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The Question about how the game "Avataria" get gold free, of concern to many players in this application. The fact is that without it you can not play normally. The most interesting and useful in the game, of course, bought it for "gold". Let's see how to get the game avataria to get gold for free


So, if you think about how the game "Avataria" get gold free, the first method that you should pay attention to is your own luck. The one who already played this app knows every day you can participate in a unique quiz in which you sometimes win something really useful. But why to play it?

The Thing is that in this way it is possible to answer the question: "in the game "Avataria" to get gold for free?" You will need only the luck and chance to play "Wheel of fortune". In other words, special pieces. Just spin the wheel every day. As many times as you are allowed to do this without buying extra attempts. If luck is on your side, you will be able to get a small amount of "gold".

"Plodding" method

But there is another way to get what you want. This so-called magic "Avataria". How to get gold without investment using different manipulations? Very simple. All you need is just a little patience.secrets avataria how to get gold

The fact that "Avataria" given different kinds of tasks. For them to accrue a bonus. This is a addition to experience. If you have patience, you can do all quests, for which you will earn "gold". The truth is, this method is quite a long process. It seems that for some, it is easier to win what you want in the "Wheel of fortune", than to spend a lot of time on some tasks.


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But our research does not end there. There are still secrets "Avataria" how to get gold without much investment. Let's see, what else can you do to a little rich. Of course, by all legal means.

The School

Another answer to the question about how the game "Avataria" get gold free, is the use of the school. But how to enrich themselves at her expense?

The Thing is that the game in the school building, it is possible to obtain different tasks. Due to their execution, the player is awarded with long-awaited and favourite gold. Though not very much - from 1 to 5 coins. Issued similar kind of quests almost every day. So, if you decided to thoroughly to get a free "gold", it is better to often look at school. Just in case.tricks avataria how to get gold

In addition, there is another way to obtain gold in "Avataria" by the school. It will help the exam. If you successfully pass it, will receive the impressive sum of 50 gold. However, for this you will have to sweat. To obtain the desired necessary to collect more than 275 points. To do it is difficult, however, for the sake of such rewards is to suffer. But our secrets don't end there. As you can see, already accumulated a pretty good list of possible sources of free gold. But there are a few more. About them we now discuss.

Regular attendance

There is another, rather long method of getting free gold. For it is not necessary to sit and play the game. So this method is perfect for those who decided to earn some good, and then start to play. Let's see how the game "Avataria" to get gold for free without making any special effort.

All you have to do is just visit the game. For a certain number of days without missing you will earn "gold". So, for example, in 5 days you will get 1 gold, 10 - 5, 15 days - 7 gold coins. Thus, in a month you can earn 26 gold coins. This can add another, and "Wheel of fortune" that you can play 3 times daily for free. Of course, if you did not miss to get gold in avataria

Thus, you can get the gold and hoard it. Quite a variant, but wholly. And of all the above this is perhaps the quickest after the receipt of 50 gold in school for an exam. However, there is another interesting way of getting gold in the "Avataria" without attachments.

Job "in reality"

Of Course, there is still a good way to get free gold. However, the question of how fast and nice, remain without a precise answer. The fact that this feature depends on the user.

If you are thinking about how in the game "Avataria" to get gold for free, see the game under "free gold". You will see a window that lists the tasks and the reward for them. Some of the quests require that you register on the website, some of the game on third party websites, and some just "asked" to join a person to a group. Of course, some of them are very complex tasks, which required a whole week. However, paying for them in "gold" is also very good.

So, if you are interested in receiving a free gold for the game, try to perform all of the above recommendations. If you follow our tips, you can soon accumulate a tidy sum. A successful game!


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