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Carmaker Toyota in the distant 1990, she released the Land Cruiser 80 – the best SUV ever produced by this company rocks the entire market of 4x4 cars. Despite decent age, “TLK 80” in its technical characteristics superior to many modern crossovers. In the years since the release of the car, did not diminish its popularity among motorists who value power, reliability and quality.


The Main difference between a Land Cruiser – large size. The manufacturer for this vehicle did not regret consumables, which is a huge advantage. The biggest car of the entire line of Toyota called attractive difficult – externally best SUV of the company is reminiscent of an army transport. However, despite its heaviness, it looks very solid, occupying very much space on the road.

TLK 80

Fans of the off-road will appreciate the “TLK 80”. The car's wheels have a special tread pattern, significantly increasing throughput on difficult sections of the road. The body is somewhat raised above the frame and along the right post of the windshield is a snorkel. The trunk is placed on the roof and designed for transportation of bulky cargo. On the rear door is equipped with a ladder that facilitates lifting the roof of the car.

Externally, the Land Cruiser looks angular and massive bumper “TLK 80” gives him of brutality and masculinity. Thin and smooth lines not here – this brand men's car with a tough, clear strokes.


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The interior of the “TLK 80” designed to be high enough level. Every detail has been carefully thought out, all the necessary appliances are at your fingertips. The interior is completely made of black plastic of high quality. According to owner reviews, even by accident many years operating details remain completely silent and stable.

Best SUV

We should also mention informative and user-friendly dashboard. Engine temperature, fuel level marked on it. The downside is the lack of a tachometer, to complain that many drivers. The gear lever is very comfortable for the driver and easy to use.

Petrol engine

Gasoline power plant «TLK 80” was developed with all the requirements of the SUV car lovers. The engine has a long working life, reliability and high build quality. Produced two six-cylinder engine capacity of 4.5 liters and 24 valves: carburetor and fuel injection.

Bumper TLK 80

Power carburetor of the power unit is 197 horsepower. The absence of a catalyst and low enough compression allows to fill the car with fuel with an octane number equal to 92. While its quality does not play a role that can be considered a plus for those motorists who travel long distances. But, however, there is a fly in the ointment: a rather complicated structure of the carburetor requires once in a year and a half of disassembling and cleaning the entire system which results in quite a tidy sum.

Power injector of the engine slightly higher and amounts to 205 horsepower. This model is very capricious, and require only 95-octane gasoline of high quality. However, it has its pros: good fuel injection system and a long service life (about 200 thousand kilometers).

In principle, the petrol engine in service are not particularly roads, however, it is necessary to prepare for high fuel consumption: 20-25 liters per hundred kilometers. This gluttony, however, is understandable: after all, bridges “TLK 80” and its power to oblige. The engine is noiseless and features a smooth move, but for quality work requires regular replacement of oil, filters and plugs. These operations are conducted typically once per 100 thousand kilometers, while turning and replacement of drive belts. Every 40 thousand, according to the notes themselves, owners of Land Cruiser, it is necessary to clean the radiator and change the antifreeze.

Diesel engine

Set to “TLK 80" diesel – a six-cylinder engine volume of 4.2 liters, which is like a turbo-blowing and atmospheric.

European markets were delivered a car with atmospheric engine capacity of 136 horsepower, however, the domestic markets could be found, the model 130 horsepower, which was designed for diesel not of the highest quality.

Bridges TLK 80

The Turbocharged diesel has good dynamic characteristics and capacity of 167 horsepower. Up to hundreds of kilometers, the car accelerates in 12.3 seconds, maximum speed is 170 km/h.

Land Cruiser with a diesel engine is very widespread in Russia thanks to the simplicity of service, reliability, build quality and ability to "digest" domestic fuel.

Feature diesel “TLC” is the presence of two batteries, capacity of the counter or spiral filament network, whereby there are no problems with the engine at low temperatures. In winter it is advisable to use antigenemia special additives that will allow to avoid many troubles. The manufacturer also recommends that every 20 thousand kilometers of mileage, change the fuel filter – this precaution will prolong the service life of the high pressure pump.


Despite the large size and weight, the Land Cruiser boasts excellent dynamics and handling – it is easily included even in hairpin turns. At a speed of 120 km/h machine confidently holds the road and obey the driver. Provided is a pretty powerful steering, however, he practically “transparent” because of the front driving wheels. At speeds exceeding 100 km/h you can feel the jet strengthening the helm.

Wheels TLK 80

Powerful suspension significantly softens the vibrations and imperfections of the road surface. Even when hit by serious pits for the driver and passengers, all confined to the smooth rocking “TLC”.

According to the opinion of many motorists, specifications Land Cruiser designed and fitted to allow the car to feel confident on the road and in the city. Installed dampers can be controlled that allows you to adjust the suspension to fit the individual characteristics of driving.

Package contents

Initially the Land Cruiser 80 was produced in several trim levels ranging from basic “army” of the car and finishing a comfortable and even luxurious SUV.

The simplest build is considered a STD – the perfect vehicle for hunting or fishing. There is no electronics, this truck is simplified to a minimum. Not even the ABC system, which, incidentally, is afraid of the mud itself. Included is air conditioning, mechanical winch and radio. The interior is upholstered in vinyl that is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

GX – a more comfortable set, but without unnecessary frills. Exterior of the car boasts of moldings and with chrome, the interior is complemented by air conditioning, electric pack and sunroof. Upholstery fabric is already on the floor – carpet.

TLK diesel 80

Prestige and luxury can be called a version of VX that includes all possible options that enhance comfort. The salon is decorated either velour or leather, the exterior acquires alloy wheels.


At the moment you can only purchase a used car Land Cruiser, and its cost may vary depending on model year and General condition. Minimum price-300 thousand, the maximum – around 700 thousand rubles for the last years of production of the model.

The Owners «TLK 80” notice that the cost of this miracle is fully justified by the quality. Despite the impressive mileage, the car is very reliable.

Reliable design

The basis of the Land Cruiser 80 is fully dependent suspension, characterized by ruggedness, durability and long life. Silent blocks wear out over time, which leads to the feeling that the car is “floats” on the way, however, their replacement shall be held not more than 180 thousand kilometers. Shock absorbers, springs and tie rods to be replaced is not needed.

Tuning TLK 80

“TLC” virtually no weaknesses, especially if properly care for him. However, to find a decent car at the moment is – the few who do are watching their vehicles, especially if it would be operated in off-road conditions.


This car requires a lot of time, money and effort. By the way, tuning «TLK 80”: generally, if the machine is used for the Tr...

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