"Mustang" Ken Block: the history of creation and design features


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The Internet has a new video about "the Mustang" Ken Block. In order to produce another series of the exclusive Gymkhana videos, had to close dozens of streets in Los Angeles. In addition, Ken Block decided to upgrade the Ford Mustang specially for this series. In this article you will learn in detail about the history of this car and its design features.

Ken Block and Hoonigan

Ford Mustang Ken Block

To create a stunning appearance, "Mustang" Ken Block experienced designers had to spend more than two weeks. The authors of this was absorbed by it. They worked day and night, creating, in their words, “exclusive and most memorable car of all time”. How do you think the majority of fans, they achieved their goal. And if you take, for example, other models that they tried to remodel, there was a limited budget. With "Mustang" Ken Block is different. Sometimes they not only had enough new ideas and imagination. The idea of designers was to fully parkostroyeniya Mustanga 1965. This car had to look not only vivid and memorable, it must contain a fighting spirit. For such a large-scale work needed to create the project, to make certain calculations, draw drawings, and the like. All this required a lot of effort and time.

Ford Mustang by Ken Block: specifications

Machine Upgrades

Took the old rally car Ford Mustang 1965. However, almost completely changed everything. Old Ford rapidly changed its appearance and technical characteristics. From ordinary rally of the beast, he more and more turned into a strong all-wheel drive monster. For processing machine the team took more than three months. The first thing to change is the body of the machine. It slightly improved and made more durable.

For this work were taken solely high-class specialists who have extensive experience in mechanical engineering. After the installation of the technical parts, full engine tuning and rechecking of all machines, the machine must be checked at the track.


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Ford Mustang by Ken Block: specifications

And only after the "Ford Mustang" Ken Block has been fully tested (not only on monitors, but on the road), was the last stage in the modernization of the machine. He concluded a installing the exhaust, painting the entire hull (including stickers and logos), as well as different technical elements needed.

"Ford Mustang" Ken Block: specifications

The Engine has been completely improved. Now, Hoonigan is a new eight-cylinder engine of the company Roush Yates 6.7-liter. Instead of 850 l/s now 1400 l/s. Gearbox Sadev six-speed, high-speed with hydraulic brakes and all-wheel drive. Exclusive pendant, from a manufacturer of Motorsport. The body is partially changed and improved with the help of the team's Ken Block - Hoonigan and RTR. Tubular frame incorporates a safety cell for the driver, door edges, and bookmarks for both suspensions. Team RTR has created a new body panels from carbon. Now "Mustang" Ken Block has gained not only a modern design but also has impressive specifications. With this car like no one rally model.

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