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The choice of winter tires for the car most drivers are looking with the utmost responsibility, because the cold time of year is replete with various hazards on the road. Good tires should possess a number of factors that allow them to behave confidently on any surface, whether asphalt or dirt road irrespective of weather conditions. In this article we will look at reviews on winter tyres “Dunlop winter ice 02”. They will help you decide whether this model is a good choice, because they write their mostly ordinary drivers who have experienced it in the harsh winter. But first, let's see the official specifications from the manufacturer.

About the model and manufacturer

Developed and produced the tire marks are “Dunlop” in the UK. It speaks in their favor because European quality standards are pretty strict and constantly encourage manufacturers to improve their models. Production is controlled by the world-famous group of companies under the leadership of Goodyear, has proved from a positive side. The company produces tyres for budget car and tires premium and specialized products for racing cars and Derby cars.

When creating a winter tire "Dunlop winter ice 02” the main emphasis was on the struggle with difficult weather conditions. So it should cope well with ice, loose and Packed snow, but to feel confident on the clean asphalt and water during thaws. To improve the coupling with the track on it are thorns. Their design, we will consider a little later.


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Testing Dunlop Winter Ice 02

Tread pattern

Designers go through innovative, creating a unique pattern for the tread of the updated model. If you look at photos of winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02”, it will fail to see the pronounced Central rib, as it gradually spreads to the entire working surface of the tyre. And the only side tread blocks stand out against this futuristic design.

Central blocks perform multiple functions. They, as usual, responsible for maintaining exchange rate stability. At rectilinear motion it is not difficult, however, during manoeuvring, shifting the center of the effort force, which includes in work units, shifted to the edges of the tire. As a result, even performed at a relatively high speed turns do not pose a threat, and the probability of falling into a skid, the car is small. Owner reviews of winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02” suggests that the Central tread elements have sufficient height to provide a good rowing characteristics while driving on a snowy surface.

The Lateral part of the pattern more familiar and represents larger units, providing a clear move in the snow, slush and dirt that may occur during the thaw.

Winter tire Dunlop winter ice 02


According to the description winter tyres “Dunlop winter ice 02" the main task of the designers during the development of the tread is striving to achieve a balance between dynamic performance and security. Thus, take the necessary measures to combat aquaplaning and slushplaning.

For effective removal of water and mud and half-melted snow provides a large number of grooves arranged at different angles to the direction of movement. So, regardless of whether the car is traveling straight or making a maneuver, optimum blagotvorenie from the contact patch with the track. Thanks to this machine does not have the ability “to go” with a sharp entry into the water.

Groove located along the entire working surface, creating additional edges on the tread blocks. The higher their size and number, the better grip with the track. And different directions to provide uniform contact under all load conditions. Thus reducing the risk of falling into a skid when driving on slippery surfaces, whether it be compacted snow or pure ice.

testing Process and Dunlop winter ice 02

Strengthening the strength of lateral blocks

Due to the occurring loads, there is a need to strengthen the tire in the shoulder area. This is necessary both to protect it from damage, and to improve rowing performance.

In the first case was used a standard solution. The side of the tire is made of more durable rubber than the working surface of the tread. In our tests of winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02”, is to protect it from possible damage that may arise from interactions with sharp objects on the road, whether it be sticking valves or just a sharp splinter of ice. A strengthened cord complements this effect, extending the tyre life and preventing the appearance of hernias on their side.

The Second question about the dynamics is solved with a small rubber jumper wires located between the tread blocks. They protect them from"bonding" under load, always leaving a wide slit between them. In result the edges are always open and working at full capacity, providing a good rowing characteristics.

The Presence of spines

According to the latest requirements to quality of tyres adopted in Europe, the number of spikes should be relatively small. That is why the manufacturer took care to place them as efficiently as possible across the entire working surface.

They have a standard shape, but the mounts have undergone structural changes, which resulted in a stronger anchorage of each ship. As the reviews say about winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02”, after going through the proper break-in rubber ready for hard use without the risk of losing all the metal prongs in the first season of use.

Spikes on Dunlop winter ice 02

Special formula of rubber compound

As mentioned above, the tire is manufactured with the use of rubber with different properties. The sides and the base is made of a firmer compound, with the necessary to maintain the shape and strength properties. This approach allows to increase the lifetime of each individual tire, protecting it from punctures and cuts and prevents the rubber becomes too soft during heavy thaw.

The working surface of the tread blocks, on the contrary, had a soft rubber capable to be elastic even in strong frosts. As a result, according to the customer reviews about winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02" coupling alignment is not lost, at “minus” behind, and the bus, despite the presence of thorns, has some properties called "stickies". In order for this layer of rubber does not wear out too quickly due to its softness, the addition of silicic acid that contribute to the connection of the individual components without loss of elasticity. This approach is used by many manufacturers of automotive rubber and has worked well for many years, receiving some changes, which further increases its effectiveness.

Tread Dunlop winter ice 02

Size chart

In order to more drivers could use this model of rubber on their cars, the manufacturer has released a all popular sizes. While the options available both for cars and for vans, powerful SUVs, SUVs and even light trucks. This is indicated by the size of the inner diameter of the tire, starting from 13 inches, for older cars and Soviet “classics”, and end with an impressive 21 inches, which can be used on cars with fast engines and a large private lot.

For each of these options is available in several common sizes, each of which has its own speed and maximum load. So when choosing, always pay attention to the requirements of the manufacturer of your car to choose the most suitable tires.

Testing Dunlop winter ice 02 ice

Positive feedback about the model

It's time to perform driving reviews and opinions about winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02” to make sure what they should buy for their car. For starters, pay attention to the positive aspects that occur most often:

  • Acceptable cost in comparison with competitors. Tyres got a price tag that allows you to purchase them as drivers of expensive cars, and the public sector, worried about its security.
  • Good rowing characteristics. rubber to cope with deep loose snow, making it a great choice for Northern regions.
  • The Presence of spines and their strength. the Spikes are indispensable helpers during the ice, and their mounts are quite reliable. According to reviews, they are either not lost at all or drop out in small quantities for the season.
  • An Acceptable level of softness. rubber retains its properties at low temperatures, but does not spread during the thaw.
  • Confident directional stability. a Special form of tire tread allows you to feel safe when driving on any surface, as well as during maneuvering in poor weather conditions.

This is not a complete list of positive aspects of this rubber, but even he inspires confidence. It is necessary to pay attention to the negative aspects available from this rubber.

Fingerprints of thorns Dunlop winter ice 02

Cons models reviews

The Main disadvantage of many drivers in their reviews about winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02” referred to high noise levels. Spikes played an important role. Therefore, with poor sound insulation may experience some discomfort during high-speed driving on the highway, especially if the pavement will be cleared of snow and ice.

Some drivers experiencing poor responsiveness to small turning on clean pavement. However, this may be a feature of their cars, not modelnumber of tires. In the rest of the negative sides of the rubber was observed.


As highlighted in the reviews about winter tires "Dunlop winter ice 02”, they are suitable for those who want to be confident in your car regardless of weather conditions. Rubber can create noise discomfort when driving, but road safety should always be above this. Still, if you like a less noisy one must look to models that do not have metal spikes.

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