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Often on various forums dedicated to autoamatic, complaints can be found car owners on tap at the steering wheel. In this case, often the best solution is to replace the steering rack. Let's look at how this detail, typical malfunctions, discuss repair options.

How does the control gear?

This item performs the functions of connection between the wheel and the wheels of the car. With this details the force from the steering wheel is transmitted to wheels of the vehicle, and as a result, the car rotates.

The Reducer coupled to the wheels via rods and lugs. This is a detail of the gear drive. Gear which is fixed on the column shaft, is in engagement with the teeth on the rail. When the shaft rotates, the gear moves this scalloped detail to the side.

In most cases, the design of the control gear consists of a shaft, seals, dust boots, o-rings. You can see the steering rack. Photos can be seen below.replace steering rack

Typical fault

In first place among the failures is a knock. That is the ugliest and the most unpleasant for the enthusiast of them all the sounds heard from under the front axle of the vehicle. Initially, this knock is barely noticeable, but then its intensity increases continuously. Then, after a time the knocking radiates to the arms. After a few months riding on rough roads becomes like death. The steering wheel jerks in the hands, like a wounded animal.

Interestingly, this is manifested only by small road bumps. But the deep pit the car quiet. This is the first indication that the necessary repair steering rack.

Another popular symptom – tight mechanism. It happens that the wheel runs very tight in one direction only. After a short Parking lot under the car you can see the oil puddle and the characteristic hum in the Gur. All of this signals to the fact that soon the car will become impossible to manage. This applies to hydraulic mechanisms. The cause of such faults are seals that had deteriorated.


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There is another fault. This is the backlash. You can feel it with your hands. The steering wheel can freely go to the right and to the left when driving at a low speed. It certainly loses sharpness and sensitivity reactions to the impact driver. Among the reasons for this can highlight the broken angles of the teeth of gear and pinion, vertical looseness in the bearing, worn bushings and other mechanical damage. Here is the best solution – replacement of the steering rack.

Has isolated the poor return of the steering wheel in the Central neutral position. It is probably a deformed shaft, the gear itself, or its Carter.

Self diagnosis

In order to accurately know whether you will need a complete replacement of the steering rack, or you can do a simple repair, you should spend the small diagnostic measures. It is simple to carry out with their hands.

The Repair and adjusting you can do in that case, if you hear regular knock. For diagnostic procedures you will need the dismantling of the steering wheel. You then pull the shaft up and down. If there is a distinct movement, it means that in the pinion bearing missing grease.

You can verify the level of contact of a gear and gear reducer, as well as a possible backlash in the hub. This is done using a fairly reliable grip, and the place where it joins the rod. This is done as follows. repair of steering rackFind the Junction under the hood and pull the shaft. If the movements slow, the nodes loose, it's not scary. If all these actions are accompanied by a terrible screech and thud, then – it's not good. Inevitable repair steering rack.

You Have three options to save the details and return your car handling. steering rack photoThe acquisition of kit and self-repairs, journey, HUNDRED, and there is one more radical decision-to replace the steering rack entirely with all the giblets.

If there is a certain amount of money, then of course it is best to install a completely new item. The restoration of a HUNDRED will be a little cheaper, but the warranty, how much is enough gear, – no. Self-repair is cheaper, but requires that you purchase a repair kit. Expensive replacement steering rack? The price for this work for the Vase is 1500 R, plus add to this another price for a new part. Turns round sum.

Bushing steering gearbox

Gear has a special bushing. If you feel a significant increase in effort to turn the steering wheel, if you have noticed drips from the mechanism if the steering wheel is transmitted clearly knocks when the wheel has play then you will need to replace the steering rack bushing.

The Process of replacing

Professionals in the repair of vehicles is not recommended to perform self-repairs of such a plan, because this mechanism has a complicated structure, and some operations might need a specific tool. We won't listen to professionals. After all repair work using a simple set of tools, which easily find in any garage and repair kit.

Repair kit consists of boots and seals, hose clamps, crimped ring.

How to disassemble the rack?

To Perform this work alone is very difficult. This work should be done with a friend, neighbor, anyone. Partner needed in the first steps. Then it will need dismantling and disassembly of the steering mechanism.

The First thing you need to remove right tire, but better the wheel completely. replacement bushing steering rackIn the next step remove the nut from the tip. If the nut is difficult, try to soak it in WD-40. Next turn the wheel fully to the left.

So, using a flat screwdriver gearbox have to be removed from the rods. To work comfortably, you should slightly lift the car. In the next step, remove the plastic plug and Unscrew the lock nut. Retaining rings should also be removed, and then you can remove the shaft and stuffing box bottom. The upper seal can be retrieved only after it is dismantled, the pin that holds it.

After all these steps, removed the snap ring, then the gear, and now it is easy and just removed the plastic bushing and seal.

Components will be in mud and oil, so you must take them thoroughly clean. After cleaning you can inspect and survey. The bushing should be replaced necessarily, if it is seriously done. The bushing usually fails due to corrosion processes.

Model sleeve

It is not difficult, but it does not always work the first time. You need to work carefully. To put a fresh bushing in a seat not too comfortable. This housing part has a semicircular flat shape. Here in this form and need to get a special “ears” on the sleeve. It is more convenient to do together. Partner can run the wheel – then the item will go easier.

After mounting the bushing should be well missed. You can use a special tool or just use ordinary petroleum jelly. Then, after Assembly and installation of traction, joints it is also require ample lubrication.

Replacement steering rack boot

This little detail prevents this mechanism of water, dirt and dust. replace steering rack bootAs you use this duster can come into disrepair, for example, break - then it needs to change. To understand that this protective casing is torn, is not always obtained. In order to make sure that the boot is intact, turn the steering wheel fully to the right and explore our item. Then – same, but turn to the left.

The steering Wheel should be rotated because it is driven by the thrust and detail of the gearbox. Together with these elements to deform and the protective cover.

So, try to replace the item without dismantling. replacement steering rack priceTo do this, remove the air filter, so he then didn't bother us. Also disconnect the pipe to drain the water. Now remove the protection mechanism. This is easily done by twisting a few nuts M10.

Then the key 20 remove pull and remove them, Unscrew the clamp that secures the mechanism to the car body. They will bite ties with the extreme sides of the boot and remove it.

Now the stage of purification. Everything should be clean and thoroughly lubricate. You can use CV joint grease, petroleum jelly or graphite grease. Before you put a new boot, grease it inside. He moves with rods. Put it on the rail and make sure it moves freely. Then twist it back.

Replacement steering rack 2110-th Vase

The example of VAZ 2110 see how you will replace this design. To remove the rail – it is the simplest part of the job. replacement steering rack 2110To do this, Unscrew the bolt that secures the clutch. You'll find it under the pedals. Here you will need the key 13. On – go through into the engine compartment. Here Unscrew the nuts...

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