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In our huge country, almost every third adult is in the car. And the roads go a variety of machines. Sedans, station wagons, crossovers, premium and business class, budget models… there is a fair question: "what are the most sold cars in Russia?" It is much interesting to know. And that is to give an answer to this question.

top selling cars in Russia

Record holder

Based on recent statistics, it became clear that the most sold car was the native of South Korea. And it's cheap and quite attractive. "Hyundai Solaris”. It can be called a national car. He even stands in the ratings by the selling above budget “Lada Grants". But this car made in Russia!

However, such results are justified. “Solaris” – a machine that you can buy for a really modest sum. Only 535 900 rubles in the base set! For the new car not so much. Under the hood it is 1.4-liter 107-horsepower engine powered 5-band “mechanics”. Version hatchback, by the way, cheaper. The maximum configuration will cost about 730 000 p. Under the hood of this model is the 1.6-liter 123-horsepower engine and 6-speed “machine”. Disperse hundreds takes 11.5 seconds and the maximum that can issue this model – 190 km/h. Consumption is not very big-less than 5 liters on the highway and 7.6 in the city. Ground clearance is acceptable for our roads (16 cm), and the boot-470 litres. In the basic configuration there is power, EBD and ABS, airbags, immobilizer, Central locking, external temperature sensors, 4 speaker audio, air ducts, tinted and power Windows. In General, everything you need for a comfortable ride.


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machines from Germany

Other members of the top 5

So the first leader was named. What are the rest of the most sold cars in Russia? Second place is “Kia Rio”. This sedan is in its basic configuration costs only 549 900 rubles. And the hatchback – 30 thousand more. Maximum grade (premium) increases the price to 820 000 p. the characteristics are all the same as that of the above-mentioned “Solaris”.

Third place goes to the domestic “Lada Granta”. Is this machine a total of 360 000 p. Under the hood it is 82-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, driven 5-speed manual transmission. In the luxury configuration the machine will be worth approximately half a million.

In fourth place – “Lada Largus”. Costs about 500 000 rubles Characteristics are identical to “Grant”, only is the motor powerful 2 HP

And in the fifth place – “VW Polo". This sedan in the basic configuration costs about 520 Tr Cars from Germany have always been popular because they are known for their impeccable quality. And here Polo is not an exception.

car market

French representatives

All of today well-known company "Reno". And the machine produced its also the most sold cars in Russia. These include the model “Logan”. Worth about 420 thousand rubles. Under her hood is a 82-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, driven by a 5-speed manual transmission. “Logan” loved by many due to the dynamic set speed, soft the go and overall a pleasant interior.

Crossover "Duster" is about 600 thousand rubles. Under his model comes with a 1.6-liter 114-horsepower engine. The car is front wheel drive. This model in the maximum configuration (with the automatic transmission and the Assembly 143 HP) will cost about 965 000 p. There is, by the way, a diesel option. 109 "horses", 1.5 liters in volume and a 6-speed manual transmission. Is this model 846 000 p.

And of course, talking about the most sold cars in Russia, not to mention the attention of “Renault Sandero”. It costs about 400 000 p. Under the hood is a 1.2-liter 75-horsepower engine, controlled 5-band “mechanics”.


If you carefully study the car market, it is possible to see how many now produce SUVs and cars of the raised passableness. Indeed, the SUVs have become very popular lately. And one of the best selling machines of this class in Russia is, oddly enough, “Lada 4x4”. In the basic configuration it costs 435 thousand rubles. Maximum luxury – 21 T. R. more. There is another version of the LADA 4 × 4 Urban. It will cost about 480 Tr But on every model I put the same unit – 1.7 liters and 83 HP Distinctive feature – all-wheel drive, which can be understood from the name model.

Following by the selling comes to Chevrolet Niva. The cost of this machine is 540 T. R. And in the maximum configuration-645 Tr That first, that second version is the same 1.7-liter 80-horsepower engine. The car is not very economical-it consumes about 11 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.

sale car

Popular sedans

Sales Statistics says that among the most selling cars is still and “choice”. In the basic configuration it costs about 410 thousand rubles. Maximum speed and acceleration is not very inspiring (168 km/h in 12.2 seconds and up to hundreds), but the consumption is small – 7 liters per 100 km in mixed mode. In addition, there is another version with automatic transmission. Also popular is the “prior". Its price – 435 000. Under the hood it is a 106-horsepower 1.6-liter engine.

To buying sedans is true “Nissan Almera" 567 Tr 102-horsepower 1.6-liter unit. Maximum speed-185 kilometers per hour and acceleration to hundreds-for 10,9 s. Consumption is also not bad – 7.2 liters in the combined cycle.

Popular in Russia are business sedan

Even the Russians often buy the model "Toyota Camry" 1 295 000 RUB. And Yes, even the price is not so small, as is the case with all the other aforementioned cars, but it's worth it! Looks “Toyota" presentable, but under the hood it is a 150-horsepower 2-liter engine with a 6-band “machine”. In the maximum configuration it will cost about 1 880 000 R. it Should be noted that then it will be aggregated with 249-horsepower 3.5-liter engine. These new cars in Russia to meet quite often.

brand cars in Russia

The Middle score in the list

On the ground top, remote from the first, are very good, reliable and powerful cars. And they are located in the middle of the list because there are not as cheap as the above. But the quality and characteristics are clearly superior.

The car Market is crowded with Korean cars. And one of the most popular is the Hyundai ix35. Its value in the base set is 1 200 000 R. This machine has a 2-liter 150-HP engine and 6-band “mechanics” plus front-wheel drive.

Following by the selling goes “car”, which will have to give 730 T. R. It is equipped with 128-horsepower engine 2.7 liter volume. Maximum speed-150 km/h, and consumption – 11,5 litres per 100 kilometres in mixed mode. Is there a diesel version – called “limited” over a million rubles. In this case, the machine is equipped with engine capacity of 2.2 liters and output of 114 HP

Another popular “Skoda rapid”. Selling cars of this model in recent times is very active. And many really like this attractive car. Especially in a complete package. It is, however, about 870 000 rubles, but the 125-HP engine and a 7-band “automatic” with a pleasant flow of 5.8 liters can not but rejoice.

Datsun on-DO – another popular sedan. And cheap! Just 406 000 p. In fact – the same “author”. But the French firm's bigger so it holds a place closer to top rankings.

new cars in Russia

Expensive cars

But now is the time to list the models that can confidently be called expensive. First, this Mazda CX-5 for 1 770 000 rubles, with a diesel 2.2-liter, 175-horsepower engine and 6-speed “machine”. All-wheel drive, a top speed of 197 km/h and a consumption of only 6.2 liters. Let the car stand and a couple of hundred thousand, but her performance is captivating.

Talking about the most popular car brands in Russia, we cannot forget "Toyota". Previously, it has already been said. But here is the model Land Cruiser Prado it is necessary to mark individual attention. Nearly 3 500 000 worth of 7-seater luxury version, very popular in Russia.

KIA Sportage – too often the purchased machine. 150 HP, 6-band “machine”, to a maximum of 185 km/h and a consumption of 8.5 litres per 100 km And need about 1 580 000 p.

Is Actively selling cars under the name “Mitsubishi Outlander”. Under the hood it ...

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