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Our life is very unpredictable. You never know where you will be tomorrow and what kind of people have to communicate. One thing is for sure – smart and competent is valued everywhere! Therefore, in order not to fall face in the dirt, should pay attention primarily on your speech, including the written. For example, the rules of commas in Russian language will help to competently draw up any document. Because often even a small and minor mistakes can cause misunderstandings.

Punctuation and its role in Russian grammar

Punctuation – grammar of the Russian language, which reglamentary the use and formulation of punctuation.

how to...and comma delimited

Due to punctuation signs, people reading a book or document, able to understand the tone, meaning and emotion of the author.

The punctuation, in addition to the excretory and semantic are also dividing and separating, that is – parts and separate sentences or words from each other. For example, in the sentence “What a wonderful weather!” the exclamation point not only signals the end of the sentence, he also stressed given the mood of the author. In syntax “Rain started, the children ran home” - a comma separates the two simple sentences, and also indicates the sequence of actions.

The punctuation of the Russian language uses the following punctuation marks: “.», «,», «( )”, “!”, “?”, “–”, “:”, “…”, “;” themselves “”. Each of the mark – their functions in writing.

Why you need a comma in the Russian language?

The Main function of commas in any language, not only in Russian - dividing. Commas separate homogeneous members of sentence, simple sentences in the complex and provide the momentum, clarifying and introductory words, treatment.


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Example: “Cities, towns, villages – all my native”. “City”, “villages”, “village” – is the homogeneous members of the sentence. In the following designs – “storm Clouds converged over the city, the wind the game started, the earth was enveloped by cold, the end of the world came…” – commas need to separate simple sentences in the complex.

Rules setting the decimal point - is the minimum that each student should know!

rules for writing commas

  1. So, in syntax, when the main and dependent clause are combined by means of repeated unions – and…, and no…no, or…or as… and – the commas are placed and carry meaning and a dividing role. For example : “neither day Nor two, nor three had a headache”.
  2. In syntactic structures commas are always placed:
  • Before unions – A and dA (meaning “but”): “the house is warm and cozy, while outside, a snowstorm is blowing”.
  • In Front of the Union words – However, still, nevertheless.
  • When one sentence is joined to other words – where to: “Never go to where he lives in the hearts of the void…”.
  • Challenging unions – Due to the fact that, due to the fact that because: “Appreciate the child because it is running out”.

Sometimes in such unions, the comma is placed in the middle so that one part is included in main and second dependent clause: “my Mother didn't allow Lisa to watch cartoons until, until she cleaned the room”.

"As...so" - the commas between homogeneous parts of a sentence

One of the main functions of commas – to separate homogeneous members of the proposals to link or not to link with the unions. For example: “In the garden grew cherry, black cherry, plum” or “In the garden grew, and cherries, and cherries, and plums".

rules for commas in Russian

  1. Putting Commas between the homogeneous members in the unions – And, but, yeah, however, although…
  2. After repeated unions – no…no, and…and…, orOr: «Or go and not bother, or become, and help!”
  3. When the homogeneous members of the Union unite words – Not as... as, not only... but also, if not... the way... and – the commas are placed inside the unions, not in front of them: “Not only at night but during the day the children did not go to the yard”.
  4. Put a comma after repeated words, which are used to show the duration of action: “soap, Soap, and washed”.

When you need to put the comma?

Punctuation marks Such as commas, are placed in the syntactic constructions, not only among homogeneous members.

pravila productions comma

The Commas need to be outlined:

  1. Comparative revolutions that begin with the unions Like like like: “it was a hot day, like in the desert”.
  2. Clarifying words that join unions – Including, including, except, that is, in other words.
  3. Stage – without a doubt, happened, fortunately, unfortunately, however, it is obvious probably true word and others.
  4. Requests: “Hello, Larisa!”.
  5. Interjections – Oh, Hey, Oh, Oh, alas…
  6. The Affirmative and negative words: “Yes, I am the one you seek».

Common punctuation errors

Basic errors in punctuation – is wrongproduction of signs, in particular, the extra comma. It is therefore important not only to know the rules of the use of punctuation, but also exceptions to them.

  1. Often, designs “Like clockwork», «cancer», «cats and dogs”, which have become aphorisms, confused with comparative speed and mistakenly allocate them with commas.
  2. Do Not put a comma before the unions how, what, whose, where if they became part of the expressions – Come what may, God knows what.
  3. Sometimes two consecutive verb in one form is taken for the homogeneous members and separated by commas: "will bring”, “Take take”.
  4. Also make mistakes in the doubles Union – How… and – putting commas before “like”. All because double Union perceive single or comparative turnover. In this case, the comma is placed only within the Union, namely, before the word "so."

commas in Russian

Be literate!

Grammar – is a subject that is starting to learn at school, but the benefits it brings throughout life. Rules for writing commas is quite simple, so they are able to remember each. After all, the literate person in life is always easier!

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