Women's sports boots: advantages and major producers


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Sporty style at its peak. It is comfortable and attractive, suitable for almost any occasion, this is why many women prefer him in clothes and shoes. In anticipation of winter cold is an urgent matter of the selection of women sporting boots that should be practical, warm and beautiful.womens sports shoes


Women's Winter sports boots have a number of advantages, which said women customers:

  • Variety of models and colors. Among the abundance of options available in shops, you can easily find shoes for even the most demanding taste.
  • They are warm even in the most severe frosts.
  • The Shoes are very comfortable and safe without fear to walk on ice.

The Bright colors of the sports group and will appeal to young girls and older women can opt for the classic models in black or beige color. Often these shoes are interestingly decorated with lace, colorful elements, fancy lightning.winter boots women's sports

Companies that produce winter shoes

To women's sports boots for the winter pleased not only its appearance but also quality and a long service life, it is important to avoid errors in the choice of the manufacturer. Principal firms and their products are presented in the table.

Boots athletic: popular producers

The Firm

Characteristics of shoes


This is a warm, stylish and modern models, combining the comfort of a sneaker and the functionality of the boots. They are presented in a variety of colors. Some models decorated with lacing around the shaft, which allows you to adjust the Shoe.


Represented by several collections of short and long shoes with Bolonev shaft. Different rounded toes and a lace-up shaft helps to tighten the shoes on the foot and to prevent ingestion of snow or moisture. In stores you can find plenty of models for women of any age.


There are a number of modern and stylish models to real urban Cougar. Main color collections: black, purple, silver, brown, gray. A model with laces or Velcro.

Of Course, in the stores you can find similar shoes from other manufacturers, for example, ‘Skechers”, “o'neill”, “dune”, “Aspic”. They are of good quality, but the cost is also quite high.


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A Real abundance of boots the trendiest models and colors presented on Chinese sites like "EBay” or “Incorrect” at the most attractive price. But it is important to understand that special quality, they are no different and will last only one season.

Material for the

To create a sporty women's boots for winter «Adidas” uses exceptional quality and modern materials. So, the outer part of the Shoe is made of nylon ripstop, durable fabric on the basis of the reinforced thread. At the expense of branded insole "Adidas" stop located in the most convenient position and springy with every step. As a lining warm faux fur.sports boots women winter Adidas

Women's athletic shoes «Nike» made from several materials. For sole uses a special rubber or polyurethane, lining-faux fur. The outer part of the Shoe features a variety of options – and matte leather, and faux fur, and suede. Some models have a clear relief on the sole, this feature will help to balance any ice. But more modern boots are often such as do not possess.

Some manufacturers, for example, "Skechers" as a material for the sole use ethylene vinyl acetate, and the shaft is made from genuine leather. So the price of the product becomes higher.

What to wear?

sports women boots winter

Women's Winter boots sport perfectly suited to the casual style, so you can wear them with a exaggerated jackets and down jackets. Very good ensemble, they will be with jeans, sporty skirts, dresses, loose cut. You can play with colors, matching boots, matching in colour with a scarf or a scarf. Basic options – black long models which will fit almost everything. But white shoes will look well with clothes of pastel tones or bright colors (blue, red, Sunny yellow).

Women's athletic shoes – great for the coldest time of the year. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of models that combine the convenience, reliability and style, so choose the desired option for winter is not difficult. Care these shoes require minimal, it will appeal to even the most busy woman.

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