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The Most famous Russian SUV production has long promised to start releasing automatic transmission. This news has interested a lot of motorists, but around the transmission in the “Patriot” still there is controversy. On the one hand, it's convenient and reliable, and on the other – quite expensive. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of UAZ “Patriot” you can read in this article.

Updated UAZ “Patriot”

In 2005 the Ulyanovsk plant started production of a fundamentally new vehicle – SUV «Patriot». It was the first car that so successfully combines comfort and traction. No wonder the new model immediately became a bestseller. The maximum speed of the “Patriot” is 150 km/h fuel Consumption per 100 km can not be called small: 16 liters, but the SUV and the SUV. The car body is made of all-metal construction that can withstand even severe damage. Thought in the development of the model and about the convenience of the driver: the steering wheel angle allows you to comfortably settle even tall drivers. And apparently UAZ “Patriot” immediately stands out among the stream of cars: attractive Exterier is not inferior to foreign producers.

UAZ patriot machine

The SUV UAZ renew every year. What innovations can be found in superior trim «Patriot» 2016-2017? First of all, it reinforced insulation. Special pads in the doors help "extinguish" the sounds from the road. Changes were made to the handlebar: now the driver can adjust not only the height but also on the flight. The most noticeable external change is the new grille. Body structure «Patriot» 2017 release, it became even stronger. Transmission even on new models “Patriot” is still mechanical. Though the manufacturer promised repeatedly to produce a model with factory automatic transmission, while the sale it has not appeared. And many drivers decide “automatic” on their SUVs.


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automatic transmission for UAZ patriot

UAZ “Patriot” with automatic transmission

The Network can meet a lot of debate on the subject of picking Oise “Patriot” machine. Many drivers are of the opinion that the vehicle with high cross-transmission, in principle, not needed. But it all depends on the goals of the owner. If most of the time you are driving on the road, it's likely better not to change anything in the original equipment and leave manual transmission. With manual control the car much better to cope with pits and potholes. In addition, the plant currently produces “Patriot” with an already installed automatic transmission. Change the item either in the garages or on their own. Whether to do it, because the replacement of such an expensive item may be costly? One can understand this by carefully analyzing all the pros and cons of “machine” in the Oise “Patriot”.

new UAZ patriot machine

The Advantages of automatic transmissions

First, you need to understand in what conditions you can successfully utilize automatic transmission to avoid overlap and troubles with management. Excels automatics in city conditions and on roads of the middle of the road, such as villages and villages. In such conditions the automatic transmission on Oise “Patriot” gives some advantages:

  • Quick acceleration to gain more speed for a few minutes.
  • Automatic transmission does not require independent selection of the operating mode of the engine. Whether urban conditions or on the road, the control system selects the optimum speed and mode of operation of the “engine”.
  • Flexible traction control automatic transmission in UAZ “Patriot” also to cope better than people. Even in conditions of rough terrain automatic transmission will not allow wheel spin.
  • Ease of driving in urban environments is especially appreciated. With automatic transmission you don't need a hundred times to squeeze the clutch and shift gears when you drive up to the next traffic light. This is one of the main advantages of the box-machine.
  • Automatic transmission reduces the risk of stalling or break detail – this advantage is especially important for beginners who just got behind the wheel.
installing the machine on the UAZ patriot


But the new Oise “Patriot” with a gun also has negative sides:

  • Higher fuel consumption compared with the mechanics.
  • The deterioration of the patency of difficult road sections. Yes, automatic transmission is definitely good in an urban environment, but off-road with it quite difficult to cope with pits, sand and “shaky” areas. Manual control still gives much more scope for manoeuvre. For example, on the machine, you will not be able to “shake” the vehicle is alternately moving back and forth.
  • The Cost of repair of automatic transmission parts are significantly more expensive.Although, for reviews of motorists, high-quality automatics rarely break, but if an accident happens, repair will cost the owner considerable sums.
  • Delay in shifting. Automatic transmission suffers from a slight delay in shifting. If you like extreme driving and fast acceleration, you would not fit this machine.

On the basis of the above-described disadvantages and advantages of very easy to draw a conclusion about what type of transmission you prefer. But many drivers are already looking forward to the market introduction of the model Oise “Patriot” with a gun.

installing the machine box on UAZ patriot

UAZ “Patriot” machine: test drive

Experts have tested the “Patriot” with automatic transmission. However, released he was not on the official plant. Since the production of “Patriots” with an automatic transmission have not yet opened, people have to install the piece yourself, or buying cars from those dealers that offer the service of installing automatic transmission. Some of these cars have been tested by experts, and here's what they found:

  • All the functionality on a converted car remains the same. Four-wheel drive modes 4H and 4L will be fully preserved.
  • Efficiency and throughput are maintained.
  • For comfort and easy controls become far higher.
  • When driving the automatic transmission the noise of the car is much smaller.

The Cost of installing an automatic transmission is about 150 thousand rubles. Official dealer UAZ picks up details of high-quality Japanese manufacturer and guarantee their replacement in case of breakdown during the year. When the UAZ will start the production of “Patriot” with an already installed machine, it will definitely be popular with motorists. This is confirmed by the responses of those drivers who have already installed automatic transmission.

Reviews motorists

Drivers installed with automatic transmission are mostly positive. If you have chosen a dealer and quality items, no problems with the transmission you have should arise. On the contrary, the new box will only please. Install the machine on a UAZ “Patriot”, though it requires a certain investment, quickly pays for itself through increased comfort and more economical fuel consumption. Some craftsmen even install the part yourself.

UAZ patriot automatic test drive

Setting the box-the machine on UAZ “Patriot” yourself

If you very much wanted automatic transmission, and funds to complete the replacement at the dealer is not enough, there is an option to change the transmission yourself. In addition to replacing the manual transmission to automatic transmission have to do a few more changes:

  • Universal joints to equalize the length.
  • Redo the heatsink under the automatic box.
  • Set the selector to the automatic transmission.

After any changes you will be able to enjoy the automatic transmission. Importantly, and treat her to be like mechanics. Smooth gear shifting, intelligent and careful will enable you for a long ride on Oise “Patriot” with a gun with no failures.

What type of transmission is still better?

If still in doubt, install the automatic transmission on your “Patriot” or not, that technical characteristics of the Ulyanovsk car with a gun:

  • Dynamic performance slightly inferior to the mechanical box.
  • But the throughput improves. The fact is that if you set box-box has to change gear ratios for down-range. Thus, the thrust of the front wheels of the vehicle is markedly improved, and thus, increases the vehicle's ability to get out of unpleasant situations.
UAZ patriot diesel automatic


Many fans of the “Patriot” looking forward to the official release of the promised models with automatic transmission. While this did not happen, many owners decide to set their own automatic transmission in your car. Do it best official dealers of UAZ, which not only put quality parts, but also provide them a guarantee. UAZ “Patriot” diesel-automatic is completely different from the normal version with the MPPP, so before buying should carefully consider the pros and cons.

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