Paleontology: what is she studying?


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In this article, we will speak about this science as paleontology - what is she studying, what is needed and what the benefits of it to the modern world.

Ancient times

Most Often, when referring to the first forms of life on Earth, people come to mind dinosaurs. But the view that they are the most ancient inhabitants of our world, the time since their disappearance it was as much as 65 million years, is wrong. According to some scientists, life originated on this planet 3.9 billion years ago, and this figure is very difficult to understand.

During those periods the Earth was inhabited by mostly bacteria and microorganisms, and much later were the first invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles.

In ancient Greece, scientists have found fossilized remains of various life forms, but, of course, on their age and the origin of nothing could not learn, and therefore purposefully study did. But already in the Middle ages, the Renaissance, interest in the ancient inhabitants of our world erupted with new force. And in the early nineteenth century was the term "paleontology". What is she studying, and why?

Our time

paleontology what is

So, according to the official definition, paleontology deals with the study of ancient life forms that existed in past geological ages and preserved in the form of fossils and their fragments. It is also worth noting that this science plays intermediates species based on the theory of biological evolution.

The Study of fossilized bones, analysis of traces and other evidence of the existence of organisms - all included in the scope of interest of science such as paleontology. What such a study can give us? In addition to theoretical knowledge and understanding of the course of evolution, a little bit. But the fact is that the Humanities do not aim the persecution of any material benefit.


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Perhaps the most famous part of the objects of study of this science, by which everyone at least once, but heard about it, is the study of dinosaurs of all types and eras. But in practice, more prosaically - their fossils are rare and not at full strength, so even in museums you can see only the reconstruction of the skeletons where the bones are only a small part.

When answering the question, what is studying paleontology, it is worth mentioning the inhabitants of ancient oceans, various trilobites and others. Their remains have been preserved quite well in the rock and sediment layers of Sandstone. Well, the “young” the representatives of the historical fauna is a mammoth. Due to the permafrost in Siberia, their remains differ remarkable preservation and detail.

How useful paleontology

studying paleontology

What we can give this science and how to apply it in other areas? The fact that the said discipline, in contrast to the other, can not boast a spectacular study methods and results, which will radically affect our lives, such as physics, engineering or medicine. But on the basis of knowledge collected on particles, scientists learn a lot about the history of our world before the advent of man, and fill up the intermediate branch of the theory of evolution. For example, using radiocarbon Dating of the remains is possible to learn what the climate was millions of years ago, who came from birds or other animals, and to make forecasts how they will change in another few hundred thousand years.

What is studying paleontology, in practice, looks like a fascinating but very complex game where it is easy to make a mistake or wishful thinking, because at the disposal of researchers much less material than we would like.


paleontology is a science

But if the fragments of living organisms for so many years, why haven't they rotted in their times? As preserved after millions of years, and the reason for their rarity?

As already mentioned, paleontology — is the science about ancient life forms, and they came in the form of fossils. And the thing is that for their education, we need appropriate conditions. Most often they are found in the Sandstone, and for good reason. Petrification-this is a special process of mineralization of biological material, when under pressure, in the absence of sufficient air and moisture, bone, or cells of “victims” gradually impregnated with mineral compounds. And in the end, turn to stone.

This Process is very long, and often he is disturbed by some physical intervention, because up to the present day fossils came less than you could. Moreover, they first need to find, and they are not always in perfect view of the whole skeleton. Sometimes scientists-paleontologists spend a few months in order to is just right to collect them.

The Most promising areas are canyons, gorges, ancient deposits of Sandstone, when, for example, because of the earthquake there is a collapse, and the animals remain under the heavy layer of rock.


scientists paleontologists

Paleontology, there are several main branches is paleozoology and paleobotanical. The first studies of vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and the second – ancient plants and everything connected with them. And they, in turn, are divided further into a plurality of sections, of which not to mention the anthropology that deals with the study of the ancestors of the people. So that palaeontology, the science of the once-existing living organisms in General.


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