Where to call if the car was evacuated? How to find out where the car was evacuated?


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From traffic violations, no one is immune. Unfortunately, most drivers don't know where to call if the car was evacuated. Meanwhile, there are certain numbers on which you can find on what kind of impound drove the car. There is a special city services tow trucks where you can tell the driver through the license plate of his vehicle, where it is distilled or has distilled. About this will be discussed further.

where to call if the car was evacuated

Where to call to Moscow?

If the car was evacuated in the capital, in the first place is to understand that there are about two dozen of stratstone. To find out what kind of Parking lot, drove transport, need to visit the website of the Administrator of the Moscow Parking space and take advantage of the special form of "Search of the car on the Parking fine". Also on the website of the center you can find the number for communication. In the contact center, you can find out where to take the car and also the traffic police Department, the employee who made the Protocol. This is useful when returning the vehicle.

Given that stratstone in Moscow quite a lot to list all of their addresses makes no sense. In any case, you will need just one specific address, which you can find on the above website. You can also call the call center: 02 or 112 from a mobile phone. So, if the car was evacuated, where to call in Moscow, we already know. But what about other cities?

evacuated the machine where to call SPb

If the car was evacuated in Saint-Petersburg

Where to call and what to do in this case? In principle, the algorithm of actions is about the same. People on the forums suggest different numbers, but get information on car number 102 mobile. Dictated by the license plate to the dispatcher, he can tell what time the transport was taken, what kind of pulled away and even tell you what to do next.


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Details can you tell the number provided on the website of the Administrator of Parking spaces of St. Petersburg.

Note that the same numbers can say that information about the evacuation of the car is missing. This may mean that the car just got stolen. But do not panic. Typically, the information in the database appears within an hour after the evacuation.

evacuated the machine where to call Moscow

There is information-dispatching service in St. Petersburg which is available in room 004. There the operator will be able to tell you where the car is and what is needed for her release. Optionally, you can specify for what kind of violation the vehicle was detained, although the answer can be assumed.

So do not have to know where the car was evacuated in St. PETERSBURG. Where to call – that's important. So make a note of just in case these phone numbers, given the heavy workload the Russian roads to Park the car often in the wrong place.


If your car was evacuated to Tyumen, and where to call you don't know, just act according to the standard algorithm. Dial 102 and report the situation. Manager if there is information in the database explain everything in detail and will give you the address of the impound yard and the Department of traffic police where you will need to obtain permission in order to pick up your car.

evacuated the machine where to call Ekaterinburg

If the number 102 does not help, you can call the offices of the following stations:

  1. Veteran.
  2. Victoria.
  3. "Roadside assistance".

The Actual numbers of these stops you can always find on the Internet, or update the reference service of the city. If calling from a mobile, you must dial the area code (3452).


If in Khimki evacuated the car, the back is already possible to prepare 6,000 rubles, of which 4,500 rubles will have to pay for transportation of machines, 1500 – during in the impound. The penalty will also have to pay for it. But if the car was evacuated in Khimki, where to call?

The easiest way to dial the helpdesk of Parking spaces in Moscow, or visit their website and take advantage of the special form of the search car. There's also an option to call a number of the main car pound in Khimki, which changes frequently. So to find the actual number on the official website of the impound yard.

evacuated the machine where to call Tyumen

As for the General phone number 112, the practice shows that the search of the car greatly delayed, if to use it.

Other cities

So now we know where to call if the car was evacuated. Given that in many Russian cities, specify all phone numbers is almost impossible. But no matter what city, the car is not taken to the Parking lot, you can safely dial 112 and further to describe the situation to the operator. It will either indicate the number of stratstone themselves, or help to determine if the transport was taken in tow. There you can specify the part of the traffic police, the inspector who made the Protocol.

112 is the universal number for all cities. Therefore, if the car was evacuated in Yekaterinburg, where to call you now I know.


So, to return your car you need:

  1. Call the above numbers.
  2. To Clarify the information from the Manager. In particular need to know what the violation was detained the vehicle, what is the address of the impound yard and the room of the traffic police.
  3. Contact the office of the traffic police and find out how you can return your car.
  4. To Obtain permission from the traffic police for the issuance of transport.
  5. To Come to the impound lot with the following documents: resolution on the issuance of TS, STS, driver's license or passport.
  6. You Need to pay for towing and Parking. In that case, if the machine fails to pick up on the same day, then pay for the Parking place is not necessary. Only at the end of the day is charged a penalty for the storage of vehicles in the impound lot.


We found out where to call if the car was evacuated. But drivers often face certain problems. Some complain that after transport of the car was missing money or personal items.

Khimki evacuated the machine where to call

And although this is very rare, unscrupulous police is always there. Prevent it is virtually impossible, however, if you find the inspector with the preparation of the Protocol and the possibility to drive the car (which is allowed) you do not, then you need to follow the preparation of the Protocol. Alternatively, you can list the Protocol all personal belongings in the cabin at the time of his arrest.

This document Also needs to describe the state of the vehicle body. And if the car is intact, the police should be recorded in the minutes. If, after the payment of all fines will be found that struck the vehicle during transportation, then pay for the service repair company, which evacuated the car. But if the Protocol was not recorded damage, there is nothing to prove the driver is not able, and for the repairs he will have to pay. It is therefore not enough to know where to call if the car was evacuated, it is important to understand the whole process and account for its subtleties.

In conclusion

In large cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg are often nowhere to Park, so you have to choose a Parking spot not complying with the requirements of the SDA. So do not be surprised if suddenly you will not find your transport. Taking into account the amounts sometimes have to pay for the service of evacuation and simple machines in the garage, you should always keep in mind the car if your friend parked in the wrong place. If I saw next to his car inspector or car traffic, it is better to go to your transport and overtake it to another place. In this case, you will have to pay only a fine, but not the services of car transportation.

If the car was evacuated, where to call in SPB, Moscow and other cities of Russia driver is not obliged to know. Suffice it to room 112, on which you can learn any information about the evacuation of the vehicle, or the numbers of stratstone. In General, in terms XXI century, when every phone has high-speed Internet, room to find out the impound lots or duty of the Department of traffic police in the city will not make special problems.


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