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Today "Minecraft" is a real masterpiece, which became the ancestor of the computer game in the genre of "sandbox". What does it mean? It is actually quite simple - the genre means that the game will take place in an open world, where you have to interact with almost all elements of the world, to design, to design, to create, and so on. Most often in these games there is not a specific goal, that is, you are in the middle of an uncharted world, and your task - to survive there. In single player you will of course have to do it yourself, but this process is seriously exciting and passionate, that you can spend many hours studying the surrounding world. However, if you get bored, you can gain new experiences from the same game - trying to play a game "Minecraft" over a network. It would seem that the project is the same - but it will be different.

Server Selection

minecraft network

So, first and foremost, if you want to play a game "Minecraft" over a network, you need a specific server on which you are going to spend their time. Of course, you can create your own server, but it will take much more time and will require major efforts on the creation of servers, and on his promotion, so there was a lot of people, not just you. So go on the Internet and find the server that will be interesting for you - it can be a standard world in which you will do the same thing, only in the company of other characters, but it can also be themed server that will be dedicated to all things can only be played online - the middle ages, vampires, future and so on. In General, the choice is yours. When you decide which server you want to stop and play "Minecraft" over a network, you can go directly to the action.


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Server Address

minecraft online with a friend

If you want to play "Minecraft" over a network, you will need to connect to the selected server. On the Internet page of look for his address IP and he will be key to your access there. Copying it, you need to enter the game, choose multiplayer and find there the button "Add server". After clicking on it you will see the line to which you want to enter the copied IP address. So you add desired server to the list. If you want to play Minecraft online with a friend, then you also need to provide him with this address that he sent it and you can connect to the same server, and were not looking for each other all over the Internet.

Connect to server

 minecraft 2 on the network

Many people ask whether it is possible to play "Minecraft 2" on the network? You should start with the fact that the second part of this game do not exist, it is only an April fool's joke, which was issued by the developers for the sequel. In this version, of course, to play on the network will not work - you will need a normal client in Minecraft to connect to the server. But before that check whether your version of the client that required on the server. If a discrepancy is found, then most likely you will not be able to connect to the server - you will receive an error message. If the versions match, then you can do a double click on a saved address - this will take you straight into the game world, where you will be able to play "Minecraft" online with other gamers.

Registration and login

You are logged on to the server, but so far nothing can do what the cause of this trouble? You should not worry, because it is just that you are yet in this world a visitor. To become a full member you need to register. To do this, use the console, you need to register the command register, after which the password and then repeat it for reliability. That's all - now you are a full member of the server and have full access to it, you can do what you did in a single game and that makes the gamers around you.

minecraft online

But notice that every now and again you will appear to the server as a guest. And if you want to play, not just to contemplate, you will need to login - use the Login command, after which you need to enter the password you specified during registration.

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