Does not run "far cry 4", black screen. Does not start Far Cry 4: a solution to the problem


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In the Fall of 2014, the gaming industry has released many interesting and memorable releases. Among other things, diversity, special vnimanja deserves the fourth part is a favorite of many first-person shooter game Far Gry. Undoubtedly, its predecessor has caused excitement among many gamers, and the main antagonist in the face of Vaas Montenegro was recognized as the most charismatic villain in the entire history of video games. New "far Edge" was to surpass last part both visually and in terms of gameplay. But not so smooth turned out to Ubisoft, and many players encountered some difficulties related to the technical part of the game.

does not start far cry 4

The Most common difficulties faced by users

Immediately after the meeting release of the game on the Internet, a wave of resentment from the players who complained about Sabaoani. On gaming forums you see messages that does not start Far Cry 4 black screen in the game, no sound, FPS sags. Many of the problems were the result of the fault of the developers, and the reason the others were the users themselves who forgot about the simple things. But what should I do if I run Far Cry 4? The solution is not so difficult. Everything you need – a little patience and spend manipulation of your computer, which are described below.

does not start far cry 4 black screen

System requirements

Time does not stand still and every year out of the game, for a comfortable game requires more efficient system. So if Far Cry 4 does not start, hangs or crashes, it is necessary first to compare the performance of your PC with minimal system requirements announced by the developers. According to Ubisoft, your computer must have the following characteristics:


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  • Windows 7 or 8 with a bit width of 64 bits.
  • CPU series Intel Core i5, 2.6 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz.
  • PC should have 4 GB of RAM.
  • The GTX 460 from Nvidia or Radeon HD 5850 with at least 1GB of internal memory and support for DirectX 11.
  • On the hard drive must have at least 30 GB of free space.

To start the game, your computer must be installed only on 64-bit Windows system and graphics card to support DirectX 11. If your PC meets or exceeds the above-mentioned configuration, you can proceed to install the game. The main thing is to make sure that the folder where to install does not contain Russian letters. If not run "far cry 4", the application you want to enable as administrator.far cry 4 problem solving

Update video card drivers

Many users often forget about new updates of your video card. And it could be a real reason why not start Far Cry 4. Black screen, significant subsidence FPS, game crashes-the most frequent challenges faced by users because of outdated graphics drivers. Even on relatively old systems, installing new updates will help increase PC performance. All you need to do – go to the official resources of the Nvidia or Radeon, select the desired model of video card, download and install the latest version drivers for your computer.

Installing helper programs

Usually all the additional software is installed along with the game. But pirated copies can sometimes be so that you have to update or re-install all the necessary programs. If Far Cry 4 will not start, black screen filled the entire monitor instead of a beautiful picture, you need to make sure that the PC are DirectX 11, Visual C++, NET.Framework and update to the latest version. far cry 4 does not run hangs

The Game might not work yet because of lack of memory. In this case, the user should increase the value of the paging file to 4 GB.

For optimal performance, the game requires at least Quad-core processor. But even owners of dual-core systems do not need to worry, if your computer supports Hyper-threading. This technology is able to create some more virtual threads, evenly distributing the load between them. If not run "far cry 4" on a dual-core processor, you need to install a special fix, which you can use to play the game and enjoy all its beauty, even on a relatively weak computer.

Disabling antivirus programs

Anti-virus software can be a real reason why not start Far Cry 4. Game crashes after a short period of time, and players are often unable to understand the cause of these problems. Mostly it happens on pirated copies. The fact that anti-virus software and firewalls perceive enclosing a tablet used to hack the original version as a malicious program and, accordingly, blocked it. But even the owners of licensed versions may encounter slow loading of the game due to check her anti-virus program. To avoid such problems is to disable it for the time antiviruses. Of course, doing this is extremely undesirable, therefore protection has to be put only for the duration of the game. If the antivirus is still blocking the app, it should check the files that are quarantined, and extract them.

Verify game files

Even after using all the above methods, the user can see what Far Cry 4 does not run. The app not work because of the lack of one or more components of the game. This can happen for several reasons. If you are using a licensed version of the game, either the game is not fully loaded with the gaming service or a program crash.does not start far cry 4 game

To fix this, you need to go to the online store and upgrade the application to either check it for errors. If you downloaded a pirated copy of Far Cry 4 and after the installation was faced with a similar problem, then most likely you did not download the full backup of the game or the crack built-in blocked to protect the computer. If the second option was ruled out, you should find another version of the game and reinstall it again. With caution you to download files from unverified resources, because they may be malicious software that can damage your system.

To Look for a solution on the forums

The article lists solutions to the most common difficulties faced by users. But if not run "far cry 4", and all of the above methods have not given proper result, then you should look for the solution to your problem in the game forums, under the appropriate heading. The fact that it is almost impossible to give advice on all problems encountered in one article. Gaming portals, many players are discussing all sorts of problems they faced in that particular game, and give advice on how to solve them.

does not start far cry 4 black screen

Does Not run "far cry 4" does not work correctly or still the fault of the developers who originally released a not quite perfect product. In this case, no manipulation of the game will not help, and you have to wait for new patches that should fix all the problems. Anyway, Ubisoft has managed to make a truly good game that is loved by many users.


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