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If you are an active user of the social network “Contact”, you probably already were interested in the question of how to create your official group. In fact, that it became really popular, it needed to recruit subscribers.

Currently there are a large number of ways in which you will be able to develop their community. There are both paid and free options. Today we decided to tell people “Contact”, how to make a newsletter. After all, this issue is currently very topical.

This term refers to the method of sending personal messages to your existing subscribers, friends. Of course, distribution to strangers, you are not physically able to create, because it's just not possible currently, but at any moment you can order a paid advertising from the social network. For someone such service may be too expensive, and for someone it is not needed, in case when the administrator wishes to use their strength and capabilities. By the way, private messages you can send with different offers. For example, if your group sells products, then you can inform thus on pleasant terms or promotions, competitions and so on. “In touch” - a social network that can bring good traffic, and it attracts more money.

Intrusive advertising

contact how to make the newsletter

Let's first deal with the marketing, the distribution, and also how they respond and react to users. When a message arrives from an unknown user accessing by name, has a link leading directly to the profile, some people surprised, but many have long been accustomed to this way of advertising and has long turned a blind eye. “In touch” - social network, the extent of which, almost do not know his equal, and, consequently, you not difficult to find other users, even if they are not you have friends or subscribers. For example, they can find through special form. The same applies to your mutual friends.


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Preparatory work

contact social network

If you create your personal group, has managed to fill it with unique and interesting content that you think will be of interest not only to you but also to other users it's time to start doing a newsletter. Before sending messages, you need to prepare. So gentle to be not only interesting and attractive design, but also to check that it was well-written and without spelling errors. Sending messages "In touch” should be held gently and with care. If you have your personal page and are the Creator of the group, in this case, we recommend you to use second, third-party account for the distribution of invitations, which is not so bad to lose. New account you can register or buy, currently there are a large number of stores that provide such services.

Spam Protection

mailing contact

Experts do not recommend to send the advertising message with the invitation to the group to all users in a row, since such a system will notice and will consider it spam and, consequently, in such circumstances, you can very quickly lose your account. This will happen even if you do not have complaints from those users, whom you have already managed to send such an invitation. If you want the newsletter “In touch” was really efficiently and without problems, then you definitely need to know about the special rules, which we now will explain how.

Advertising slogans

mail contact

If you read the first part of this content and are an active user “Contact”, how to make the newsletter now I know. But remember the most important detail that when such actions are categorically not recommended. In the subject, which I am planning to send, never write the word “free”, “action” and so on, because such letters are immediately sent to the folder “Spam” and the users almost never read and in most cases removed. If you got an important question associated with the social network “In touch”: “How to make a mailing list?”, remember that it is very simple, and most importantly - be prepared with all the responsibility.


If you have additional accounts, absolutely whether they are registered to you personally or did you buy them, you should test different ad messages, and only in this case, you will be able to find the best option. So we decided one more task on the social network “In touch”: how to make the newsletter. Try our tips and don't be afraid to experiment.

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