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In Russia, there are universities whose glory is spreading across Europe. Among them – Saint-Petersburg Institute of cinema and television. Almost century-old tradition of this school ensures the training of qualified personnel to work in the film industry, on television and in the media. The University carries out training for 53 higher education programs. Read more about the daily and academic life of the University read in this article.

About the University

St. Petersburg Institute of cinema and television will soon celebrate its 100-year anniversary. This will happen on 9 September 2018. From its source – the Higher Institute of photography and photographic equipment – he has grown into the whole structure of training of young specialists in the field of film and media. Then it was hard to imagine how fast this age of developing technology. Now TV are truly endless. The traditions of the institution, born in the Soviet Union, when revered a movie, continue to strengthen and provide a superior level of education.

St. Petersburg Institute of cinema and television

The University is headed by Vladimir Medinsky. The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation is its founder. Continuous financial support state provides for students a variety of grants and scholarships for high achievements in mastering the educational process. The University works closely with global film schools – American, Japanese, Korean, and many European schools of the CIS countries.

In this comprehensive universal University employs only professionals. The teaching staff includes about 400 professors, whose training meets all the requirements of modern educational process. In addition, 150 teachers have state awards for achievements in their field, and more than 30 teachers have honorary titles of professors.


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Base Material

Information For applicants, the University has excellent technical equipment. Saint-Petersburg Institute of cinema and television on its official website providing complete information about material and technical equipment of all classrooms with capacity of three blocks of buildings kinovideomerezha College.

the faculty of screen arts

The University has a spacious library with a reading room on 50 seats, where the student can use any educational literature. In buildings of each building there is a dining room and a medical station. Gyms with the latest equipment. Most classrooms are equipped with multimedia projectors and interactive whiteboards and personal computers. This contributes to the qualitative classes that combine multiple types of learning activities. In the offices you have access to the Internet. All this testifies to the developed infrastructure of the University, which guarantees a quality education.

What you need to know coming

As for admission to other universities, applicants will need to pass the unified state exam in Russian language and core subjects. In Spbgukit quite a high competition among those wishing to get higher education here. The University consists of 7 faculties.

For Example, for those who decided to develop specialty “Sound designer”, training full-time is 5 years. For admission you need to pass the exam on the Russian language, Russian literature, as well as successfully pass a creative contest.

Faculty of screen arts: the passing score and the entrance test

This Department – the most popular at the University. Here, according to the admission score, tend to get very educated graduates. Three exams, which will pass to the entrant, – Russian language, literature, and creative competition (for each specialty it your own). Thus, the average passing score on the specialty “Drama” is 390 points, to “Voice” – 382 points, etc.

Prospective employees of the TV companies get, for example, specialty “Camera”. Training for this profession is based on such disciplines as “the History of domestic and foreign film”, “History television”, etc., and practical honing of skills there is a system of workshops. The average pass rate for this specialty – 354.

cameraman training

Specialty «Directing film and television”

Training of film directing in Spbgukit being known and talented teachers who do have recognition in the field of television art. All training based on the workshops. Students assess and guide experienced professionals, who for many years of his life devoted to directing. During the lessons students get the skills of setting scenes, using the camera, (in frame, and beyond), exploring the possibilities of modern cinema. Due to the high cost it is only in professional studios. Students also take theoretical subjects: history of world and national cinema, kinotehnik and technology, the basics of cinematic excellence, and many others.

At the same faculty, you can develop specialty “Sound”. Trainingpromises to be eventful and the most dynamic. This Department leads the pace of development as a profession is very popular. For students available one of the best in Europe reverberation chambers. At the University for this area of training there is a modern complex of music recording with the latest equipment, universal tone Studio and other necessary quality training opportunities.

sound training

Vibrant student life

St. Petersburg Institute of cinema and television stands out among other universities in that it learns incredibly creative young people. Yes, and the learning process is closely associated with the creation of valuable art objects. Every year the University holds the festival of student film “Piterkit”, as well as a documentary called «Russia».

directing film and television

Many students are winners of various competitions in Russia and Europe. So getting a diploma in Spbgukit – it's a chance to unleash their creativity!

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