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“Patriot” is a mid-size SUV, which is serially produced at the UAZ plant since 2005. At the time the model was quite raw, and because each year has been progressively elaborated. To date, there have been multiple modifications of this SUV, including “Patriot” (diesel, ZMZ-51432). Interestingly, the first diesel was put in the "Iveco". However, because of the many technical flaws, was discontinued. At the moment the main diesel engine for the “Patriot” is ZMZ-51432. Reviews, features, and review the Oise – further in our article.

Interesting facts

It is Worth noting that the precursor to all the famous “Patriot” UAZ “Sibir”, which had a numbered index 3162. The car was produced from 2000 to 2005, the first year. Interestingly, “Patriot” became the first car on the Oise which were equipped with air conditioning, airbags, multimedia system, ABS and other ‘the benefits of civilization». By the way, the “Patriot” was first used a single fuel tank (used to be two separate – not the most robust design).


The Appearance of the Ulyanovsk SUV has a dynamic and aggressive silhouette. The car is recognizable from afar by the characteristic chopped forms and crystal "eyed" optics.

ZMZ 51432Massive wheel arches add SUV brutality. No, it's not a crossover, but a real masculine frame SUV with four-wheel drive and locks (and not the e-mail as “overseas" of competitors). For 2017, the car looks quite decent.

patriot ZMZ 51432

As for the dimensions, they do not differ from its predecessor “Sibir”. So, the length of the SUV UAZ ZMZ-51432 “Patriot” is 4.78 meters, width – 1.9 m excluding mirrors (with them – 21 cm longer), height-2 meters. The ground clearance from the factory “Patriot” equal to 21 cm, But this is not the limit. Now sell ready-made kits for suspension lift. So, in arch easy fit 33 inch mud tires. But with a standard ground clearance and stock wheels car is well behaved on the roads. It is not inferior to the famous “goat” in the off-road capabilities.


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Let's look inside the Ulyanovsk «Patriot». The interior design is noteworthy. Inside there is a modern panel, center console and a multimedia steering wheel. This Lite never used. Center – big multimediadatei. However, it is available only in the maximum configuration. Inside, there are chrome and aluminum inserts (or rather, plastic made “aluminum”). The machine is quite large mirrors.

diesel ZMZ 51432

Due to the high landing reviews noted good visibility. Mirrors and the dashboard is very informative. Between the front seats now have the armrest. By the way, the seats themselves are trimmed in natural leather. But then again, in the basic configuration, it replaces the cloth. In the lounge there is single-zone automatic climate control. On the door cards – convenient control buttons for the power Windows (they are on electric drive). Well, with the design of ‘Ulyanovsk” notably tried. However, the owner reviews say the old hard plastic. Still, the insulation needs to be improved.

Technical characteristics – which came first?

As we have noted earlier, the first diesel version of the Oise was equipped with a turbo diesel engine IVECO F1A. He developed a power of 116 horsepower and gave 270 Nm of torque. Remarkably, the same engine was placed on light-duty trucks “Fiat Ducato”. But Oise this motor is not stuck – whether from non-modern characteristics, whether from poor workmanship. Spoke about this motor owners is bad enough.

What now?

At the moment the engine IVECO F1A cannot be installed on UAZ «Patriot». Instead, the Ulyanovsk plant started delivery of the power unit ZMZ 51432. The engine when a cylinder capacity of 2.3 liters has an output of 114 horsepower. However, in contrast to the “ivanovskogo" here we use a more modern injection system. On ZMZ 51432 implemented fuel "common rail". It is possible to reduce fuel consumption and increase traction and performance.

UAZ ZMZ 51432

Diesel ZMZ-51432 has an aluminum block and head, as well as different overhead camshafts. The unit meets emissions standards for “Euro 4». This engine uses a chain drive timing. The valves have hydraulic lifters clearances. Pressure nozzles – simply enormous - 1450 Bar. Also on the engine ZMZ 51432 turbine is used, which allows to obtain much greater efficiency.

How economical?

All motorists know that petrol / gas, whatever it was, would be much more economical than the petrol engine. Was no exception and diesel ZMZ-51432. Reviews say that the city fuel consumption is 12 liters (although the passport machine is placed in the “ten”). But it's still much less than gasoline. At UMP-shnyh motors“Patriot” was incredibly voracious. The city “ate” up to twenty liters of gasoline. As for the Assembly of ZMZ 51432, minimum flow rate in real conditions is 8.5 liters (on the highway cruising at 80 km/h). Reviews from owners say that if your priority is efficiency, of course you should pay attention to diesel modification of the “Patriot”.

How goes?

Even before the market launch of the diesel version reviews of motorists have said the weak operational performance petrol engines. And everyone, even a three-liter. The car lacked power, had to twist it to four or five thousand. How to behave on-road car with the unit ZMZ-51432? “Patriot” has a more spirited dynamics of acceleration. Torque is available almost from the bottom, and the top – picks up a turbine. The maximum torque available in the range of two thousand revs. If you press the accelerator pedal at this moment, you can feel the sharp wings. However, after 80 pull is lost. The car accelerates very slowly in the range of 80-100. By the way, maximum speed is 135 kilometers per hour.

patriot diesel ZMZ 51432

However, this is not comfortable for «Patriot» speed. First, the car its very hard gaining. Second, the hard plastic in the cabin makes itself felt. Plus – distinctive roar of a diesel engine, which is difficult to remove even several layers of noise insulation. Owner reviews say the car is clearly not enough sixth gear. At 90 miles per hour the engine is already gaining 3 thousands revs (for a diesel is red line). By the way, the gearbox used here is from the gasoline motor (not the most technological solution). Therefore, it is possible that the Car will be further developed and beyond.

Diesel offroad

This is its main advantage. Unlike gasoline engines, ZMZ 51432 better shows itself in the conditions of lack of roads. Where needed, this unit let vnatyag but surely pulled the car out of the trap. Gasoline engines often had “play” clutch and traction was lost very quickly. Diesel off-road – the what to say reviews owners.

Design flaws “Patriot”

The negative aspects of the design “Patriot” the drivers include low location of the bridges.

ZMZ 51432 reviews

And if the 469-m problem was solved by installation of military bridges, here, this scheme will not work. Also on the “Patriot” still has the same problems with the doors – too small opening angle. This problem, perhaps, is UAZ from the Soviet era, when there was the same “goat”. Also has not improved the quality of noise isolation. Already since the purchase have to glue the cabin.

Prices and specifications

The New UAZ “Partiot” will be available in several komplektacija:

  • "Standart".
  • "Comfort".
  • "Privilege".
  • "Still".

For the base you will have to pay 809 thousand rubles. This includes airbag, forged wheels 16 inch, power steering, electric Windows and ABS. Top range-available for 1 million 30 thousand rubles.

diesel ZMZ 51432 reviews

This price includes 18-inch alloy wheels, full audio system with 7-inch multimedia screen and six speakers, rear view camera, ESP, front and rear Parking sensors, heated seats, climate control and even heated steering wheel. That is to say, a very good level of equipment «Patriot». The only issue – is the price. Because the secondary market has a lot of good copies for a lower cost.


So, we found which has reviews and technical characteristics of the diesel UAZ «Patriot». As you can see, the power unit has shown a very good side. The motor is economical, pulls well and require minimal maintenance. Perhaps this is the best unit for a vehicle of this type.

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