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Quite popular in modern universities has become computer security (specialty). She receives a lot of applicants all over Russia. Only towards the end of the training, many are thinking about whom they should work. And this moment, often brings a lot of trouble. However, today we will try to understand what a career "Shine" graduates of computer security. In practice, many claim that this direction is multifaceted - you can work wherever you wish. But is it? We will try to answer this security specialty


Specialty 10 05 01 (computer security), typically leads to the training of students-engineers. That is, you will easily be able to apply for the position.

But not every graduate wants to work a real engineer. In most cases, the vacancies are many, but wages are low. Especially if you compare it with the assigned responsibility and duties and work schedule. Students are often lured by specialty, promising to release a prestigious job, but the reality is slightly different.

For this reason, some applicants will first try to answer the question: "Computer security (specialty) - what is it?" But a clear answer, they do not get dare and see what they have to deal with. And if the engineer is not to your liking, then let's think further, what may be suitable to build their own career.


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The school

A Very interesting specialty - "Computer security". The universities where I teach it, usually silent about the fact that with employment of the graduates can be some problems. And instead of the promised "Golden mountains", will have to get at least somewhere. Just to earn.

computer security specialty universities

For Example, to school. Very often the graduates of this direction work the most common teachers of Informatics. And get a penny. Only prestigious schools can do to earn with dignity. But this, generally speaking universities are not accepted. Here's a controversial "computer security" (specialty). The educational program of this direction provides, frankly, a superficial knowledge in many areas which subsequently affect the employment of each graduate. Where else can you go to work in addition to engineering and schools?

Operator connections

The Specialty "Computer security" feedback from graduates gets quite ambiguous. Especially when the question arises about the employment issue. Why is it so? Someone may find a cushy job, and someone - no.

However, some graduates are trying to find a job as a operator. Or, in other words, by an installer to any Internet service provider. There you are guaranteed a stable income and a prestigious job. However, the graph is more complicated - it's unstable. For example, if certain failures and accidents you risk losing a legal holiday.

But by itself, the work of the operators in most cases is not dusty. To fix the problem on the line (for the professional it is not a problem), connect to customers equipment or configure it - that's something that will have to do. Here's multilateral "computer security" (specialty). The universities where it is taught, are found everywhere. In Russia you can find this trend in all higher educational institutions specializing in Informatics and mathematics. But this is not all of the popular jobs among the graduates of the specialty. Where else arranged?specialty 10 05 01 computer security

Security systems

For Example, men are quite often held in different firms for the protection of objects. You can tell a guard. Not only those that are in supermarkets or in shopping centers.

You interested in "computer security" (specialty)? Where to work in this area on release? In any security service. Typically, graduates of the direction in question gets the most pleasant job - installation of security equipment, as well as the tracking of an object using cameras.

That is the average wage you'll be sitting in the office with computers and to keep order in a particular place. In violation - notify the appropriate persons. To make their own arrangements will have to be extremely rare. Somewhere, and even this obligation is not. Plus, the job offers a flexible schedule and opportunity for career growth. So many stay on the job in security. But that's not all there is to offer. There are so many different jobs offered to graduates. What?


The truth is, in most cases for all disciplines have the same job. With a few exceptions. So many graduates start their career working as a sales Manager.specialty computer security reviews

In this post you can arrange to work even without higher education. Lately it has becomepopular among schoolchildren (16 years) and students. Career growth here is hardly expected, but you will have a stable income. If you manage to get in a good company, it will be possible not to change the place of work for a long period of time. If not a lifetime to work in one place. And it pleases many.

But in practice managers are required always and everywhere. There is a huge turnover. Indeed, over time, want to develop your career as a Manager is almost impossible. "Computer security" (specialty) - this is not the direction that will require you to work Manager. Did learn 5 years. Although there are exceptions.

Office worker

But among girls, as a rule, a very popular work in the office. It doesn't matter what kind of specialty you got. The main thing - is adequate authorities, and a stable income.

"Computer security" (specialty) helps the office worker to perform complex tasks. Sometimes even those that he shouldn't be able to do so in principle. So, this is a great opportunity for career growth. Like, everything is fine. But that's actually cushy to take is unconstrained.

It Turns out that you just will be working in an office behind a computer, "clean up paper" and play computer games while the boss does not see. For all of you based on average earnings. But you will have a stable schedule. You can look for a prestigious firm, where wages will be higher than others. But then be prepared to work with renewed energy.specialty computer security whom to work

Call center

Also, the specialty "computer security", you can get a job in a call centre in any firm. Depending on the type of its activities you will have to give advice or to sell a particular product. Sometimes - to inform about new products and promotions.

Often a job for women to choose. Firms and employers engaged in the sale of equipment or computers. Or at least the Internet connection or components of the PC. Here you will pay an average salary. But the call centers are a very unreliable place to build a career. There is a huge turnover. First, often be as much as lunch in no time. And secondly, there are no prospects of career growth in call centers is not in principle.

Your business

You interested in "computer security" (specialty)? Universities that teach in this area, usually silent, that graduates will have the opportunity to provide their own business. In most cases, it will move in the direction of IT-technologies and computers. Thus, you will be able to get a good earnings.specialty computer security universities where he teaches

The Individual entrepreneur can be absolutely anyone. Not necessarily that he had a higher education. Importantly, the existence of promising ideas, as well as a huge initiative. This will help you to advance your career.

Graduates under the specialty usually try to open a variety of computer services or specialized shops with accessories. There is one significant drawback - a huge competition. Only she is able to scare not everyone. Computer services is something that should be in every town and in large quantities. So, graduates can hope for a huge success. Especially if they are in the firms will be small prices, and the availability of specific services.

Creative Writing

Our Next vacancy, to be honest, it is better to combine with some more steady income. We are talking about writing. Any graduate can succeed in this field. It will have to have the imagination and skills of writing interesting texts.

Typically, graduates trained in the specialty "computer security" willingly write books about computers. Specialized literature is quite popular. Especially among today's teenagers. Only from the beginning to hope for a huge success not worth it - it's useless. Writing is work that will require a great deal of work and patience in the expectation of profit. For this reason, the authors typically combine his vocation with any other sources of earnings.


"Computer security" (specialty) - what is it? This is actually the direction of the different possibilities. The main thing - to find them. And it is advisable to start during study at the University. Because only this step can guarantee you true success in a security specialty what it is

Now, among the graduates of this specialty has become very popular freelancing. Usually based on the writing of short informative texts. Your task is according to customer's requirements to write the information in an interesting for the reader view. Moreover, it should be useful and understandable.

Computer security is a very popular theme. And no one other than the graduates of the given direction it is better not to cope with writing specialized articles. Earnings here, as in the case of IP, depends on your skills and aspirations. Typically, freelancers get about 20-25 thousandper month.

System administrator

You managed to get a specialty "Computer security"? Whom to work on the issue? For example, you can get a job as a system administrator. This is a very popular job among graduates, which will bring you a stable and good income.

The System administrator is setting up, connecting and systematization of the work of computers. These tasks can handle any modern student. Plus, system administrators often offer flexible hours. If not free. This allows you to work simultaneously in several places.

Note that the system administrator is the position which is best suited to the field of "computer security".

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