Replacement automatic gearbox oil "Kia Sportage 3" with their hands, features and recommendations


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“Kia Sportage" 3 – one of the most popular crossovers. Machine famous for its reliability and low maintenance. But the units were long (meaning the engine and transmission) should be conducted periodically prevention, namely the oil change. About the engine, any car owner knows – this operation must be performed every 10 thousand kilometers. But about the transmission, especially automatic, knows not everyone. But it also needs oil change. What to pour and how to change it? We will tell you in our today's article.


At present, there are two methods of changing the oil in automatic box:

· Partial. In this case, the operation involves only the updating of the liquid. This option is the most simple for owners of cars with mileage (especially those who have a car is no longer under warranty). The operation is performed independently, without the aid of specialized tools. But, unfortunately, there are also disadvantages of partial dual replacement of ATF oil in the automatic transmission. The replacement does not guarantee that the fluid will be the new 100 percent. New ATF fluid is only partially mixed with the old. Therefore, this operation is performed twice in one replacement regulations.

change oil in automatic transmission Kia Sportage 3

· Complete. Here you will replace oil in automatic transmission «Kia Sportage" 3? This method involves the use of a special drilling apparatus. It connects to the box using special hoses and pressure pumps the fluid. The old oil comes out. At the same time, the system pumped new fluid. Among the advantages of this method it should be noted better service the automatic transmission. Oil change in the automatic transmission need not so often as in the case of a partial way. Because the system is filled 100 percent new fluid. But that's all the pros end. The main disadvantage of this method is that it cannot be repeated at home. Also, for a complete oil change of the automatic transmission in “Kia Sportage” 3 take a lot more ATF fluid. And it is not cheap. Well plus need to pay for the work of the masters for a HUNDRED.


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change oil in automatic transmission Kia Sportage 3 with your hands

Which method should I choose? If you are in the car «Kia Sportage” 3 oil change in automatic transmission with their hands, partial method is the only appropriate option.

What to pour and how much?

What kind of oil to use for automatic box «Kia Sportage" third generation? Experts recommend the use of original oil «Hyundai SP-4” or “Castrol Transmaks E”. As analogues can be considered “shell Spirax S4” and “Zeke S4 ATF”. Good reviews gets products from "Allison". For «Kia Sportage” suits oil «Allison C4”. Another good oil – “Dexron 3”. As for the volume, to partially replace oil in automatic transmission Kia Sportage 3 will require up to six litres of ATF fluid. If is hardware (complete) replacement, you need to prepare about twelve liters. But this method will not be considered.

automatic transmission: replace atf-oil (dual, partial replacement)

Helpful hint: car owners are recommended to replace the oil in the transmission «Kia Sportage” 3 in anticipation of winter. In this period of time it would be better if the box will work in the fresh oil. It is a bit will extend the life of tools and units automatic transmission.


For a successful replacement we need:

· a Standard set of keys and heads (in particular, “10” and “to 14”).

· Pliers (or we will weaken the hose clamp on the hose).

· Empty container for waste oil. Its volume shall be not less than five liters.

· Plastic funnel and hose.

· Liquid for cleaning the carb (it needs to handle pallet boxes).

We Also need a new gasket on the pan and the filter. Work on the replacement of the fluid necessary to produce the hole. If not, you can use a Jack, but it will be awkward.

Start work

So, first, set the car on a pit or overpass and heated box. Enough to let the machine work for 5-7 minutes at idle. This will be especially useful for fluid in cold weather. The heated oil will be less viscous and will merge with the box. And in order to make the process, you can remove the probe from the box, in order to ensure the flow of air inside.

How to replace oil in automatic transmission in the Kia Sportage

Next find a plastic tube that is at the bottom of the sump of an automatic gearbox. We turn off and immediately substitute an empty container for draining. After a couple of minutes, the liquid will cease to flow out of the box. But it is worth remembering that half of the amount still left in the torque Converter and the hydraulic unit.

Note: drain plug on the automatic transmission «Kia Sportage” is not in a convenient location. So many drivers produce plumsof fluid through the radiator hose after releasing its clamp with pliers.

Next, remove the tray itself. It is fastened by the bolt number 21. Remove the pan you need very carefully because some of the liquid (about two hundred ml) may remain in it. Upstairs will remain the oil filter. It is necessary to remove and install the new one (which we'll talk more at the end of the article). Also do not forget about the filter on the pallet. Are small magnets that hold products manufacture. Before installing the pan, you have to clean away the shavings. Not superfluous will and flushing of the cavity of the pan. How to do it? Need splash-free cleaning of the carb and wipe everything dry with a cloth. Not bad copes with it and regular gasoline. So we remove most of the emulsion and dirt that was on the bottom side. You can then safely set the pan in place. But to put on a new gasket. Old is no longer fit for reuse.

Service automatic transmission oil change of the automatic transmission

Then tighten the drain plug and using a funnel and hose, pour new fluid through the dipstick. You need to pour exactly just how much emerged from the box with replacement. Ideally the oil level should be in the middle.

What next?

Now it remains for small. Need to start the engine and drive oil in the box. To do this quickly, you can switch modes several times the automatic transmission with a delay of five seconds. Then kill the engine and again check the fluid level on the dipstick. If it was less, renewable level to the normal level.

The filter

Many believe that for long and uninterrupted operation of the automatic transmission, it is sufficient to only change the oil in it. But it is misleading. Changing ATF fluid and filter. Such boxes set of two-layer felt element. It will not be cleaned and changed entirely to a new. Why is it so important? The fact is that a clogged filter could cause the oil pressure in the box.

change oil in automatic transmission Kia Sportage 3

Because Of this, there are various kicks and jolts and delays while shifting gears. Don't forget about the sediment at the bottom of the pan. Over time, he starts to clog the channels of the hydraulic unit and solenoids. This is also possible kicks when shifting.

How often to change?

Manufacturer reglamentary next oil change in automatic transmission – 60 thousand kilometers. But it is only applicable when performing a full fluid change on the bench. If you use the partial method, this term need to reduce by half. Thus, repeated substitution (or rather update) of oil will be in 30 thousand kilometers.


So we figured out how to change the oil in the transmission «Kia Sportage”. Adhering to the given regulations and by replacing filters, you can significantly extend the life of automatic transmission without any additives. But you should not skimp on consumables. Cheap filter and oil is not a guarantee of a long resource of the transmission, even if the work is done on time.

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