Temperature sensor coolant "Priora" of the device, and reviews


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In Russia, really love the car «Lada Priora”. It is a reliable, simple and affordable machine. As the engine uses modern injector Assembly from "AVTOVAZ". For this important engine sensor condition engine coolant temperature. "prior" rarely goes down because of breakage of this element. But if this happens, motorists should know what to do.

The Principle of operation and design of CTS

Previously, as the temperature sensors, the engineers used a primitive thermostat. Installed it even on engines with mono-injector power supply system. When the contact of this relay is open, the engine is warming up. When the contact closes, the ECU thinks the engine is warm.

temperature sensor coolant prior price

CTS Vase is a thermistor. It is a thermistor, whose resistance depends on the temperature of the antifreeze. Usually the coolant temperature in the engine is controlled continuously. Therefore, the thermistors are made of Nickel oxide or cobalt (other metals are not used in the design). The peculiarity of these alloys is that, with the increase in heat increases the number of electrons (and, hence, decreases the resistance).

The Thermistor inside the sensor, you'll be a negative coefficient. The resistance is maximum when the motor is cold. The CTS is powered 5 V (margin of error 0.2). As the heating and change of resistance, voltage drops. The ECU monitors the voltage and, based on these data, determines the temperature of the power unit.


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temperature sensor coolant flaws

The Sensors on other cars (e.g. models "Renault") are distinguished by a positive temperature coefficient. The element is arranged in such a way that with increasing temperature the sensor resistance is not falling, but rising.

Features of the CTS "priors"

Most owners of these cars often confuse temperature sensor coolant on "Prior" with the item that measures the temperature in the environment and in the cabin. These are two different items. The main task of the first device – continuous monitoring of the temperature of the antifreeze in the cooling system.

“a Priori" is used two sensors. The first is mounted on the cylinder head – it is responsible for displaying information about the temperature of the power unit to the instrument panel. This is a normal pointer. The second element is the sensor coolant temperature "priors" performs the more important tasks. It transmits electrical impulses to the ECU and then activates the fan. The CTS plays a role in the process of formation of the combustible mixture, and during operation of the engine under load.

Principle of operation

CTS "priors" is located directly in the thermostat housing. This allows you to ensure the accuracy of the pulses. Since the coolant sensor is always in contact with antifreeze, it can almost instantly identify the slightest changes in temperature. He also quickly sends signals to the ECU. The brain of the car on the basis of the information received, adjusts the parameters of the engine, changing the composition of the fuel mixture.

sensor replacement engine coolant temperature Priora

If the antifreeze level is too low, the controller will receive incorrect data, so the engine can run rough. This is observed due to breakage of the sensor.

The Symptoms and effects of faults CTS

If the sensor engine coolant temperature "priors" of the 16 valves were out of order, it will immediately entail a lot of trouble. Will significantly increase the fuel consumption. Also due to a rich mixture will increase the amount of harmful emissions. For the same reason, the motor can difficult to start “hot”. When too rich mixture there is a risk of burnout of the piston.

At the same time will deteriorate the dynamic performance of the car and handling. The engine will need more time to warm up to operating temperature, as a result of incorrect signals from the sensor the ECU will turn the cooling fan. In this case, there is a high risk of overheating.

Not always the sensor is completely failed. All these symptoms can be called oxidized or damaged contacts. Often the reason is in the wiring or in the leaks antifreeze. So remove the sensor and it can be changed only after careful inspection of the contacts.


To check the CTS in the garage or home, you will need a container of coolant. Also need a thermometer to accurately measure temperatures up to 120 degrees.

temperature sensor coolant Priora 16 valves

You Need to replace the sensor resistance at different temperatures. Antifreeze in the diagnostic process need to warm up. The data obtained on the multimeter compare with the temperature on the thermometer.

So, at 100 degrees the sensor resistance will be about 178 Ohms. At 90degrees – 239 Ohms, 82 – 319 Ohms. When zero is about 7278 Ohms.

Where to find coolant sensor on the engine

If the sensor is faulty, it needs to be replaced. But not everyone knows where is the temperature sensor coolant on "Prior". Element, affecting the operation of the engine, is located inside the thermostat housing. This applies to motors in 1.6 and 1.8 liter 16-valve timing mechanism.


If the diagnostic procedure has shown that the item is in working condition, and the failure symptoms are still actively manifest themselves, then you need to again carefully check the connections, wiring, the quality of the connection. If it turned out that the device does not work, required replacement of the sensor coolant temperature "priors". With the replacement process, even for novice car owners.

temperature sensor

There are two engine "priors". Some think that on many engines the replacement procedure will be different. However, it is not so. And on 8-and 16-valve motor all done the same way. The thermostat housing is installed in the same place. The only difference is that you need to dismantle the highway that connects the air filter to the throttle.

The First thing before replacing it is necessary to disconnect the on-Board network. It is possible to remove the negative terminal from the battery. Further, from the radiator poured a little antifreeze. It is necessary that the coolant overflowed when will get out the CTS.

temperature sensor coolant features

After Completing preparatory procedures, you need to get to the sensor. If inconvenience the pipe between throttle and air filter, it should be removed. To do this, detach the hose clamps with a screwdriver. Next, from the device, disconnect the terminal and its fastening. After that, take a suitable head and driver under it and twist the item, then the item is carefully removed from the seats.

Then in reverse order to install the new coolant sensor "Lada Priora". So he sat securely into place and we better take advantage of fixators. These tools are sold in any shop. After completing these steps, connect the connector, is poured into the system antifreeze or antifreeze (depending on what coolant was used before). Typically, the liquid is poured to the medium level in the reservoir. Next, check the item for operability. At 40 degrees the arrow should move.


Here's how to diagnose and replace the sensor the engine coolant temperature "priors". Price of the device is approximately 300-350 rubles. You can buy it at many auto shops. After replacing the sensor the car will be back in the ranks. Do not delay with this process. Ignoring this problem entails a lot of unpleasant moments, such as increased fuel consumption and engine operation is not in your temperature range.

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