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Left about the car JAC S5 reviews are mostly positive. No wonder this crossover actively encouraged by the Chinese government for export to European countries. In Russia, for example, he has already managed to gain popularity. Not so, of course, like other famous crossovers, but on our roads it can be found. However, it is necessary to tell about it a little more, but pay special attention to reviews real owners.

jac s5 reviews

Body and design

People, leaving about model JAC S5 reviews, the first thing to tell you about his appearance. The shape was really attractive. Unsurprisingly, it was developed by Italian Studio Pininfarina. The crossover has received a sporty, dynamic design with a small grille, large lower air duct interesting shape, neat anti-fog lens and expressive "eye" lights.

Many have noted a high ground clearance, which is equal to 21 cm. And the quality of the body. It is this model on 81 % of high-strength steel. And this makes the car one of the toughest among the Chinese crossovers. Because people often make choices in his favor. Because safety is an important caveat. And she had JAC S5 on top. No wonder the crossover received a rating of “5” according to the results of the crash test C-NCAP.

What's under the hood?

This crossover is available with two engine options, both 2-liter. Weaker engine produces power in 136 “horse”. Its maximum speed limited to 180 km/h But this engine consumes about 8.7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in combined cycle. Crossovers JAC S5 with this engine are not very popular. People who own them say it's not enough power. The motor is not too powerful, which is reflected in the dynamics and maneuverability.


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But the crossovers with the 176-horsepower engine under the hood more loved by the motorists. This unit allows JAC S5 to change the first “hundreds” in 11 seconds. And its maximum is equal to 190 km/h and the motor consumes per 100 kilometers approximately 7,1 L.

jac s5


The People who own this model, say a good momentum. Up to 150 km/h with zero JAC S5 accelerates steadily and significantly. But b&mónica;Lisa speed to reach is not recommended. The owners say that the wheel begins to hang. And it seems that the car loses contact with the road.

Yet many people do not like that the crossover JAC S5 bad cornering. Front-wheel-drive system model is a big minus. So on the turns and bad roads need to slow down, otherwise drifts can not be avoided. And when driving in deep snow will have to cope with bukovkoy. But in the mud the wheels are certainly not bogged down. Into washed out dirt road Chinese crossover JAC S5 is well-behaved.

But in General people say that this car purely urban in nature. It is designed for a comfortable ride around the metropolis. Parking, due to the presence of power, does not cause any discomfort, even in narrow places. Convenient transmission, the transfer switch clearly and easily. And on bad roads the car JAC S5 shows the hard suspension. But if in the back row of the passengers, for their comfort you will be forced to reduce speed. Otherwise they will have to endure the shaking.

jac s5 owner reviews

Brake system

It is also a mark of attention, leaving about JAC S5 reviews. Crossover-disc brakes that are pressed on the pedal. Some people call them cotton and insensitive. There are EBD and ABS. The anti-lock system when driving in a circle is triggered prematurely, this is the only drawback. However, it is better than later.

Many people happy ESP, strictly precluding the drag starts and hard enough keeping the car on moderate, not sharp turns. By the way, the help system of descent from the slope often helps. Thanks to her presence of people can be calm, sliding down the mountain.


This theme also affect the left of the crossover JAC S5 owner reviews. The interior of this model specific. In the design traced some futurism, combined with sportiness and elegance. By the way, the console is missing almost completely. But in General, looks all good. The readings are easy to read, good electronics. Only the air conditioner starts making noise, if enabled for a long time.

The Interior is designed for five. But as shown by feedback, with the comfort inside the house only four people. The trunk has a 505-liter volume, but to contain something bulky, it is necessary to fully fold the rear seats.

Another of the disadvantages noted a poor adjustment of doors. To close the first time does not always work. And the insulation is poor. At high speeds in the cabin clearly audible unpleasant sound of the engine.

car jac s5


Left on JAC S5 owner reviews allow you to know how much it is functional. Many people like the high Seating position of this car. Typically krassovitsky feature that provides excellent visibility. Still the model has excellent optics. Well headlights illuminate the road, and thisthe light does not interfere with others.

Attention people note the presence of two screens on-Board computer. Only they are available only in the maximum configuration. But the option is useful, because on one display you can trace your route, and the second to control other functions.

Many people like a good wheel, adjustable in all directions. It is multifunctional and well designed from the point of view of ergonomics. Because it made control buttons the most important and frequently used functions. People say that only after a couple of days drive impossible to navigate the keys by touch. But special praise is still deserved the chair. They feature pronounced lumbar support that provides the driver with maximum comfort during the trip. Especially if it is long.

crossover jac s5


Pro is also much interesting left to tell about JAC S5 reviews. People riding on that vehicle, note its simplicity. Build quality that can not but rejoice. Of course, some had problems with such things as a broken window regulator, weak surrounding glass in the window opening, errors in the multimedia system, etc. But everything is repaired and replaced under warranty.

However, there are disadvantages. Some, thinking to improve your car, decide to put wheels larger radius. So, in the case of this crossover, it will be difficult. Because of the larger radius wheel barely fit in the arch and in the process drive will scrub on the inner fender. Have to endure unpleasant sounds. But it looks impressive but, in loose and deep snow, the machine will not get stuck.

And another minus is that not every city has an official dealer and any service. For many, this is really a problem.

Chinese crossover jac s5


Finally we should say a few words about the cost, which is one of the most significant advantages of JAC S5. New model with 136-horsepower engine and maximum options will cost about 750-800 thousand roubles. For this price people will get a car that has it all: from automatically shading the rear view mirror and sensors for tyre pressure, ending Central locking with remote control, and Parktronic.

Reviews allow you to verify that this Chinese car is a good option for people who dream about attractive and comfortable crossover. In any case, most of the customers were satisfied.

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