Mountains in North America. Mountains and plains of North America


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The Relief surface of North America can be divided into several regions. The Northern and Central parts of the continent is occupied by plains. But in the West and Southeast are the mountains. In North America there are many excellent and picturesque places. High mountain ranges are collected every year thousands of tourists. It developed the climbing. Not less popular are slopes on which almost year-round snowboarding and skiing. So, are the mountains of the North American continent? Than they unique, and where is located?


mountains in North AmericaCordillera – greatest extent of the rocky mountains. North America is famous for its snow-capped peaks. The highest of them are found in this mountain system. The Cordillera stretches along the Western edge of the continent, from Alaska to the Central part. Then they move to the Andes mountains that cover the southern continent. This mountain chain is crossed by many faults. They start from the ocean and over land. Cordillera was the result of a convergence of two lithospheric plates. But, according to scientists, seismologists, the process of mountain building is still not completed. This is also evidenced by the presence of several active volcanoes, are still more of them “sleep”. Frequent in this zone, and earthquakes. If we talk about the height of these mountains, with them, perhaps rivaled only by the Himalayas. The highest point in North America, mount McKinley, is also in the Cordillera. Its height is 6193 meters. What else remarkable to say about Cordillera? They lie in all geographic zones, except the Arctic. In addition, they are characterized by a great diversity of landscapes, as well as a pronounced altitudinal zonation. These mountains are not like the others, they are unique. The beauty of the Cordillera annually draws to its slopes thousands of tourists who make the stage, sometimes challenging climbs. In addition, throughout their length, built numerous hotels that will welcome all vacationers.


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Appalachian mountains

the highest mountain in North AmericaMountains and plains of North America to create a unique landscape of the continent. Special beauty has the border of two States - the United States and Canada. There is a hilly plateau of the Appalachian mountains. Its length is 2600 km In this mountain system there are some noteworthy peaks. The highest of them is mount Washington (1916 m). The Appalachian mountains are traces of ancient glaciation. The slopes of these hills are covered with mixed and coniferous forests. Here there are deposits of iron ore, oil, gas and coal.

And the Appalachian

The Appalachian mountains – mountains in North America, they are divided into two parts: North and South. Of course, the boundaries of these conditional. Northern Appalachia is much older than the main part of the mountain range. Currently, they represent a plateau height of 400-600 meters. Rise above it places certain ranges and arrays. The most famous of them – the Adirondacks, the White mountains, Green mountains. The peaks are smoothed. Slopes are mostly gentle, but sometimes there are areas dissected punishments. Mountain ranges divide the tectonic valley. They are converted to camping village Il poggetto. Northern Appalachian mountains, the local people have another name – ‘mountains of New England”. They are composed of metamorphic and crystalline rocks. This site is pereplanirovana mountains, in which there are feeble traces of later uplift. But clearly the impact of glaciation.

Southern Appalachians

mountain AmericaSuch mountains in North America, as the Southern Appalachians, there were some later than others. It happened at about the age valstiskas folding. Their topography is more varied. In the East – the Piedmont plateau the Piedmont. It is flat, weakly dissected valleys. Its height is 40–80 meters. In the Western part is more hilly. Here, the height reaches 400 meters. But more interestingly, in this region rise abruptly massive peaks. This Is The Blue Ridge Mountains. Its slopes are steep. Tops often dome-shaped or comb-shaped. The highest point – mount Mitchell. The height of 2037 meters. It is composed of sedimentary-volcanic rocks belonging to the lower and middle Paleozoic. The Western slope of the Blue Ridge mountains drops steeply to a decrease – a Large Valley. There is Appalachins plateau. Mountains separated by valleys, descending to 1500 meters.

Sierra Nevada

the high mountains of North AmericaOf Course, the most famous mountains in North America – the Sierra Nevada. Probably everyone at least once in my life heard it's a beautiful name. However, not everyone knows what we are talking about a mountain range that stretches on the West coast of the United States of America. Its length is 750 miles. The Sierra Nevada originates from the pass Fredonyer that in the North, and reaches the Tehachapi pass, located in the South. In the West it is limited by the Central valley. In the East of the Sierra Nevada is bordered by the Large swimming Pool. Of course, the highest mountain in North America is not located in the area, but those that exalted here can rightly be called the most picturesque. The crest of the ridge runs along the slope on the West side. All the rivers, the origins ofwhich are on the peaks, drains into the Pacific ocean. From North to South is gradually increasing the height of the mountains. Between lake Tahoe and pass Fredonyer peaks reach 2400 meters. The highest point on this segment of the ridge is mount rose. Its height is 2700 meters. On the territory of Yosemite national Park is Olancha peak (3695 m) and Florence (3781 m). Further, the height of the ridge is on the decline. The beauty of the mountains of the Sierra Nevada is difficult to overestimate. They are known throughout the world for its unique scenery.

East of the Sierra Madre

mountains of North America on the mapThe highest mountains of North America are the Cordillera. But the unique ridges located parallel to each other, can be found on the territory of modern Mexico in the North-East of the country. It is the Eastern part of the Sierra–Madre. This mountain system is located on the edge of the Mexican plateau. The length of the ridge is 1000 km and Its landscape is quite varied. In the North there are several mountain tops at an altitude from 1000 to 3000 m In the South mountain ranges are isolated from each other. There is separate peaks rising to 4,000 m In the Western part of the plateau in several places depart spurs. The East ridge ends on the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico. The greater part of the Eastern Sierra–Madre is formed by sedimentary rocks belonging to the upper Mesozoic period. The highest point of the ridge – peña Nevada (4054 m). But this is not the only peak worth mentioning. No less famous mountains of El Coahuilan and Cerro Potosi.

Western Sierra Madre

These mountains in America considered to be a continuation of the Cordillera. They are located on the territory of modern Mexico. The length of the Western Sierra Madre – 1300 km and Width of this mountain range, from 80 to 200 km. It is located on the Western part of the Mexican plateau. The landscape of these places does not differ monotony. Ridges separated by canyons of various depths. Mountains are relatively low: from 1500 to 2000 m. But there are some peaks that reach the level of 3000 km. for Example, the most popular in this region, the mountain Chorreras. The height of 3150 m. the Western Sierra Madre is held in several Mexican States: Sonora, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Durango, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes. But this ridge begins in the South-East of Tucson, Arizona in the us.

The southern Sierra Madre

mountains and plains of North AmericaThe southern Sierra Madre – ancient mountains in America. Their age is difficult to determine. But despite this, it is proved that they were formed much earlier than the other mountain systems. Located in southern Mexico, this range has a length of 1000 km, It runs along the coastline of the Pacific ocean. Starts the southern Sierra Madre in the state of michoacán. Then he goes towards the isthmus of Tehuantepec. He crosses the Mexican States such as Guerrero and Oaxaca, where it merges with Transmexican volcanic belt. The width of the southern Sierra Madre of 300 km, These mountains are low, only a few peaks reach above 3,000 m. But despite this, the region is a serious obstacle to the transport of messages between the internal parts of Mexico and Pacific coasts. The highest point in the southern Sierra Madre mountain Teotepec (3703 m).

Coast mountains

 the highest point of North America mountain Of the Coast mountains – mountains of North America, on the map they can be found in the West of the mainland. It goes back from lake Atlin. Conventionally, they are near the end of the Fraser river. In fact, the Coast mountains is part of the mountain system of the Cordillera. But it decided to allocate in separate array because of its location and somewhat isolation. The length of the ridge is 1600 km and Its width reaches 300 m. the highest point – mount Waddington. Its 4016 m. Other vertices do not exceed 3000 meters. This mountain range is composed of granite. He strongly dissected encountered along tectonic cracks fjords and transverse valleys. On the territory of the Coast range provincial Park Garibaldi. He is one of the most visited tourist attraction in British Columbia.

Wrangell Mountains

The High mountains of North America located in Southeast Alaska can truly be called unique. Volcanic massif Wrangel has a length of 150 kilometers. In the East it is adjacent to the St. Elias range. The Wrangell mountains were formed relatively recently in the Neogene. Here are the once active volcanoes. Almost all of them are asleep. But there are active, for example, the volcano Wrangel. It has a height of 4317 meters. Among the mountains, with a summit crater the most famous are Sanford (4949 m) and the highest point of the ridge Wrangel - top Blackburn (4996 m). In the Central part of the massif are concentrated in the glaciers. The slopes are covered with forest, tundra. On the ridges of the Wrangell-St. Elias national Park. Many places here are completely untouched by man. This makes this region truly unique and inimitable.

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