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So, today we will talk with you about how to view "Contact" guests. It is quite useful and interesting feature, especially if you know how to use it. There are many ways that can help you to implement this idea.

Why you need

Well, we'll start with, let's try to guess why do we need a function, which we now learn how to use. If you are thinking about how to view "Contact" guests, most of all, you become interested to reveal the visitors of your to view in contact the guests

Actually, this feature helps to identify desirable and undesirable guests, and also to restrict access to some users. So, this is a very useful feature. However, sometimes it can be considered useless. Let us rather try to figure out how to view "Contact" guests and, in General, is there such a facility available to all users.


Of Course, if we asked any question, we have considered function. The first method through which you can learn who has viewed our page is "Guests in "Contact"". It's simple enough to download, install and use. Enter your username and password, and then browsing to your visitors.

But should be treated with individual care to this application. The thing is that this method cannot be called completely safe. A variety of programs that extend the functions of social networks, most of them are viruses and are able to hack your account. Therefore if you are thinking about how to find guests in "Contact", and the security threats you are not afraid - you can use this method. And we'll move on to more gentle methods, which are able to help us.program guests in contact


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The First method that we can use (of safe) is, of course, a special application for the social network. It's called "Guests and fans of" in "Contact".

In order to enable you to see who visited your profile, simply specify the address you have installed applications to your visitors passed along this link. Only in this case, you will be able to see the guests page.

For Example, you can insert a link in a text and publish it. Or just write it in the "web address". After you interest the user and make his "mark", you will be able to view all users visiting your profile. However, it is not all the ways that you can use. Let's try to understand what can still help us in our idea.

Special services

If you are thinking about how to view "Contact" guests, of course, many users may recommend you find the so-called specialized sites that offer services to provide list of to know the guests in contact

Naturally, many are interested in this case. From you are asked to provide your username, sometimes, password plus to pay for the service. Once you do, you promise to provide a list of profile visitors. For example, it with some frequency will be sent to you by e-mail.

Don't get too excited and think that this is what you will be able to use this service how to view "Contact" guests. Often such actions can be equated to the hackers. You just give the crooks the money, and the service you will never have. In addition, you can simply hack and steal the account. Agree, not the best outcome. However, many users still stubbornly leads to such a Scam. Especially if the desire to know the visitors is quite high.


Why can't you use some more generic tools that are provided by the social network "Vkontakte"? In fact, the website cannot allow its users to view profiles of those who visited the page.

Instead, everyone has a great opportunity to see some statistics, which refers to the visitors and guests. There you will be asked to watch age of the audience that has viewed the profile, gender and even country. In addition, each user can also see the number of views his account. This is quite an interesting thing. Now we will learn how you to use it.guests and fans in contact

Go to your profile and then look at the inscription under the audio recordings. There will be displayed the string "Statistics". Click on it and then see what you get. You will pop up a window that will help you understand who is looking at your page. Here you will see how many men and women visiting your page, as well as statistics on attendance days. There is a separate schedule. As you can see, nothing complicated.

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