How to develop the creative abilities of the child


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Abilities are a mental characteristic of a human, which can successfully seize those or other skills. This quality does not affect the skill itself, and is manifested in the speed and ease of acquiring certain skills. Creativity can manifest itself in different spheres of activity. They allow you to create something new that didn't exist before.

In Addition to the biological basis of such qualities, among which congenital anatomical and physiological features, there are social, that is, the environment should encourage their development. Thus, creativity in a child is determined by the following parameters.

First, it is the availability of the necessary inclinations and predispositions. Besides, you must have the motivation to engage in any activity. The deciding moment is the social circumstances. That is, if parents, teachers or other adults around the child noticed early creative output it in any activity and began to engage him in this direction, it is more likely that in the future he will succeed than if the process is left to chance.

The work of psychologist TORRANCE, who created the system of measuring creativity, you can often find arguments about what the family and the school influence the development or destruction of the creative potential of the child. Often gifted children experience problems in communication with peers, as not every group accepts deviations from the General behavior or thinking. There are several techniques that can help adaptation of the talented individuals in the team.


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First, you need to teach the child to articulate their ideas available to others, to the society perceives them as a contribution that serves their own needs. Comments to others you should try to speak kindly.

Second, gifted children need to show that they support the ideas, principles and ideals respected in this team. We must teach the child to focus on a specific task and not to focus on "personality" and achieve a certain status.

These techniques will help adults and children to resolve conflicts, while remaining independent, but also taking into account the interests of the group.

Development of creative abilities of pupils to a large extent depends on the personality of the teacher. Encouraging your student of any quality, he should have it. A competent person adequately perceive new ideas and experiencing the joy of his victories, than shows the child a convincing example.

Development of creative abilities of children depends on a number of conditions. Therefore, in the work with gifted kids should adhere to the following guidelines.

It is Important to create a comfortable and safe psychological atmosphere. It is necessary not only to support the child in his endeavors, but to show sympathy for his failures. It is better to avoid any negative comments about the work of the kid. Adults should help the child if he feels frustration or doubt -feelings that will occur in processes that use creative search. It is recommended to teach children to find a reward in itself and less to worry about non-recognition of their achievements by others.

Creativity must be encouraged, creating for this purpose the most favorable atmosphere. Can you advise individuals that they have become "reasonable adventurers", that is sometimes relied upon to discoveries only on their intuition, despite the risks.

Adults - parents and teachers - need to know that creativity is to some extent inherent in most children. And that's how they will be developed, will subsequently benefit depends on the environment of the baby.

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