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ADD – is an Italian brand. All jackets and coats are made by Comei Compagnia Mercantile firm. ADD – the excellence of materials, strength of tissues and experimental ideas.

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Production of brand clothing was founded in the late nineties of the last century by an Italian designer. Practical, lightweight and warm clothing immediately found its fans among people of different ages. At the present time ADD-down jackets women are strongly associated with light models comfortable in any weather.

The company Comei characteristic of fur, shiny fabrics, knitted knitted items in the trim, and the liner having an effect duvet. Main model – shiny fashion ADD-down jackets, sports jackets, fur jackets, long coat.

The Glossy top of the basic number of models – nylon high strength. This fabric looks beautiful, looks expensive. This is a competent blend of natural and artificial fibres, whereby the options of the play of light with shadow on quite matte and shiny fabrics – the undisputed main characters of all seasons. This innovative technology turns a regular jacket in fashionable and beautiful.

add down jackets womens

In the liner of jackets used goose white down. Quality of material excellent heat-saving  properties, as well as the ratio 95/5 beautiful jacket turns into incredibly warm. Used in the manufacture of fabrics polywash technology creates a velvety effect, so the thing to wear becomes incredibly pleasant.


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Specifics of production

In Addition, the firm producing ADD-down jackets uses knit elements that have become the fashion trend this season. Huge buckles, rhinestones, shiny sequins-it's all gone far from the catwalks. Today preferred the simplicity of style, flashy things.

ADD Outerwear reviews, which you can find only the most excited match is the best this field of fashion. They are ideally convenient for sports and travel. Long coats company look elegant and elegant due to the use of contemporary patterns of model production.

This brand primarily specializiruetsya on the production of clothing for everyone. In its collections there are women's jackets, men's jackets, warm children's overalls. All clothing lines are so called - Women, Men, Kids are divided into girl, boy, baby.

down jackets add reviews

Where to buy vending model?

ADD-down jackets are sold mainly in single-brand boutiques. Worldwide the number is enormous. Due to the high profitability of the company also moved the manufacturing to the mode of online shopping. Marketing companies are very open minded regarding the pricing policy. The cost of the jackets ADD a low through controlled in China things are made.

Almost all ADD women's down jackets are in the range of 150-300 euros. Range of latest collection available in the online stores. Buy ADD down jackets in boutiques, working with the top exclusive brands.

Choosing the top clothes of this brand, everyone will find a jacket to your taste.

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