As apps move to the SD card "Android"?


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Error Message, indicating the lack of space in the memory of your smartphone, and comes in the most unexpected moment. Many owners have such a message brought a lot of trouble.

What happens to the place?

how to move apps to the SD card

Considering that the updates of many applications automatically, we are not always able to control the amount of memory utilized. The most space is games, graphics applications, maps. The place is not only the distribution of the game, its program files, but stored in the cache settings, Internet pages, databases, and other resources. Setting new and new games, apps and programs, you may face the problem of lack of space.

How to move apps to the SD card?

You can Always find a way. There are several options for how to move apps to the SD card. Android-2.2 transfer function the app on the memory card has not. To it requires a special approach. Also on the "Android" 4.4 "kit Kat" manufacturers have closed the transfer function of the applications for security purposes. In other versions, the instructions are simple.

To migrate the open settings of the operating system. Look for the section “Applications”. On the tab SD card you will find all the apps that support moving. Now you need to choose those programs that you really want to move. If an application is flagged, it works nowadays, and system files cannot be moved. Before apps move to the SD card, you must disable them. Make sure that the right choice is made. Click on the name of the program. Opens details. Here are the location and the amount of occupied space. To complete the operation, left click on the “far” and wait for the operation to complete.


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how to move apps to the SD card Android

The Action has the reverse. Not all programs are transferred fully. A small part of the system files still remains in the phone memory.

Application AppMgr3

move apps to memory card Android

To Help users program called AppMgr III. With it you can easily move apps to CD card. Previously, the program could be found called App 2 SD. Utility has additional useful functions. It can help:

  • Hide the app icon from the common menu.
  • To Set notification for completion of installation of the application.
  • Quickly clear the cache.

The interface of this sort is made in convenient tabs. Able to understand even a beginner. Program AppMgr convenient to use because it automatically divides all applications into three types:

  1. On phone — are in phone memory, but the transfer support.
  2. On SD card — has already moved on SD card.
  3. Phone only — applications that do not support the transfer.

Due to this property, it is easy to assess the amount of information to how to move apps to the SD card. Android supports other programs that perform similar task. Utility works great on tablets. The disadvantage is that for some smartphones need to have the latest IOS operating system. Check before you transfer apps to the SD card, android 4. 2 (and above) may already be installed. If not – update your operating system.

Application you want to move the cache

FolderMount helps to move the app cache to the SD card. The fact that cached files occupy almost the greatest place in the memory of the smartphone. When transferring in the usual way they are. Complete removal of the cache, you may lose some settings and passwords. But there is a solution. The folder with cached files can be moved to the SD card.

To Use FolderMount is quite simple. It works under user Root. To move the Cache files, run FolderMount. In the line “Name” select the application name. The term “Source”, specify the folder with the cache files, the path would look like this: Android/obb/ “your folder with the application name"/. In paragraph “Assignment”, specify the folder on the SD card, which cache you want to move. To transfer click the check icon in the upper right corner. When it turns green, the transfer has completed.

The App Link2SD

A Simple, colorful app with an easy interface. Useful features of this program:

  • Removes any selected apps to the SD card.
  • The Application is able to remove, freeze and unfreeze system and user applications.
  • The Program is able to convert system apps to user and Vice versa.
  • Link2SD can delete data and cache of applications to sort, search and filtering programs available.

To use requires Root rights. Make sure that before how to move apps to the SD card-Android above version 2.1? It is noteworthy that the movement, as the reverse action is performed by pressing a single button. Run the program. Locate the application and select it from the list. Go to the App info tab. To move apps to the SD card, click “Link to SD card”. To return "Remove Link".

How to move more apps?

move apps to memory card Android

Not all apps can be moved. There is a small trick. It is available to confident users. An example would be the HTC. Try it and see for yourself. Before apps move to the SD card, install the SDK on your computer. Then connect the smartphone via USB cable.

  • In the directory where you installed the SDK, find the adb file and copy its path.
  • Go to command prompt and write the copied path and add the command: C:android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools adb shell.
  • Press “Enter”, then in next line you should see the icon $.
  • Write Again: pm SetInstallLocation 2 press “Enter”.
  • If the string appeared $, then all right.

Close the command prompt, unplug the phone, go to "Applications". You can see that now to move available much more programs.

how to move apps to the SD card lenovo a516

Moving apps on the "Android" version 2.1

Although the operating system does not support the action move, way to get around this condition is. For the nal check, it is likely that your device is already installed a special firmware. If not, to move applications to the SD card is still possible. For this you will need to connect your device to computer via USB cable.

The Method is available for advanced users. Those who are just starting to learn handling with a smartphone, it is better to take the help of a specialist. The rule for all users and all programs, without exception, do backups of your apps! This will help save data in case of error.

Connecting your mobile device to your computer, prepare the SD card to transfer. Run the application MiniTool Partition Wizard, which will help us to break it into sections. It is important that on the map there was no necessary information. Copy on computer all the data with it. We are going to delete the existing partitions, and along all the information to them. For sure, you can format the card. After she is clean, proceed to create the desired sections:

  1. Primary Partition FAT32 – leave more space, because there will be stored all user data.
  2. Primary ext2-partition for our applications.

Only now you can move the application. Suggest to use Link2SD utility. Download the program. After the installation reboot. Install Root access when prompted after selecting ext2. Run the utility and start the transfer according to the instructions.

If no Root access?

Some manufacturers install their own firmware. Although you can always check with the device manual, how to move apps to the SD card, most of these smartphones are not available in as Root. This is done for security, on the one hand, and on the other to impose a surcharge programs. Let's face it - not everyone thinks this is a fair solution. The question arises: "How to move apps to the SD card without authorization of the system?"

Reinstall the operating system completely. Manufacturer settings that cannot be changed will be erased. Distribution download from the official website. The reinstallation will not cost you anything but will take a lot of time. You will need to use a desktop computer. All programs will have to adjust again. This option is for advanced users.

how to move apps to the SD card Lenovo

Bypass any restrictions. How to move apps to the SD card.

Lenovo a516 – this is a popular budget smartphone. The memory is small...

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