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Today we will talk about Prince Vasily Zalessky. Who is this person? Why he is of interest? Read about it below.

Was he really?

Interest in the personality of Prince Vasily A. Zaleski emerged after watching the television series “Great”. The era of Catherine II the famous passionate personalities, members of the entourage of the Empress since the days when she was the wife of the heir to the throne Peter III. Artwork based on rich historical material, continued the traditional historical projects the inclusion of an outline of a collective image. This is Prince Vasily Zalessky, whose existence is not documented, but it could well exist under a different name. Created the image of a young man, which embodies the best traits of noble nobleman ready to give his life for the glory of the Fatherland, was a very bright and attractive. To a large extent the interest in the personality of Prince Vasily A. Zaleski caused by the brilliant actor Mark Bogatyrev, talent embodied on the screen an unforgettable way.

Prince Zaleski Basil

Prototypes Vasily Zalessky

Creating an image of an sort of Russian Musketeers, a handsome daredevil, is secretly in love with the Grand Duchess, the creators of the series used real facts from the life of historical figures. For example, the episode with the arson of his home by the Prince to divert the attention of Peter III by Catherine II, who in this time gave birth to an illegitimate child, actually took place. But in fact, this fire was set by the Valet of the Empress Basil Surinam. Knowing the love of Peter III to the spectacle of the fire, he burned his house to the Emperor is not present during the release from the burden of his wife.

Prince Zaleski Vasily

A Real historical person

Later, his education was given to Alexei Bobrinsky, being the illegitimate child of Catherine's. The boy was brought up with the children shkurina up to 14 years of age. He was the assistant of Catherine II in secret correspondence with Bestuzhev, when in 1759 he was suddenly arrested. If in the future to trace the episodes connected with the name of Prince Zaleski, you can always find a link with a specific historical person. Very often this connection is traced with Gregory Orlov. And if we consider the image as a whole, Vasily Zalessky as the representative of the majority of the guards, sincerely worried about the fate of their homeland and supporting the wife of the heir to the throne, is a real historical figure. Served Prince Vasily Zalessky in Catherine and left a significant mark in history. Using it the way the creators of the television series has brought to today's audience feelings and actions guard officers that contributed to the ascension of Catherine II to the throne, but remained nameless.


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Vasily Zalessky Prince under Catherine

Appearance surrounded by Zaleski Catherine

The Young Prince Vasily Zalessky, whose biography was the subject of our review, begins the service of the all-powerful Chancellor of Elizabeth – Bestuzhev - and immediately gets involved in the intrigues of the Palace, being in the middle of them. This is the time when, at the invitation of the Empress Elizabeth, young German Princess arrives in Russia as the bride of the heir to the throne. Against this Alliance has been the Bestuzhev, believing that marriage will not benefit the state. Zaleski gets the data testifying to participation in a conspiracy against the interests of Russia mother Princess Fike. However, the Sophia-Charlotte no relationship to the conspiracy has not, subsequently she was completely justified in the eyes of Bestuzhev and the Empress Elisabeth.

Part Zaleski, the fate of Catherine

After a serious illness the Princess Fike accepts Orthodoxy, receiving the baptismal name of Catherine. Bestuzhev, although I ceased to suspect the German Princess in a hostile action still left in her immediate environment of your pet, Prince Vasily. When in the wedding night drunk Peter III began to insult young wife, Zaleski stands up for her. Enraged, the heir to the throne's orders to send the insolent to exile in Siberia. But Bestuzhev did not give offense to his protege, and it was limited to a demotion Zaleski soldiers. In the future, Catherine is in a relationship with her husband was largely guided by the advice of Bestuzhev. Natural charm, intelligence and beauty of the wife of the heir to the throne, drew to her side a large number close to the Royal family of people. All this time Prince Zaleski, no claim to special attention of the Grand Duchess, as it was called at that time the title of Catherine, was always close by, ready to help at any time. So, when approached to the court of the heir to the throne, Grigory Orlov, being in a drunken state, began to insult Catherine the Great, Prince Vasily Zalessky challenged him to a duel.

Prince Zaleski Vasily Catherine

Future milestones biography of Prince

And now Prince Zaleski Vasily Catherine. He Wittingly and unwittingly has a decisive influence on the development of historical events. So, after the announcement of Russia Prussian warEmperor Frederick, Zaleski was eager to join the battle. So he made a sortie against the Prussian officers. Such adventurism gave a positive result, as we managed to get from the Dresden files is important for Russia documents. The birth of Catherine heir to the throne, which was immediately taken by Elizabeth led to increasing isolation. The Empress does not admit Catherine to son, and only thanks to the help of Bestuzhev, which provided her by Zaleski, mother was able to see the child. At this time, Zaleski married and had a daughter, which he named Katya.

Serious illness of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna has exacerbated the question of who will be her successor. Peter III did not popular, and many people do not want to see him on the throne after the death of Elizabeth. Tips Bestuzhev to conquer guard brought to the attention of Peter III and Elizabeth. To execute the order of arrest of the Grand Duchess prevents, Prince Vasily Zalessky. After the death of the Empress and Bestuzhev attempt to arrest the situation becomes critical. Supporters of Peter III, Shuvalov favor Zaleski, like Orlov, the position of adjutant, trying to attract them to his side. At the same time, Orlov and Prince Vasili establish close ties with the closest friend of Catherine – Princess Dashkova.

Vasily Zalessky Duke and Catherine the great

Vasily Zalessky at a turning point

With the proclamation of Peter III Russian Emperor is greatly increased danger of personal violence Ekaterina Alekseevna, especially for anybody not a secret, that she's pregnant with Grigory Orlov. The threat of departure Catherine's monastery is becoming ever more real. However, the innovation of Emperor Peter III, his narrow-minded, flighty character, loose way of life which has not changed after accession to the throne, alienated from even his loved ones, loyal people. The desire of Catherine to arrest Peter III and declare yourself Empress fully shared and supported by Prince Vasily Zalessky.

Vasily Zalessky Prince biography


So Here he was, Prince Vasily Zalessky. Under Catherine the great served for many famous and not so famous people, one way or another influencing the course of history, but this person was special. The heroic image, which incorporates the best features of the bright personalities from the entourage of Catherine the great II, attracted by his generosity, openness and honesty. Without distorting the historical context, Prince Vasily Zalessky became like a romantic symbol of the difficult time, which had an enormous influence on the development of the Russian Empire.

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