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Water – one of the most important natural resources on planet Earth, that studies the hydrologist. Without it life would be impossible. Although water in a global sense very much, it is not always in the right place at the right time and required quality.

what does a hydrologist

The Science of hydrology

Hydrology as a science was developed in order to understand the complex water systems of the Earth and to help in solving water problems. Hydrologists play a vital role in finding these solutions. It is a science that encompasses the occurrence, distribution, movement and properties of waters of the earth and their relationship with the environment within each phase of the water cycle.

engineer hydrologist

The water Cycle, or hydrological cycle, is a continuous process in which water purified by evaporation, rises from the earth's surface into the atmosphere and then descends back to the earth and oceans. All physical, chemical and biological processes involving water are of interest to those who study the water cycle in nature.

the profession of hydrologist

Subject matter

What does a hydrologist? First and foremost is the fundamental processes of transportation and transformation of water, followed by a description of its quantity and quality, explores concepts such as evaporation, precipitation, runoff, infiltration, underground water and so on. Engineering hydrologist involved in the planning, analysis, design, construction and operation of facilities necessary for carrying out the control, use and management of water resources.

Water resources and related problems are also a matter for concern among meteorologists, oceanographers, geologists, chemists, physicists, biologists, economists, political scientists, specialists in applied mathematics and computer science, and engineers in various fields. Hydrologists apply scientific knowledge and mathematical principles to solve water-related problems in society: the quantity, quality and availability of water resources.


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what do hydrologists

What do hydrologists?

The Representatives of this interesting and challenging profession can work in environmental protection, addressing the prevention or purification from all kinds of impurities, as well as the placement of sites for safe disposal of hazardous waste. Persons trained in hydrology may hold various posts. Scientist, engineer, technician hydrologist may be involved in field studies and in the office or laboratory.

technician hydrologist

The Profession of a hydrologist involves numerous business trips, sometimes even foreign. Scientist may spend a large amount of time conducting field work in remote areas and rough terrain. Office work consists in interpreting hydrologic data and performing analyses for determining possible water supplies. Most of the work is based on the use of computer technology for organizing, summarizing and analyzing data.

the profession of hydrologist hydrology

Hydrological forecasting

As a rule, most cities are able to meet their needs for water by withdrawing it from the nearest river, lake or reservoir. Hydrologists help cities, collecting and analyzing data needed for forecasting. To do this, scientists study reports on precipitation, depth of snow cover and river runoff, collected and compiled by their colleagues in various state agencies.

hydrologists study the subject

Hydrologists use topographic maps and aerial photographs to determine shoreline of the reservoirs, depth and capacity. They collect information, enter it into the computer and launch a special model for predicting the results using different operating strategies. Hydrologists often consult for choosing the right locations for new waste treatment facilities if we are talking about the problem of pollution of water sources.

The fighters for the protection of life and health

What does a hydrologist, may be invisible, but deadly to the health of humans, plants and animals. Professionals engaged in assisting in the monitoring of public water supplies to ensure compliance with sanitary standards. When contamination is found, environmental engineers work with hydrologists and develop the necessary programs of sampling.

Water Quality in estuaries, streams, rivers and lakes must be monitored, as well as the health of fish, plants and overall state of wildlife. Important attention is paid to the phenomenon of acid rain, its effects, behavior of toxic metals and organic substances in aquatic environments.


As important in a global sense, research in the field of water pollution are also included in the list of what studies a hydrologist. To check the water made as simple tests such as pH, turbidity, oxygen content, and other more complex chemicaltests that require specialized laboratory equipment.

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