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If you're a fan of CS 1.6 (Counter-Strike/Counter-attack), then you certainly in the game have met people that use a different kind of cheat program.

cheat counter strike

From rookie to master in one hour

As a rule, if a player in the game doing something unimaginable and statistics it affects their numbers, it is quite possible that he is using cheat. "Counter strike" such players abound. Perhaps because it is with this game started to develop different programs that help players in battle. Cheat "Counter strike" – not one code word or phrase by typing which you will receive incredible rewards in the game, it is a program that gives you certain features.

Cheating in its purest form

cheats for counter stray

As a rule, such programs are not allowed on servers, and generally in the entire game. For their use can be punished by players who play on the server by voting, and the administration server or even a special protective program. Cheats for "Counter strike 1.6." abound in their ways to circumvent such protection. Therefore, all questions on the sanctions that should be taken for the player peremptory way, fall on the administration or players.

Classification cheat programs

In fact, such prohibited programs are many, especially in "Counter strike 1.6.". Cheats generally always almost chased the game. It began its existence many programs that are now famous around the world. Cheats for "Counter strike" are very different: here we must distinguish the benefits they provide, the programme structure, security and operation mechanism. There is a build cheats that combines several. Just want to note that magical cheat "Counter strike" which will help you to do everything at once, not there so will have to find or build (a few cheats in one program), or install those programs that you really need.


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Types of software that give you an unfair advantage

cheats for counter strike 1.6

As already mentioned, there are programs that collect a few cheats, but there is just a single program which contains one cheat. "Counter strike" free “supports” almost all of the types of cheating (i.e. almost all of them work in the game).

Consider the most popular of them:

  1. Aimbot (Aim) - one of the most common cheats, which gives, perhaps, the most obvious advantage. Through this program, the player who uses it, provided the “auto-aim” (the sight automatically zooms to the head of the enemy), which works when the enemy appears on the screen/behind the wall/in the zone of visibility. Apart from the fact that this program gives almost the maximum benefit, it is also well protected against different types of defenses on the server (because the program is obvious and can be spotted immediately).
  2. WallHack (WH) – a cheat program that allows the player using it to see through obstacles. Now imagine what advantage this gives you in a shooter. If the enemy is waiting for you somewhere behind a wall or box, you will be warned, and began to be armed, leaving him a chance of success. Moreover, this program allows you to successfully perform any defensive maneuvers, because knowing that the enemy will soon reach you, you will have a serious advantage. Some bonuses give to the WH, in addition to “x-ray" vision, and even the so-called in game slang “rays” that will show the place where the enemy aims, as well as the type of his weapons. This is very helpful, especially if you catch the enemy on such mistakes as carelessness (for example, a player is tired to wait for the attack, defending the point, and decided to take a sight with the alleged location of the enemy).
  3. SpeedHack (SH) - program, which in itself gives little benefits, but coupled with the same Aim can work wonders. Initially, it only adds you a wild movement speed. Ie you will be able to quickly occupy any position, or even to move so quickly that the enemy will not be able to get to you. Further modernization accelerate your rate, bringing it to maximum value when all the bullets “vypisyvayut” for 1-1,5 seconds.

In Addition, the programs are divided into:

  1. Standard. Work, once you have them installed and launched, it does not matter, you are already in the game or only plan to go. Such programs work without your intervention and they're always active.
  2. Active. More modern programs that allow you the right moment to ward off unwanted attention. They start when you give the command to start by pressing a certain key. Accordingly, the program can disable while in game right in the middle of the match, which will help you to remove the suspicion of use of prohibited programs.

Attack and defense

counter strike 1 6 cheats

The Struggle between security software and cheat software works on the system “attack and defense", ie, first developing a cheat program and then within a certain time period in protection make the appropriate data for recognition of Chita, as well as for action when it is detected.


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