"Say" or "tell": as to write correctly?


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say or tell

The question about how to write a word: “say” or “tell”, the answer is that both have a right to exist, but only if these verbs are in different morphological States.

What about the verb?

First let's remember what this part of the question and what features it has. The verb refers to a significant (independent) parts of speech that indicates action, relation, condition. “what to do, What to do?” questions to ask. The base form of the verb called the infinitive, and indefinite shape. The verb has an inclination, pledge, change, gender, number, person. That is why there are different interpretations (including erroneous), as it is to write correctly in a particular case: “say” or “tell”, “knit” or “bust”, “dance” or “splyashem” etc.

If it's the mood…

If we are talking about the verb plural and the second person of the indicative mood (you say), it of course ends with Ete. But if you plan a form of the imperative verb of 2nd person plural. h, the word will write the ending of Iteration. Then it is stressed: tell. Thus, in order not to make mistakes in the word “say” or “tell”, you must define the mood of a verb.

tell or say what is right

The Person of the verb

However, the error quickly you can prevent it in the verb in the indicative mood, so we now consider effective and simple rule that makes it easy to determine the spelling of this verb in this and in other forms (for example, “say” or “tell”).


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We will focus on the conjugation and personal endings. They are called personal because I Express one of the three existing in the grammar of the Russian language individuals – 1st, 2nd or 3rd. For example, the verb is used in the form of the 2nd L. in the phrase “what do you say”. As it is written here end, tell conjugation. Verbs in the Russian language, only two of them.

Students first

Linguists depict the Roman numeral I. this group of verbs are the words in the infinitive form not ending with -ing. This includes the verbs ending in -et (to order), Almost (pull), -ing (collect), be (float), Ot (ground), Five (to sow), T (to sew) and others. Token “say” also refers to a group of first conjugation. In addition, the category of the first conjugation are 2 words ending with -ing: «lay», «shaving”.

End personal from verbs of I conjugation are distributed as follows:

The FaceSingularPlural
1-y (say), th (Stela)-em (say, the stele)
2-eat (say you make)-ete (say, spreads)
3-em (say, makes)-ut (say), -s (trail)

The Conjugation second

It is denoted by the Roman numeral II. This category includes words-verbs, the infinitive ending in -ing: to give, to blame, to hurt others. Besides them, the group of second conjugation abut 11 words-verbs ending in -ing or -et. To make it easier to remember their rhyme:

To drive, to go, to look to see
To breathe, to hear, to hate,
To offend and so to endure,
And I have to say Yes to turn.

End personal from verbs II conjugation look this way:

The FaceSingularPlural
1(breathe), (pray)-them (breathe, pray)
2-ish (breathe, pray)-ITE (breathe, pray)
3-it (breathing, praying)-at (breathe), Yat (pray)

say or tell

“OK” or “say” – how to find the desired letter?

A Simple algorithm in five steps helps you figure out what letter it is necessary to assume in the word, concerning which there is doubt.

  • The first Step – translate the verb in the indefinite form: to say.
  • Step two – distinguish the suffix and ends: AMB.
  • Step three-find out, so the end of the verbs of I conjugation.
  • Step four – find out whether the word to the exceptions in this case.
  • Step five – find the table that I'm interested in form (singular, 2nd L.) lexeme ending in Eat, then write Say.

Other incidents

We may confuse the word “hurting”. If you decide that the lexeme ends in -ing and attributed it to the second conjugation, we risk to make a mistake in writing the form of the 3rd L. PL. h However, this word belongs to the group of the first conjugation, and testing the initial form for it is the word “hurting”.

Sometimes we are dealing with reflexive verbs, then you need to mentally discard the reflexive Postfix -sja and otherwise define spelling algorithm. For example, how to write the verb in the sentence: “Easy.…ll after a rain”? Going to talk like that. Exclude Postfix -Xia, get the word “dish…t”. Translate the infinitive: “breathe”, the word ends in -ing, should apply to the first conjugation, however, is among thewords-exceptions, and therefore belongs to the second conjugation. According to the rule, in this form (singular, 3rd l.) should be in the end to write the letter and: breathing. Consequently, the reflexive verb in the sentence would write: ‘is Easy to breathe after a rain”.

what do you say how to spell

We figured out how to write a verb: “say” or “tell” if it is used in speaking of the indicative mood, and also reviewed some other examples. The spelling of this token part of speech in cases where a vowel do not have accent, obeys the rule of the two verbal conjugations.

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