getting the best deals or discounts on cars, however, subsequently coming to the salon, I discover that the machine has already been sold or simply not available. After that, as a rule, managers are beginning to promote other options, of course, much more expensive. Often they manage to convince the customer and he spends a lot more money than planned initially. Naturally, then, these people feel a little deceived.

It Should be considered on the basis that the salon Formula X - a divorce? Hard to say. Methods of competition the company may not be the most honest, however, this does not necessarily mean poor quality sold its products. If you are careful and observe a certain kind of prudence, any fraud can be avoided and purchase a good car at a bargain price.

customers dealership


How to find the showroom, "Formula X"? 27 km from MKAD - reviews and official sources provide such address. This is the only store of the company in the territory of the Russian Federation. No other branches do not exist. Nevertheless, it is the automotive group of the Formula X were in the list of leading sellers of passenger vehicles in the state.

The motor show is open daily from nine in the morning until nine at night. This schedule allows everyone, regardless of employment, to find time for his visit. It makes the salon affordable for a large number of customers.

It's not possible to get information about the product "Formula X" (Moscow). For example, managers of the cabin can be contacted by phone, which is available on the official website. Everyone will be able to select the appropriate option.


The Showroom, "Formula X" is a good alternative for those who want to buy a new car or to exchange old. As the reviews, the employees are ready to provide expert advice to their clients on any matters of mutual interest. The dealership offers a wide variety of cars at affordable prices. No matter how restricted your budget is or high demand, local experts will help you make the right choice. Of course, the company has certain disadvantages. For example, managers may attempt to impose more expensive purchase than you had planned. Not to get upset because of such circumstances, it is better to prepare for this, to be able to tactfully and clearly refuse such offers. And then already nothing will spoil your joy of a new acquisition.

Be careful when choosing a seller! Remember that it depends on the quality of the product!

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