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Sooner or later the oil reserves around the world will come to an end. Of course, this is unlikely to happen tomorrow, but today fuel prices based on crude oil increased significantly. This fact has become a good incentive for developers who are engaged in the invention of the fuel of the future. Besides, it should not be just fuel, and, preferably, renewable fuel. Many believe that the car on hydrogen. Let's see whether this is so.

The fuel of the future

About this fuel long ago wrote in his adventure novels by the famous writer Jules Verne. In one of his novels on the theme of alternative energy source, the writer said that the product for energy will become regular water. And so it happened. Yes, this is not on hydrogen

Water, but rather, one of its components - hydrogen is not only the first chemical element. It is also the energy source of the future. And imagine this future is very close.

Today the Japanese company produces engines that run only on that fuel. Car on hydrogen from «Toyota» - the world's first production car equipped with this engine.

The Car is a sedan with four doors. It includes an electric motor with a capacity of 151 HP, You ask, what is the hydrogen, because the electric motor? Let's face it.

Technology «Toyota's Mirai”

The electric motor is powered by a special Converter. And he gets energy directly from hydrogen. Gas contained in the tanks of the car under high pressure. Tanks made of carbon fibers.hydrogen generator for car


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But the reaction still requires oxygen. Yes, it is. The machine gets oxygen directly from the radiator while driving. One refueling of two tanks of hydrogen would be enough to overcome the car to 480 km and Refueling takes just 3 minutes. For a given time in a machine tanks will filled with 170 gallons of gas. The average car on hydrogen consumption will be about 4.7 liters per 100 km.

How it works?

When hydrogen reacts with oxygen there is a rapid chemical reaction which produces electrical energy. It is stored in the battery. The vehicle is driven by a synchronous AC motor.

Specifications of “Japanese”

Maximum speed, which is capable machine on hydrogen, is 180 km/h To 100 km the car can accelerate in just 9 seconds.

Except for “Japanese” you can go and not to cause harm to the environment, also this car can be used at home as a power plant. Engineers and designers who took part in the development of new products, claim that using such a system, current is supplied to the entire house. Thus, you can enjoy free electricity for 5 days.

Discounts on fuel for buyers

The people of Japan and the United States who purchase a car on hydrogen, you will get great discounts and free refills of their machines. The authors of the grandiose project are confident that they will succeed. However, other automakers are not sitting idly by. And soon, consumers can obtain a large range of cars on alternative fuel.

The Great and terrible

The fact that hydrogen can become the number 1 alternative fuel, say for a long time. Before the economic crisis back in 2008 the media were constantly printing stories about how well you can use the power of on hydrogen with their hands

Any car on hydrogen was considered a breakthrough, and its creators have built almost in the face of the saints. Unprepared readers and enthusiasts have confidently believed that a real breakthrough, but I must say that it is not.

150 years ago

The Real situation is a little different from what they write in blogs dealing with alternative energy. Hydrogen as such has been used for nearly 150 years. Car on hydrogen helped win the war.

The first internal combustion engine on such fuel was built by Lenoir in 1860. Then, in 1942, happened rather a mass transfer of all the automotive technology is hydrogen the energy source.

It happened in the siege of Leningrad. Initially, hydrogen was used in air defense systems for the balloons. However, the great Russian engineers managed to change the situation.

How was it?

Airbus used to protect the city. These, filled to the brim with hydrogen, the flying objects made of rubber did not allow the fascist planes to conduct aimed fire on the city.

However, rubber air protection had one huge drawback. Due to the fact that the shell of the aircraft was missing the gas, Airbus declined. Instead of hydrogen, its place was occupied by the different water vapor and other gases. So sometimes Airbus lowered to the ground, to pit and ran again.

Refills Airbus used the winch and a gasoline truck GAZ AA. And in a blockade of gasoline cost in Leningrad very expensive. The war had depleted the reserves, and Boris Selic, who was then a military technician, were just at a gas station most of these Airbuses. So. Did not the gasoline that is all. He tried to use for launching flying bodies electric hoist. However, it soon ended and electricity. Have tried many different alternative energy sources.hydrogen car from Toyota

Once the military technician thought that the hydrogen can be used differently than just off into the sky. After all, the heat that produces the gas at combustion is 4 times higher than from coal, 3% from gasoline and other petroleum products. Selic asked permission to experiment, and he signed it. Needless to say that there was a car on hydrogen?

Working Principle

Schema the scientist was reduced to joining Airbus with a hose to the front manifold of the car engine. Hydrogen got directly into the cylinders, bypassing the carburetor. The dosage of the hydrogen and for the reaction of the air is performed using the throttle or pedal “gas”.

The First experiments of Selec spent in the cold. The engine starts easily, despite the outside temperature. The motor worked consistently and for a long time. However, the balloons exploded, and the concussion Silica. After this was invented a special system of protection. It is based on a water gate, which excluded the fire mix with the outbreaks in the manifold of the engine. So the car on hydrogen has become safer.

By the Way, after one of the engines was disassembled, there are practically no signs of wear. Cylinder had no carbon, and the exhaust gas was only water vapor.

The Hydrogen saves lives

Invented so the machine on the hydrogen during the war helped to save many lives, to survive the blockade, and Selic received for this development award, and even patented it. The developer was awarded a red Star.

The Hydrogen taxi

After the war, when hydrogen is already had nowhere to get it, began to forget. However, some people still remember how in Ukraine, in Kharkov, worked as a taxi but not easy, and hydrogen.

Save money with brown's gas

car on hydrogen in the Russian

Even In the most modern automotive internal combustion engines fuel burns not optimal. About 60% of a mixture of air and fuel is simply lost in the bowels of the exhaust manifold. In the collector, the mixture does not burn completely, and thus also forms a rather toxic exhaust gases.

You Can use a hydrogen generator. This is a brand new equipment, which will significantly save on fuel in the car. Most of these devices have a standard concept. However, hydrogen generator for cars of different manufacturers may have some differences.

Hydrogen as a fuel additive wanted to use for a long time. But then there were systems that optimize the fuel mixture and the so-called brown gas, which was fed into the cylinders.

Hydrogen Generator for car applies the principle of electrolysis. The water here is used as a catalyst. But it does not decompose into two components-oxygen and hydrogen. Modern generators use nothing like brown's gas. Is hydrogen a brown or green color. Sometimes called water gas or oxyhydrogen. Formula it HHO. It differs in that it is completely safe and does not explode. Besides all of the gas that will be produced, will fully enter the cylinders.

Such generators consist of a device that produces electrolysis, and capacity. The process of electrolysis is controlled by a special modulator. In injection engines, the design also provides for the optimizer. It allows you to automatically adjust the ratio of the sweep of the air and fuel with brown's gas.

Types of catalysts

The Device, which are used in electrolytic cells, are simple, with a divided cell and dry-type.

In the first case, the cell has the simple and rather primitive design. Management is also very simple. The device is capable of delivering up to 0.7 l of gas per minute. He...

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