The minimum and recommended system requirements for World of Tanks


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World of Tanks is an incredibly successful multi-user project, which allows you to get your own garage of tanks that you can send into battle with other gamers. This game has a huge number of advantages over other similar projects. First, it should be noted that previously has not been a game devoted to this theme that would allow me to play online. Secondly, the graphics component in this project at the height of the fault absolutely nothing. And thirdly, the reality of the situation is simply off the charts. All the characteristics of tanks - from armor thickness to the caliber guns - or fully correspond to the real prototype, or is maximum to it approached. So you will be able to conduct an incredibly exciting and impressive battle absolutely for free. Naturally, this unique opportunity is attracting a huge number of gamers, and you can also become one of them. But first you should check the system requirements of World of Tanks, because you need to always remember that this project is a network, and here brakes can cause serious delays, and even momentary delay will cost you the victory.

Operating system

system requirements world of tanks

Given the fact that modern games are starting very sharply to cut off support for the most part, the operating systems that came out a little earlier, many gamers may be concerned, in this case, they will not be able to enjoy a great project. But in this case, fortunately, everything is different - the system requirements of World of Tanks do not contain restrictions on the OS, so you can run the game on modern Windows 7 and 8 and losing the relevance of Windows XP and Vista. Naturally, this is not a gift from heaven, but quite reasonable demands. The fact is that the game came out already quite far in 2010, when the above systems are now considered outdated, was very popular and quite relevant. That is why you can run this game on any version of Windows. System requirements World of Tanks, however, are not limited solely to the operating system - is much more important to pay attention to the configuration of the computer, the software is secondary.


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the requirements of the world of tanks game

As you know, the game isn't completely new - it is already almost five years. So do not expect that in the system requirements you will find something incredible. But, nevertheless, you need to have a pretty powerful computer in order to play WoT. System requirements World of Tanks available on the official website, there you can see other details, but this makes no sense, as this article will lay out for you everything on the shelves. So, if you are only interested in the game on minimum settings, you won't need a dual-core processor core frequency of 2.2 GHz. It's not very much, so now almost everyone can at least start this game. However, one thing to include, and another to maintain performance at the highest level. To do this you have to increase the number of cores from two to four - clock frequency can and not raise. As you can see, the requirements of the game are quite acceptable, and you should have no problems running.


recommended requirements world of tanks

Today many modern projects require incredible amounts of memory up to eight gigabytes. But WoT doesn't make you immediately run to the store for a new Board RAM - you will only have two gigabytes of RAM to maintain a comfortable level of play. But loaded servers, can you hang out and slow down, so it is better to look at the recommended requirements for World of Tanks with an eye on what you have to play over a network. So it's best to have at least four gigabytes of RAM, then no problems should occur even on the busiest servers, when all options are set to maximum.

Graphics Card

world of tanks blitz requirements

As mentioned earlier, the appearance of the project very good - especially considering the fact that it was released in 2010. So you need at least one Gigabyte of VRAM to keep the game functioning. But still it would be better if your card is two gigabytes - then you will be able to enjoy visual beauty to the fullest. Of course, for "grave" version of the game World of Tanks Blitz requirements will be different, but still the computer version is much more common.

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