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Construction of the castle in "Minecraft" is a complex and exciting experience. Each player wants to create a unique fortress and to feel safe during the game. But, as a rule, most attempts end in failure for two reasons: first, because of the lack of a clear plan, and secondly - because of lack of patience. This article will help players in planning, construction and equipping of his own castle.

Before starting to lay the walls, make sure you actually need the lock. "Minecraft" at the time of construction may require you to take weeks of real time. Abandoned midway project any pleasure will not bring. It is better to live in a beautiful wooden house than to do what spoils the mood.

So you firmly believe that you need a huge Gothic castle or something like that? Fine, move to the place where will be located the castle. For "Minecraft" the map is pivotal, but because in case of failure, just create a new world-maybe it will fit you better.

minecraft castleHistorically, castles were built primarily for defence, on top of a hill or on the river banks. If a suitable plain or hill, you could not be found, you can clear the space with tools. No bones about it, because clearing the jungle or the mountains demolition during construction discourage you all the interest. The height of the hill match to your taste (one third or half of the height of the wall is perfect). If you are interested in the mountain has a pointed top – not too lazy to cut, because beautiful castles in "Minecraft" on the tops of mountains and hills look particularly impressive. Just here to expand this lock will not otherwise vertically.


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castle for minecraft mapAfter you have chosen the location for the castle and cleared the area, may go to planning. To plan the lock in process is not recommended. You can't build what you can't see or can't draw in your imagination. Is not put on the figure every line, in the end, we're not all artists. Is enough of the schematic lines – so you can check in with their vision of the castle during the construction.

Finished drawing works, go to marking on the ground, this will suit a bright blocks of sand or wool, lit by torches. At this stage, your task-to outline the line of the outer wall and to define the boundaries of the castle and the inner yard.

After the markup, go to the procurement of resources and farms. If you are familiar with the schemes of the red stone, be sure to build the castle plant for the production of stones and a small birch grove in the bargain. The plant will save you from a boring making thousands of blocks of cobblestone and birch will provide you a constant source of coal for firing stones (due to growth birch is the easiest to hack in the game).

beautiful castles in minecraftNow it's time to build a castle. "Minecraft" is not a game where you need strict rules, so advice on the location of walls and towers will not be here. All the necessary resources you have, the plan is also available, so there's a good chance that you will bring it started to end. And here are some General points worth mentioning.

For Example, it is especially important to illuminate the castle. "Minecraft" at the first opportunity attempt to occupy a dark castle with monsters, it is necessary to you? The wall is best done from 5 blocks high and at least 3 blocks wide, in order to withstand the explosion of a creeper. Buildings in the inner yard should be separated by at least three blank blocks in order to avoid fires.

Here, perhaps, and all about how to build a castle. "Minecraft" gives you every opportunity to realize your dreams, you only need a little patience.

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