Mexican language: does it exist? What languages are in fact spoken in Mexico?


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Mexico – it is a huge country in North America, a total area of 1.95 million km. From the Northern and Eastern parts of Mexico bordering the United States. With the Eastern part of the country is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean sea. Part of Mexico also contains numerous Pacific Islands. The capital of this state is Mexico city – one of the oldest cities. But does this country have its own language?

Mexican language

What language are Mexicans?

In fact, residents of Mexico in everyday communication in the Spanish language – or rather, his Mexican dialect. Historically, due to the conquest of local land European conquistadors. Therefore, as such the Mexican language does not exist. However, in addition to Spanish also used about 68 local languages. But the vast majority of the population-about 90% - still communicate in Spanish.

Is the official app?

Spanish in Mexico remains the most common – it is spoken almost everywhere. Despite the fact that Spanish is widespread, it is not an official language. This is a very common misconception. The fact that the Constitution of Mexico States: Mexico – a multinational country. Therefore, it is always in favour of bilingualism, or Spanish plus the local dialect.

Mexican Russian PhraseBook

English in Mexico

Some tourists heading to Mexico in a hurry to find Russian-Mexican PhraseBook. Others, knowing that now the vast majority of Mexicans talking in Spanish, clutching his head: before the trip, you need to learn a new language. However, there are travelers who believe that in any country can survive with English. In relation to Mexico is very misleading. English is not only not help but may seriously interfere. The fact that the Mexicans dislike living adjacent to them Americans. Therefore, if the tourist starts to communicate with the locals in English, most likely, he will take an indifferent look. Or even to communicate in an unfriendly manner.


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Mexican translation into different languages

Local dialect

Indigenous dialects say no more than 6% of the total population. And it – about 6 million people. Interestingly, the number of those who stubbornly consider themselves descendants of the great Indians, exceeds this number twice. The most common local Mexican language is called Nahuatl, which includes various dialects. Nahuatl use in everyday life are about 1.3 million people.

One of the main languages of the Aztec group is a classical Nahuatl. Starting from the XVI century, it was systematically replaced by the invading Europeans. Gradually, the language of the Aztecs began to break up into dialects. At the moment of classical Nahuatl numbered with the dead languages. However, it still has a large number of literary monuments, recorded using the Latin alphabet. A language called Nahuatl, Mexican. Translations into different languages, and even courses in Nahuatl, now ceased to be exotic.

Mayan Languages

The Next most spoken language is the language of the ancient Maya – Maya Taan, or the Yucatec language. Its speakers are of the order of 759 thousand. It is distributed mainly on the Yucatan Peninsula. The oldest documented language of the Maya is the language of the classical era of this civilization. It is believed that the common ancestor of Yucatec dialects is promisky language.

Spanish in Mexico

Q'eqchi ' - Mayan dialect

In the language of q'eqchi communicate about 450 thousand. This language is spoken mainly in Guatemala. Here it's spoken by about 90% of the total number of all residents. However, q'eqchi ' can be heard in the territory of El Salvador and Belize. For a very long time ethnic q'eqchi ' family was in isolation from other regions. Therefore, different dialects of this language differ from each other very insignificant. The main dialect is considered the Western dialect. Kekchi is characterized in that among its members the largest number of native speakers-monolingual.

Mystetskyi dialects

423 thousand people is used in everyday languages mishaxhi group. The geographical distribution of mestechko Mexican language – an area called La Mistica. The word “mistik” means “a resident, inhabitant". Usually the carriers of this language group to refer to the native dialect used poetic phrase “rain”. All mistechko language there are 52 local dialect.

Mexican Zapotec languages

410 thousand people in Mexico are native speakers of Zapotec languages. Zapotec civilization was born about 700 BC, In the XVI century it was finally conquered by the European invaders. The Zapotec Empire was located in present-day Mexican state of Oaxaca. The largest settlement of the Zapotec was a city called Monte Alban, which was the first of the capitals of the Empire. Constant enemies of the state was adjacent to the North of the mixtecs.

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