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A two-Wheeled high-speed Assembly Honda NTV 650 refers to the unique combination of pleasure "Enduro", an SUV and a dirt bike. Simply put, this device combines all the best qualities of two-wheeled machines.

honda ntv 650


This kind of motorcycle, such as Honda NTV 650, has a great powertrain, good control, dynamic movement and ergonomics in the exterior. As a rule, "iron horses" high quality different rather big price.

The Release of this model was suspended in the late 90s of the last year, therefore now you can only purchase second-hand units. Motorcycles having engine capacity of more than 400 cubic centimetres, a priori can not be attributed to modifications for beginners. To such category and ranked as Honda NTV 650 Deauville (647 CC). This two-wheeled machine in many respects not inferior, and superior to most counterparts. In General, the considered technique can be briefly described as: reliable, fast, beautiful and serious motorcycle.

Advantages and disadvantages

Judging by the reviews from owners and experts, bike Honda NTV 650 has a number of objective advantages. By users include:

  • Excellent build quality.
  • A Great exterior.
  • Stock speeds up to 300 km.
  • A longer wheelbase that increases stability at high speed.
  • Excellent handling and ability to move around the city.
  • Easy care.

honda ntv 650 revere

Among the disadvantages the owners there are the following points:

  • On high revs there is vibration of the power unit.
  • On a dirt road significantly reduced the power and control.
  • Very bright light elements.
  • High price.

Honda NTV 650 Deauville

This car is a tourist motorcycle was produced from 1998 to 2006 she was replaced by an updated version of NTV 700. The device often can be found in the European or American market, because it is an export version.


  • Engine – a V-shaped power unit with a pair of cylinders volume 647 CC
  • Capacity – 56 forces the horse.
  • Moment of torque – 57 Nm.
  • Maximum speed indicator – 170 km/h.
  • Brakes – drives.
  • Fuel tank – 19,5 l.
  • Weight – 223 kg.
  • Drivetrain – a 5-speed.

Owners say the quieter engine along with high fuel economy.


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Honda NTV 650 Revere technical specifications

The following are the parameters of the technical plan, which has considered a motorcycle:

  • Powertrain – four-stroke diesel engine capacity of 647 CC
  • Capacity – 60 horsepower.
  • The speed to the maximum – 165 km/h.
  • CPR – a five-speed propeller unit.
  • Fuel Consumption – 5 l / 100 km.
  • Capacity of tank – 19 L.
  • Weight – 185 kg.
  • Brakes – disc.
  • Suspension – front telescopic fork, damper rear.

honda ntv 650 features

Motorcycle Honda NTV 650 Revere are equipped with two-cylinder V-shaped engine, which makes a worthy competition to the same power unit. A good set of traction characteristics combined with infrequent switching gear, regardless of rpm.

The Machine has a liquid cooling system and fuel injection of the type OEF. Disc brakes provide the ability to quickly and smoothly stop technique. Aggregates the five-speed transmission with cardan drive.

Test drive

It is worth noting that at low speeds Honda NTV 650 is controlled is somewhat more complicated than the counterparts. Quite a lot of weight combined with a narrow wheel leads to the fact that we need to apply a significant force. Especially wobbling noticeably in overcoming the pits and potholes. However, after a short period of time, such features quickly become accustomed.

honda ntv 650 deauville

The suspension unit showed a reasonably good job, though on large potholes the bike noticeably shaky. Telescopes copes with small irregularities on the pavement. In order to properly adjust the stiffness of the rear shock, use a special pen (additional tools required).

The Motor is vigorously spins in all gears, actively gaining momentum. To optimize its performance, it is desirable to synchronize the carburetors. For movement around the city is enough the third speed, the sound power unit gladdens powerful ‘purr’ without breakdowns and wheezing.


Fit on motorcycle standard for this type of machinery. Note the wide tank and moved back footrests. The driver at any speed, feels confident, not moving with the “seats” when maneuvering.

The saddle is thick, wide and low. It also works as an extra shock absorber, taking some of the stress on the bumps. In fact – complete double seat with a light step and a direct passenger boarding. If desired, you can adjust the coffer that was where to lean back.

Comparative characteristics of Honda NTV 650

Below are the main differences between the bike and its European “colleague” the Hawk GT. The parameters of the last unit given in parentheses:

  • Frame Type – steel (aluminum alloy).
  • Fuel tank –large tank 19 l (compact capacity of 10 litres plus reserve tank).
  • Steering Wheel – standard (on clipon).
  • Seat – big, low, soft with a full passenger seat (saddle too high, compact and hard).
  • Storage compartments – there are several places to store tools and other “little things" (rear divisions are almost there).
  • The Tail – in favour of the dimensions of the wheels (short shank, slightly protect the back of the rider from dirt).
  • Switch Box – when the node creates a distinctive sound during switching (the unit operates almost silently).
  • Drive & ndash; cardan (chain).

honda ntv 650 technical specifications


According to owners specifications Honda NTV 650 is ideal for riding in the city. The positive aspects the user considers the simplicity of the motorcycle in operation and maintenance. Comfortable fit allows you to overcome long distance. Unlike most Japanese bikes, this unit is the acquisition of spare parts is not difficult.

‘Honda’ economical, one filling is enough for about 300 kilometers, depending on road conditions and driving style. Two-wheeled machine of this category are designed to move on a quality pavement, so a dirt road lose control and dynamics. Customer testimonials additionally confirmed that fact.


Let us Consider briefly the parameters of the main competitors for Honda NTV 650:

  1. VFR 750 from the company “Honda». The device is equipped with a engine in the 748 «cubes, power – 105 "horses". Accelerates the bike up to 232 km/h, equipped with a six-speed transmission. The fuel tank holds 21 liters of gasoline, the consumption of which is 7-8 l/100 km.
  2. NSR-125. Despite the aggressive sporty look, the bike has very modest settings. Engine capacity – 125 CC, top speed – 120 km/h, the number of cycles – 2, PPC – 6 modes, fuel consumption – 4.3 l/100 km.
  3. Translap 600. This bike is a typical "Enduro". The power of the motor is 55 "horses" volume – 583 "cube, fuel consumption – 5-6 l/100 km, speed threshold – 174 km/h.
  4. “Husqvarna Strada”. The motorcycle is equipped with a motor 625 cubic centimeters, with a capacity of 58 horsepower. The weight of the unit – 186 kg, fuel tank capacity – 12,3 l.
  5. BMW C600 Sport. The volume of the motor – 647 "cubes" power – 60 "horses" of weight – 249 kg. the capacity of the fuel tank – 16 HP

honda ntv 650 revere technical specifications

Short summary

Motorcycle Honda NTV 650 is best suited for travel on paved roads in the city and beyond. The machine has a good management and a comfortable fit that allows you to use it for long distance travel. Reliability and high build quality make the bike extremely popular among fans of two-wheeled "iron horses".

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