Repair the ignition of the xenon with your hands. Possible breakage. A replacement unit


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Lighting the night roads are particularly relevant in the Russian context. Not to get in trouble and emergency, you must have full confidence in the efficiency of car headlights. Many people today set in place of the regular optics xenon. This light is very effective. But the system consists of several blocks, including from the high voltage unit of the ignition. This device sometimes fails. Let's look at how to repair ignition of the xenon, what are common problems, how to repair the item without turning to the experts.

The ignition: what is it?

Those called high-voltage starting device for xenon and bi-xenon car bulbs. As the latter is filled with inert gas, to run you need a very high voltage. The parameter ranges from 23 000 to 25 000 V. These voltages are only required to start the lamp. Then stable combustion is maintained at the expense of ballast for the entire period of operation of the lighting device.

Typical faults and their causes

Repair of the ignition of xenon to start with diagnostics. repair unit ignition xenon

There are several common reasons why a device fails:

  • If the block is missing the tightness, or weak enough, then the inside gets wet or dust. To confirm the cause of the malfunction, you must open the casing of the unit. By car, this problem manifests itself in the standard way. Optics will flash or will not light at all.
  • The Second reason for failure – corrosion. Due to the oxidation of adhesions of electronic components, they may be trite to depart. The items simply fall out of the solder. The first and the main reason for this phenomenon – a high level of humidity or negligence of the Assembly. Particularly bad build quality different Chinese device. This unit igniter (xenon) price – no more than 700 rubles. It is not necessary to buy such device.
  • Also lost the control signal from the controller, punched winding of the transformer and multiplier. There are cases of problems with transistors.

Self diagnosis

So, the driver sits in the car and realizes that does not work the ignition of the xenon. The DIY repair you need to start not with replacement, and with the diagnosis, the more that can be done independently.  the ignition of the xenon repair own hands


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The First thing you need to ensure that the reasons for failure are identified properly. Naturally, this is going to turn out worse than the professionals, but to try and. The first sign that the unit is out of order – this is a characteristic burning smell. You need to find out where is the burnt element. If you have oscilloscope, then you can diagnose the device more accurately.  ignition xenon price

When using this unit, we will determine which unit is malfunctioning. It could be the controller, either resistor or transformer. If you were able to diagnose the failure of the controller, then, in this case there is no likelihood of a positive result of the repair. In this case, you will need to purchase and install a new ignition headlight xenon. With the rest you can handle with your hands.

Methods of recovery of the block with your hands

The first thing that experts recommend to pay attention before beginning any recovery work – it's a simple cleaning of the entire electronic circuit Board with alcohol or acetone. If cause of fault has become a common rust or moisture, the operation is enough. Performance will be restored. If flushing does not help, it is recommended to disconnect the sealant applied to the back side of the Board, and solder the contacts.  ignition headlight xenon

Next, connect the ignition of the xenon, and attempts to start the device.

Safety information before starting up the unit

It is Worth to note that the process of incorporation and startup must be performed only in a state where the element is connected to the lamp. The unit must be put on a surface that does not conduct electricity. The device is placed away from flammable items. In the multiplier device is very high voltage. It sometimes reach up to 35 kV – do not touch the appliance with your hands.

When the unit starts, turn it off and then give him “rest" (cool down) for two to three minutes. If the device refuses to work, should continue the diagnostic procedure.

Continue diagnostics

First, open all the covers, then disconnect the sealant. Further, using a multimeter, check all of the transistors. In their scheme, four. If any of the elements managed to find a break out to buy a new field-effect transistor and solder it to its rightful place. bulb xenon without ignition

Regular transistor can be replaced by 4N60. The repair unit ignition xenon finished. However, if this does not work, should bediagnosis further. Next, check the resistors – perhaps they remained intact. If not, then the burnt parts replaced with new. The power resistor should be 5 watts minimum.

Recovery block prepaymania

I can help prepaymania all places where the sealant was, but the flux was in an inactive state. The last remnants must be washed. If the flux of pink color, should be closely monitored so that the process does not have any pink spots. The gel is well heated. Then again, make an effort to include the Faro. If the repair of the ignition of the xenon was successful, then the lamp will burn like new. But if all actions have not led to success, you need to continue to look for burnt or broken transistors. Often, the reason in them. If such an element is detected, it is fed and include the block without it. If the system worked, then everything is fine. After all the measures to restore the unit, experts recommend to fill the electronic Board with paraffin. Choose paraffin – other analogs will not work. Various sealants based on silicones at the next repair is very difficult to remove. Besides, the chemical substances that these compounds emit when they return, may not be the best way to influence the quality, durability and reliability of contacts. how to check ignition of the xenon

If the problem was in the transistor, and managed to restore the ignition of xenon, a DIY repair will cost about 45-50 rubles. It is much cheaper than a new block.

If the xenon lit

The Operation to verify the health of the device – is not a complicated procedure. Naturally, you will need to show care and caution. You will need a screwdriver, a good lamp and obviously working the ignition. First thing disconnect the negative battery terminal. Then open the fuse block and check the element that is responsible for exterior lighting. If blown, then replace it.  connecting unit ignition xenon

In the second phase test of lead electrician. Maybe disconnect the wires leading to the ignition. Next, check fixed contacts. Due to vibration they could weaken. If the system was installed with his own hands, often in Farah there are adapters from the base traditional halogen bulbs to xenon. You need to check the data adapter. If no positive results, then you need to replace the xenon bulb with no ignition in the spotlight on obviously working. When all options are checked, and the result is still there, the problem is likely in the ignition. It is necessary to disassemble and try to replace known work. repair unit ignition xenon

Now on the market there are a lot of products from China. So, the Chinese unit ignition xenon price to one thousand rubles. So it's easier to replace the broken device for a new one. Chinese manufacturers of these devices are tightly sealed, and the Board itself is covered with compound. So to disassemble the unit does not make sense.


As you can see, there are several options that allow you to repair a broken item. In fact, with so repairs can handle even for inexperienced motorists. To diagnose you need to have basic skills in electronics. If you know how to test the ignition unit (xenon or Bixenon, doesn't matter), you can save considerably on labor costs of a professional electrician.

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