Why do we need money? The appearance of money


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It is difficult to speak clearly about where and when exactly did the first money. The emergence of money was not the momentary result of a long development of the socio-political relations of human societies in different parts of the world. Moreover, in different historical periods. At the dawn of humanity simply did not exist the concept of «money». The emergence of money is associated with the later time. Then, in primitive societies, people practiced a simple exchange of everyday objects and valuable things, such as jugs, fur, the money the emergence of moneyArrowheads and so on. However, this barter is very inconvenient, because the value of different things or food, it is always different.

Origin and development of money

In Fact, with the gradual development of the natural commodity exchange there are the first objects that have their own value, and are equivalent to certain of the value of any thing. This was the first money. Appearance money, today's historians associated primarily with bars or pieces of precious metals. They had no specific shape, however, was the value of the collateral, which could be counted on any product. This development has pushed people to the next logical move. A new form of money, certain objects, items, or animals. For example, Ethiopia's population was calculated bars of salt in India for the exchange of applied cowrie shells, tribal Aztec the origin and development of moneyUsed cocoa beans. These things were not money in the full sense of the word, however, anticipated their occurrence. And the essence of money becomes obvious: they have to constitute the universal equivalent of exchange, which you can measure any potential product.


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Requirements for money

However, the elements of any monetary system must meet certain rules: they must not deteriorate from the constant passing from hand to hand, as well as with time; they must be light and mobile to carry with them; they should be subject to division in case you need to pay less (for example, the name of the modern Russian currency «the ruble» and comes from the process when larger coins were cut into smaller).

Financial systemthe origin and essence of money

All these requirements are best met just metal products, which in ancient times began to acquire a concrete and definite forms. For example, it is known that in the VII century BC in Lydia already existed that kind of money. The emergence of money, however, cannot be clearly attributed to a particular region and time. The first of the coin, its form reminiscent of a modern, appeared in China. But there they had a hole in the center of the disc, because it fits nicely on a rope worn on the neck. Like the Chinese tradition from the copper and silver necklace hoops medieval Slavs cut pieces and paid them. And since hoops were worn on the nape, and the fragments are called “hryvnia”, which was later passed and the coins of the Kievan princes.

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