What to give for a housewarming and to please?


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What to give for a housewarming party friends? This question is simple and complex. On the one hand, it is clear that it must be a thing that is needed on the farm. On the other hand, the idea of the gift depends on many factors: what is already there and will become superfluous, what things do not use hosts that you can give for the future, that want to buy themselves new settlers, and what gift would like to buy the donor. In the whirl of these conditions it is easy to get lost, but nevertheless a present to give you need, especially if you're invited to the party.

The Ritual of gift since time immemorial symbolizes the bringing of prosperity to the house. Thus, every donor expresses their hopes for a prosperous future owners. We note immediately, if you don't know what to give for a housewarming party, it is not necessary to give money – but this fine line can ruin relationships between families, but the present means can always be found.

In connection with the return to the traditions of antiquity it is now fashionable to give domovich. This kind of figurines made with your own hands that will protect from evil spirits and misfortunes. Gomulicki similar in appearance to dolls that were played by our ancestors, only clothes with demovick beans, ears of grain, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. Such a doll, hand made, great gift to those who honor the tradition.

If the settlers are going to Holy shelter in the house you can give the icon, consecrated in Church. Better if it was a present from the relatives. The icon is placed in a quiet accessible location, clear of equipment. Nor should it be put behind glass on display – the icon must not become a matter of pride, its purpose-to protect the home. So the best place is the bedroom.


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Choosing what to give for a housewarming party, you should focus on the following parameters:

- the thing that should be important and useful for both owners;

- the thing should not be short-term in effect;

- if this is a technique you should worry about the warranty;

- the choice of gift should take into account the specifics of the owners.

Among the many ideas, what to give at a housewarming party in the first place, the choice falls on kitchenware. Here again, the impact of a century of history – such gifts were considered a symbol of wealth. To give kitchen a lot – from the service to home appliances, but here it is necessary to be aware of the preferences of owners. If people don't drink coffee, the coffee machine they are unlikely to please, but tea drinkers will appreciate a gift of a beautiful tea set or teapot.

A Huge segment of the market of gifts is symbolic of the gifts – they do not have practical use, but nevertheless much decorate the house. These include Souvenirs horseshoes, “money tree”, a statue of Buddha, candle holder, picture. Those people who appreciate such things, will react positively to such a gift, but the rationalists he may not like it.

If you do not know what to give for a housewarming of kitchen utensils, do not waste time. A great option would be things that symbolize the heat – chandeliers, rugs, blankets, towels or robes. If funds allow, you can give a small rug with long pile.

From a huge selection of what to give at a housewarming party worthy place is occupied by flowers, especially if the landlady loves plants. You can give the floor, rushing up the palm trees of different varieties – they won't take up space in width, but nevertheless beautifully into the corner of the room.

Coming to a housewarming party with a gift, it is desirable that he was not beaten. The easiest way to subtract a list of the most popular gifts and choose according to your taste. However, the second person can buy exactly the same gift than to put you and yourself in an awkward situation. It is best that the gift was an original, hand-made, and in him was part of the soul and warmth of the giver.

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